Sunday, February 28, 2016

Guest Spot on the Your WoW Money Podcast

Hey guys,

Just wanted to put out a quick post to let you know I recently was a guest on the Your WoW Money Podcast, if you want to check out the episode, you can do so at this link! Hope you all enjoy, it was fun to get back into podcasting.

Phat Lewts

Monday, February 15, 2016

Launch of Phat's Hate Mail Repository

Hi everyone,

Exciting news today. I finally put together a plan I have had in mind for a long while, to create a spot on my blog to feature gold making related hate mail.

I've been the recipient of quite a few crass hate mails over the years, and I've saved some of the more touching ones in my bank alt's guild bank. That being said, once a week (or perhaps once every 2 weeks depending on submissions), I'm going to be featuring hate mail sent to me, sometimes along with a back story (if one is included). If you're interested in sending in your own hate mail, please use this template form with instructions to do so.

Without further ado, below is some of my own hate mail that I've received over the years to kick it off. Not much backstory on these, just people raging at my AH Alt that I use to post transmog (dat beautiful orc above). I keep these saved in my Alt's guild bank to look back on for inspiration.

Hate mail is going to be compiled on this page (in toolbar above), with links back to the original posts, if you want to read more on the backstory. As this is a new project for me, please leave any feedback you have for the process in the comments below, or via social media.

Phat Lewts

Don't Call it a Comeback

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