Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Business Time!

This post is a little housekeeping I've been putting off, but will probably benefit you to read regardless.

Lately I've been getting a lot of emails with questions, either broad or specific that I honestly can't keep up with at this point, so if you've sent me a mail and I've ignored it, much apologies.  What I'm going to be doing weekly (or even more often if time allows), is answering email questions in blog post form, basically to have some reference points to others with similar questions.  It is my goal to index these, so they can provide context to others looking for similar answers, or at least add some insight.  To send in submissions, email them to me with the subject line "Ph.A.Q." Also please notify me whether or not you'd like your name used in the post, and if so, what you'd like to go by. You can always find this at the link I've added to the toolbar above, at the Ph.A.Q tab above, where I'll be indexing the posts.

I started a program like this a while ago, and I got very few responses, and now that I've stopped it, it seems I've been getting even more emails than ever. Funny how these things tend to work. Anyway, if you have a burning question, or maybe something you've always wondered about or think I should cover, feel free to send it in. Just because I don't get to your submission the week you sent it doesn't mean I won't get to it!

Other Gold Making Readings
One of the more common requests that I get is other sources that I use for gold making material, what I read and/or find helpful.  To that extent, I've set up a subreddit where I'm going to post relevant and interesting blog posts, announcements, and threads that I personally find interesting and useful.  I digest a lot of this content daily, and I know that not everything is everyone's cup of tea, but what I'm going to try to do is simplify it so that you could theoretically subscribe to it via an RSS feed reader and get all the latest and greatest that Gold Making has to offer.  Sort of like the front page of TUJ, but just for things that I find interesting instead of all content from specific sources.

But Phat aren't there already 95 different WoW gold making subreddits?  Yes.  As you may know I very often frequent /r/woweconomy and /r/wowgoldmaking, but what I'm aiming to do is to aggregate content, providing links to readings that are interesting and more "mid-level to advanced" gold making.  What I mostly mean by this is that this subreddit won't be cluttered with questions about optimal profession spreads 5 times a day, but instead will have content that may be insightful or thought provoking to those not so fresh into gold making.  If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to subscribe.  I've set up flair for all the different posting sources, if your site is not on there yet don't worry, still working it out, but as is, there's already a lot of great content, and you should check it out!

Guest Posting
Since we're getting into a lull in this expansion, and I've been generally trending towards less and less posts every month, I'd like to take this time to open up my blog to guest posters.  If you are interested, send me an email with a relevant subject line, and we can discuss how/when you'd like to post.  I do expect all posts to be at least somehow related to gold making, and to be well written.  You don't necessarily need to have the same opinions or style of writing as me, but I do have some standards (they're not that high as you've read on this blog).  Again if you are interested, whether you're just starting up a blog, already have a gold blog, or don't ever want to start a blog at all but have something you think people would find interesting, don't hesitate to send a line.  This offer is up for the viable future, so if inspiration strikes feel free to contact me.  If you're starting a new blog, or have already started, guest posting is a great way to get your name out there, and get some initial reads of your content by relevant/interested readers.

Anyway, thanks everyone for reading through all the PSAs! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Phat Lewts

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