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Warlords of Draenor Gem Changes

It is no secret that there are going to be big changes to gems come WoD. They announced reduced slots as well as armor that changes with your spec, leaving a lot of questions up in the air. In the past couple of days, one of WoW's Game Designers, @Celestalon has been tweeting up a storm on twitter about the gem changes. So here's what he had to say:

So there are no longer Primary stats on gems. Guess that answers the question of gear swapping, even for tanks. Something to do with the space-time continuum I suppose. A lot of WoW news outlets are covering this as a brand new development, but all of this was actually mentioned previously in this blog post by Crithto about a month ago. Honestly I had not seen that post either, and only noticed when the blues tweeted about it, and I did some research, and that's why I'm covering it now. So, for now at least, from the tweets and the blog post we only know the following stats will be on gems:

Critical StrikeMasteryHasteSpiritB…

TradeSkillMaster Sniper Tutorial

If you haven't already, there are only 2 Days Leftto participate in my Yearly Review Survey to provide feedback that will go towards improving the blog in 2014!

Yesterday, the TSM team released a slew of updates for TradeSkillMaster, and among them was a new feature for the TradeSkillMaster_Shopping Module called Sniper. What the addon does is searches for recently posted items that meet a set of rules that you set up, and allow you to snag them before anyone else does. Before I release my video publicly, I'm posting the link on my blog for my readers as a sort of early release! Enjoy!


Phat Lewts

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 12/26

I've received a lot of responses from my Yearly Review Survey, but there's still time to add your input to help develop my blog in 2014!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, whether you celebrate or not, and enjoy the holiday season through the New Year! One of the comments (among many) I've received doing the Yearly Review Survey so far was "make your weekly review actually weekly". Fair enough.

Investments and "Investments"
So in the last 10 days I've gone up about 24,000g, which may not sound like much, but I also bought an Onyxian Drake for 52,500g, and a Dragon Kite for 25,000g in that time period. My intentions for the Dragon kite are to flip it. 25,000 is a decent sum of gold for it, but I'm willing to take the bet that it'll sell for much more. Currently I'm aiming for 50k on my server, but I'm considering transferring (learning and recaging) it to one of the higher pop servers that I occasionally frequent and see if I can fl…

Phat's Yearly Lewt Review 2013

Hey everyone! It's that time of year, every thing is winding down, and I hope the holidays and New Year find you well! Last year, for the first time, I took a survey from my readers on things I could do to improve the blog in the upcoming year. I've implemented many of those suggestions since, and I hope they've come across well. Again this year I'll be asking you all to fill out the survey to give me feedback and help me make improvements in the upcoming year. One of the things I changed was the layout, as well as writing posts on many of the suggested themes/ideas suggested in my free response section.

The free response is some of the best data I can get from you as far as qualitative assessment of the blog, so if you have any ideas, please pitch them! I'm also doing a sort of demographic survey this year as far as how much gold people have, so I can see what my audience's gold range is. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to provide me feedback la…

How to REALLY Make Gold During Winter Veil

A lot of people associate things that go along with Winter Veil to be "gold making" items. Now I won't say you cannot make gold with these items, that would simply be a lie. But the smart gold maker does not need to get involved with Winter Veil, and I'll tell you why.

Small Eggs
Like the Netherweave Bag, Small Eggs are somewhat of a gold making legend during Winter Veil. This is mainly because it is accessible. Other items that are commonly used during Winter Veil can be found at this post by Marcus Ty, which I personally would advocate nothing in. So why are Small Eggs things of legends in WoW? Well every year there's a huge demand spike for these things around Winter Veil as they're used in 2 recipes for the season. I actually took a look at the TUJ Page for Small Eggs, and was not disappointed by the Quantity Available graph:

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 12/17

I've really enjoyed doing these regularly again the past few weeks, and I'm keeping it up, so expect the Weekly Lewt Reviews to continue.  This week I'm down 993,997 g.

How'd You Do That?
Okay so not all of my purchases this week were in my best interest as far as accumulating as much gold as possible.  This past Wednesday was my birthday, and when I got back from celebrating, I posted from my main, and checked the BMAH as I always do, and I saw Ashes of Al'ar sitting there for 35k!  A nice birthday present for myself.  Hung out till it was to Short, and then the bidding war began.  I was bidding against an Alliance toon, who once the auction hit 42k, had to run back and forth to the Mailbox to get his gold.  I would hope that someone in his position on my faction might have given up once they saw that I wanted it but he kept running back, and I decided to gank him.

Ph.A.Q.: How does someone know how much gold I have?

Today marks the first of the Ph.A.Q.'s a series dedicated to answering users questions.  If you'd like to learn more about how your question can be featured, check out my page about it here, and get your question in ASAP!  

So here's this week's scenario, sent in by Curtis:

"I had something wired happen to me the other day, wondering if you have ever heard of it or know how they did it? I was on my alt bank/guild toon the other day when this guy started asking me for money cause he was from a different realm and didnt have any. I was friendly and all but refused to give him any. After a few minutes he asked again and I said I didn't have gold but lots of silver and copper. Seconds later he said no that I have 65,765 amount of gold, and that I was doing pretty good. The weird part is that he was off by like 5 golds and a few silvers of what I actually had ! I don't share account info with anyone but my son who was there beside me when it happened and I use a…

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 12/10

It's been a pretty decent week gold making wise on my end, nothing super crazy to note.  I did end up making 10 decks for the DMF, and I sold one the night I turned it in, so off to a good start with sales.  Thinking it'll be my last round with those though, the expansion is dying, and I'm not sure how many more challenge mode gearers/alts are going to come up, and I've got quite the pile right now.

Barely Avoiding Disaster
This week I logged on my Alliance Priest for the first time in a while, mostly on a whim, because I felt like I hadn't posted my Alli transmog in a while, and boy was I right!
Yowza! My mail had been sitting in my mailbox for 4 weeks and was about to expire!  Good thing I checked that day because had I not I would have lost literally all my inventory Alli side, which is worth quite a bit of potential coin:

Phat's Ultimate WoW Gold Making Macro Guide

This guide is going to be extensive so buckle up. Macros are a great way to make your gold making more efficient, and this is going to be a guide to both create your own basic macros, followed by a compendium of macros that I use myself for gold making.

Creating a Basic Button Clicking Macro
Playing WoW, particularly using TSM, one clicks a lot of buttons to be as productive as we are. I'm not going to cover every button, but I'm going to go over how to find and macro any clickable button. The first thing we're going to utilize is WoW's built in Frame Stack. This tells us all the frames our cursor is currently hovered over, and we can find Button names from the list to make macros for them. Here's an example.

Type /fstack and you will get a window that looks like this:

Right now I'm hovered over the TSMAuctioningPostButton, which I've just learned the name of! If I wanted to create a macro to click this button, I would just have to add a /click before the b…

Phat's "Weekly" Lewt Review 12/1

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I have a decent amount to touch on that I think you all might find useful, so here it is!

Darkmoon Faire
While I'm sure many of you have given up all together on the trinkets from the DMF I've had some decent success selling them to what I'm assuming is challenge mode or proving ground players, especially the healing trink.  I have a LOT of cards in my guild bank, and with the prices I'm getting herbs from from my suppliers, it can't hurt to try at least one more DMF.  I'm pushing it I think, and it's not advice I'd give to anyone, but I have the gold to give it a try, which means, of course, that I'm going to!

The Results are In!

Quick note: due to the Thanksgiving Holiday (MURICA!!), I'm not going to be around either here, or on The Consortium, or any of the variousotherplaces I normally chat about gold making for the next week or so.  

The Results of the 2013 World of Warcraft Gold Survey by The Golden Crusade are out! The data is very interesting, and I always love reading through Eric's analysis.  Check out the full report, it's excellent and very detailed, but I'm going to summarize and give my thoughts on my favorite part of the results below.

EU Servers
EU Servers' average gold totals were ~200,000 gold higher than US averages!  Now I may just be trying to defend the US servers' gold making ability here, but keep in mind that the number surveyed that identified from the EU is about 1/3rd that that identified as playing on the US.  Perhaps a couple high data points skewed their average, but to me it seems like a non-negligible difference.  Way to go EU!

Top Gold Boosting Resources

Has Phat Gone Soft?

If you haven't subscribed to my new Subreddit, you're missing out on two new great gold making posts, one from Sapu, lead developer of TSM and a great podcast episode by Stede, be sure to check them out!  

Have I Gone Soft?
I found myself asking this question about a month ago, when I decided to cut the price of my Malevelent gear by over one half.  I could have kept gouging prices, but it was time to experiment.

In the crafted malevolent gear I basically had a monopoly.  There were a few other players in the sellers market, but it was mostly me picking prices and being undercut maybe once in a 24 hour period.  I'm on a very small server!  When the patch first came out and I made my malevolent TSM groups I thought to myself: "Why not price these as high as I can and see what I can get away with.  That number for me turned out to be 1250g, and let me tell you, I did get away with it.  In my mailbox after AH fees, that turns out to be a very nice pretty number, …

Finding Gold Making Information

If you haven't already check out my recent post of the new programs I've started recently.

First of all I'm going to take an aside to point out that this is my 200th all time post.  I just want to thank everyone who regularly reads my blog, and has stopped by to comment, or has commented on/thanked me for the TSM videos.  I really enjoy this community, and you all are a great part of what makes it thrive.  As far as the blog/videos, there's much more to come!  I'm planning on making some video guides to using the TSM App, and I'll keep you posted on the blog as to when they're coming out!  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Finding Gold Making Information

Very often I come across people looking for advice that's been given ad nauseam in the past.  Questions like:
What's the optimal profession distribution for making gold?Where's the best spot to farm Item X?I have 5-10k gold, what's the best thing I can do?How can I mak…

It's Business Time!

Here's some mood music for you all.Another selection if you're a little more old school.
This post is a little housekeeping I've been putting off, but will probably benefit you to read regardless.

Lately I've been getting a lot of emails with questions, either broad or specific that I honestly can't keep up with at this point, so if you've sent me a mail and I've ignored it, much apologies.  What I'm going to be doing weekly (or even more often if time allows), is answering email questions in blog post form, basically to have some reference points to others with similar questions.  It is my goal to index these, so they can provide context to others looking for similar answers, or at least add some insight.  To send in submissions, email them to me with the subject line "Ph.A.Q." Also please notify me whether or not you'd like your name used in the post, and if so, what you'd like to go by. You can always find this at the link I&…

Garrisons: Warlords of Draenor Gold Making

In case you live under a rock in terms of Blizzard news, Blizzcon is going on and they announced the new expansion: Warlords of Draenor.  Here's the cinematic teaser, the Warlords of Draenor Official Website as well as some info if you need to catch up.  The first major thing that I see that will have a major impact on gold making is Garrisons, for which Blizzard has already released a Garrison Mini-Guide.

The World of Warcraft Gold Survey

Yes it's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen.  For those of you who don't know, Xsinthis of The Golden Crusade has been running a WoW Gold Survey for the past 2 years, and the 3rd yearly survey is up now for you all to partake in.  It's a really interesting study of the WoW gold making landscape, and it would really help if you could take some time to fill it out.  It takes less than 5 minutes, and the results will be very interesting this year.

You can find the 2013 survey here.

2011 Report

2012 Report


Phat Lewts

If you enjoy my blog follow me on twitter, @PhatLewtsGold!

New Dynamics in Gold Making

Low population servers are going extinct Soon™, once rollouts of Connected Realms are complete.  We don't know the final "size" goal of these connected realms, but low population realms are set to be a thing of the past.

Low Pop vs. High Pop
Right now the main talked about dynamic in WoW gold making is low population vs. high population.  It's inherently clear that high population servers have the possibility to make more gold than low population servers.  The downside is that the gold per hour put in is lower on high pop than it is on low pop, the turnover ratio just being that much higher on a high pop that it makes it a more valuable gold making environment.  There has been many a heated debate over which is better and how to compare the earnings potentials.  I've personally for example have 3.5 million liquid gold on a low pop server, what does that equate to on say Illidan - Horde?  Hard to say, hard to compare, but it's the main dividing factors of gold…

Shuffling and You.

I'm a pretty active member in a few different WoW gold making communities, and a common thing I see throughout them is people telling noobies starting out to pick up shuffling. Shuffling is a great combination of professions, where I made a majority of my gold.  A true legend in WoW gold making, but I just wanted to go over a few things about the shuffle that I think people should know before diving into it.  I'm going to assume you already know how the shuffle works. If you don't, leave me a comment on how you actually made it to my blog, and check out this handy dandy flowchart summarizing the shuffle.

Shuffling is a really great combination of professions, arguably the most lucrative combination of professions in game throughout expansions.  There of course is one caveat to shuffling though, that it's very time consuming.  Now there are ways that you can cut down on the amount of time you spend mashing buttons using tools from The Consortium, but you still need …

Guild Scams

I really wanted to touch on this topic for a while, but this is something that really bothered me when it happened to me, and it's happening again on my server, and I think it's ridiculous that Blizzard does not do anything about it.

Disclaimer: I knew the risks of buying guilds, especially in sketchy situations, and took them anyway.  That part is 100% on me.This is mainly a critique of how Blizzard dealt/deals with it.

Guild Scams
Telling people you will sell them a guild, and taking their gold for nothing is apparently a legitimate method of making gold according to Blizzard, so this is indeed a gold making post in case anyone was wondering.

Story time!

So earlier this year in February, someone was selling a level 25 guild with 7 tabs on my server.  After getting an invite to the guild on an alt and using Sapu's Guild Bank Macro to evaluate the tabs, I found there were over 29,000 g worth of goods in the tabs, including lots of current mats/gems etc.  The guild also had a…

Crafting vs. Gathering

I often see people who are new to the art of making gold in WoW ask the age old question of  "Crafting or Gathering?"  In this post I'm going to attempt to clarify the thought process behind why crafting is a more efficient gold maker than gathering.

Maybe the misconception that gathering is a legitimate source of high income comes from all those youtube videos or guides out there that quote "thousands of gold per hour with this awesome spot!" or something similar.  I'd like to believe that no one sees these guides as legitimate sources of information, but the sad truth is that they do.  Hell for all I know Hayden Hawk may actually be the richest player in WoW (he's not).  I think a majority of the misconceptions come from the fact that the average player just does not interact with this gold making sub-community.  We are a niche group of people, but if you have a conversation with any serious gold maker, most likely farming isn't in their …

Sky Golem Madness

I've seen some crazy speculation in the past few days, on the profit of the Sky Golem, which will be craftable for the first time Wednesday on US servers, and Thursday on EU.  The most ridiculous prediction I've seen came from the reddit gold making community, where someone said they thought they'd be able to sell their Sky golem for "at least 500k".  With a mentality like that, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Now this isn't to say the thing isn't going to be profitable. Oooooh it will be. But let's look at the numbers for a moment shall we?   Costs Here are the Market Price to make one across US servers.  
Ghost Iron Bar x 300: 2,616 g (8.72g per) Living Steel x 30: 16,196 g (539.87g per) Total: 18,812g

Well well well, not exactly a cheap investment, but no bank breaker either, at least for most of my audience.  This (or more accurately your own servers average) is what you should value your cost as.

You may say "but I'm …

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 10/2

It's been a while since I've done a classic Phat's Weekly Lewt Review (I call it classic but I'm sure most of you forgot I even did them), but I'm considering getting back into doing these weekly, but only time will tell if I'll keep up with it.

So this week my grand total is up to 3,446,744 just 53,000 and change short of 3.5 million!  Over the past month and a half (it's been a while since I've updated my numbers) I've made on average ~6,200 per day.  I'll take it.  Recently I've been playing a little more of the actual game, and less of the gold making side (for me less is still probably 100x more than the average player).  I'm in a bit of a low power mode though

Low Power Mode
I'm currently operating in what your laptop would call low power mode, doing the minimum that I see fit to ensure I keep making gold.  I've got a lot going on IRL, and I've only had a limited time to make gold in game, as I've also been spending …

TSM YouTube Additions

I realized that although I've been publishing more TSM 2 videos on YouTube since my initial Learn TSM 2 series, that I hadn't been keeping up with updating you all on my blog, so here's the most recent videos I've come out with, along with a short synopsis of each.

TradeSkillMaster Group Maker - This video covers how to use The Official TradeSkillMaster Group Maker to transform links from outside websites such as TUJ or Wowhead to lists that can be imported into TSM 2 groups in game.

The Gather Button (Gathering) - This video goes over how to properly use gathering with crafting to gather the materials necessary to craft what's in your queue.  Unfortunately this video does not cover AH buying, an oversight by me that I'm not going back to fix, you'll have to extrapolate!

Adding New Recipes to Profession Groups - Are those new Malevolent recipes you've been learning not being added to their profession groups?  Learn how to add them in this quick video.


Connected Realms Update 9/25/2013

In my most recent post, I might have complained a bit about how my realm was relatively dead compared to past expansion ending return of players, but there's been quite a bit of news about connected realms since then, and I figured I'd take some time to update everyone on the current status.

Blizzard Testing the Waters
Now, it seems that Blizzard is finally taking the plunge.  Yesterday Blizzard updated their Connected Realm forum post with the following update from Nethaera:

In order to implement our first Connected Realms, Boulderfist and Bloodscalp will be taken down for an extended maintenance beginning Wednesday, September 25, at 3:00 a.m. PDT until approximately 11:00 a.m. PDT. During this time these realms will be unavailable for play. Additional realm connections are planned for the near future, and we’ll be posting a full list at as soon as we’ve finalized the details.

So finally, Blizzard is testing out Connected realms on live servers!  While I…

Phat's Patchly Lewt Review

I haven't done a weekly review in a while but I figured it'd be useful to do a 5.4 super awesome post.  (But Phat isn't every post you do super awesome!?).  You're too kind.

Timeless Isle
From a gold making standpoint, there are pretty lackluster things on the Isle.  From what I've seen personally, the 496 BoAs are kind of killing the crafted PvP market, although I think that gear WILL sell, just at lower price points than we're used to, which isn't the best news.  On top of that, all this 496 gear can be disenchanted, making Sha Crystals cheap, but keep in mind to turn the token to gear it has to be the appropriate type of armor for your class (ie only plate wearers can use a plate token).  I haven't actually done the math, because it's hard to determine drop rates of each of the tokens with so many sources, but one can assume, at most, that an enchanter can disenchant ~40% of these pieces of gear that they get.

Of course, because of this, Sha Cry…

Being Well Prepared for Patches

This post is for Selltacular's Gold Blogging Carnival, be sure to check it out for more great entries!  This month's topic question is:

How do you prepare for changes in the game?  How does it affect you at patch time?

Know the Changes
If you've been making gold a while, you know a major raid patch is going to spike consumables and item enhancements/gems right off the bat.  Those things go without saying.  Have them crafted ahead of time so you're ready for the rush.  After that, understanding the nuances of profession changes in a specific patch and how it'll effect you is essential.

Take this patch, 5.4 for example.  Tailoring is getting a new cooldown that cost 10 Bolts of Windwool, and it's all you need to craft raid gear.  Excellent!  No mats needed from DEing raiding gear is good for me, on my small server I've stayed out of these markets due to low availability and overpricing of these raid mats, so I'll actually be getting involved now.  Also, the…

Gold Making in 5.4

5.4 comes out in 1 week, and I put together some information on what's going to happen and where/how to get your new recipes as well as what's changing.  I spent quite a few hours this weekend on the PTR, so everything in this post should be current as of the latest PTR build.

I decided to group these three together because they're all getting (relatively) the same change.

New Daily Cooldowns (CDs)
The three new corresponding CDs for these professions are Celestial ClothHardened Magnificent Hide, and Balanced Trillium Ingot.  The recipes for these can be found off all mobs in MoP.The CDs work like the previous ones, each day you will learn a new random ilvl 476 PvP recipe or 553 PvE recipe. The 553 PvE pieces require 21 CDs for a belt, and 28 for pants.  The daily cooldown can be bypassed using Spirit of War, which is a bit of a change from last tier. Instead of the new PvE gear REQUIRING it as a reagent, it helps you make it faster. …

Drunken Musings Ep 4

I've been on vacation for most of this week, so I haven't been able to mention this, but about a week ago me and GoblinRaset recorded episode number 4 of our Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers podcast, and if you're interested you can give it a listen here.

Since I just got back, don't expect a gold making post today, but there will be one this weekend!


Phat Lewts

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Dying Poor in 5.4

Blue tweets have come out that say:
U.S. has two weeks from yesterday
Until 5.4 drops and rocks your World
of Warcraft, Hellscream's wrath's unfurled.

Wise gold makers know patch time is near,
The time to switch to TSM 2 is here!
For 5.4 will break TSM 1 it's said
And leave your competitors left for dead.

But not you, because you made the switch,
Even though setting up your groups was a bitch!
Now you're better off, no worse for wear,
And you won't end up pulling out all your hair.

For serious though guys.  TSM 1 will most likely break with the patch, as it will not be updated any longer (the current version of TSM is 2.0.x, by Patch day we may be on to 2.1).  Start learning TSM 2 if you haven't already.  I know there are a lot of people out there who are really "hating" the addon, but I have not talked to anyone who's been using it for over a week, and set everything up that would EVERwant to switch back.  Unless you want to be stuck posting auct…

TSM 2 Transmog Importing

I finally got around to updating my Xmog list.  I've added a few items, taken a few out, and I've created a ton of subgroups for my own use that I'm playing around with, expect a post on that in the future once I've worked the kinks out (or watch me work out the kinks live when I stream).

Step 1
Have TSM 2.0 and all it's modules installed, as well the addon Mogit (Mogit is the best addon for xmog).

Step 2
/tsm -> Groups -> New Group -> Type Group Name -> Enter

Phat Podcasts

This past week I've recorded and guested on 2 podcasts, be sure to check them out for your daily dosage of Phat Lewts!

Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers #3
Earlier this week I got drunk with GoblinRaset and we recorded our third Drunken Musings Podcast.  This is by far the most drunk either of us have gotten during this particular podcast, so give it a listen to hear all the secret guarded gold tips we gave out!

You can find the episode here.

You can find all past present and future episodes here.

Late Nite With Stede Episode 004
Stede has been one of my favorite critical thinkers in the gold making community for quite some time.  A Wind Trader on The Consortium Forums, Stede frequently masterminds some really intelligent spreadsheets and thoughtful posts.  Recently he started a gold making blog, Late Nite With Stede, which can now be found at his new web address

I was proud to be a guest on his podcast last night, episode 004, we had a great time recording it, and …

Learn TradeSkillMaster 2 Video Series

So I finally got my things together and buckled down to make some TSM 2 tutorial/guide videos because TSM 2 is going to be released on Curse sometime this week!  If you haven't already check out all the new features in TSM 2.0 before watching the videos.  Now, without further ado, the playlist for my Learn TSM 2 Video Series!


Phat Lewts

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So I've been away from WoW for a few days (3-4), got really busy IRL, but got back to normal today.  Just have some general announcements I wanted to get out, no real "gold making post" per say, but useful/relevant information none the less.

I've begun streaming a bit recently.  My goal is to stream 3-4 times a week.  It's a casual atmosphere, just doing my thing making gold, and you can watch and learn, chat, and/or ask questions.  I've been having a lot of fun with the viewers who show up, and I hope that a lot of you all can come and visit at some point!  The stream can be found at, and can always be found on my right sidebar.

Me and GoblinRaset are recording another live episode of The Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers tonight over at  We are going live around 9pm eastern, 6 pm pacific, so be sure to drop by if you're around!

TSM 2 Videos
Are still in the works.  I've not bee…