Saturday, September 29, 2012

The New 77-80 Market: 80-84 MoP Gear

As predicted, there is a new era of twink gear out that is equivalent to Cataclysm's 77-80 market (which is still alive and kicking).  Keep in mind that now is not a great time to sell, it's a great time to buy.  Lots of this will be on AH's for relatively cheap, but now is not necessarily the best time to post these, except leather (for monks).  Keep in mind that if you start posting at high prices will result in people undercutting you, ruining the potentially endless flow of great deals for the greens(and blues) on the AH.

Search Terms!
If you're using TSM, there is only one search that you need to do:


These searches look for all items available to those in the range 80-84 with ilvl 364 and higher.  This will include all weapons and armor that came out in MoP available to this bracket.  There are 80-82 blues that are super OP, so keep an eye out for those, they're ilvl 409-425!

If you're using Auctionator you have to do 2 searches

***MoP Twinks

And that's it!  You may want to go through this gear and hand pick the ones with the best stats, but at the current prices I'm seeing, if it doesn't sell, you can DE it for a profit!  Now is a great time to stock up on this to sell it throughout the expansion.  Even with a little gold you can make a decent investment, and expect high returns once a majority of the characters are at max level and not questing in the 85-86 zones that drop these!  Welcome to the new era of twink gear!


Phat Lewts

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Enchanters: Work your Cooldown!

Today I'm going to be doing a post for all my enchanters out there.

Maxing your Enchanting with JC
Feel free to skip this section if you're at 600 already.
Since I had a Jewelcrafter and a Tailor I needed (wanted) to get to 600, I figured they can help each other out.  First start by prospecting 15(ish) stacks of Ghost Iron Ore.  Once you have your common gems, instead of cutting useless gem cuts, make Ornate Bands then Shadowfire Necklaces to disenchant.  This is what is suggested by wow-professions anyway until 527, I suggest going past that.  Craft it until you cant craft them anymore!  Then send em off to your Enchanter to use as enchanting mats to level enchanting.  **Note that you can now convert 5 Dusts to 1 Essence.  Do it until you have the ratio you need.  Enchanting 525-600 is a cakewalk after this, I suggest using the wow-professions enchanting guide. Congratulations!

Enchanting Cooldown!
That's right, enchanting has a daily cooldown this time around, namely to create the new Maelstrom, Sha Crystal.  These are most likely going to be in high demand the first few weeks, when raid gear won't be disenchanted (as much). The new Weapon and Bracer enchants require these (at 10 per and 6 per respectively), so the raiders will want to get their hands on these Crystals.  Since you can convert from Dusts -> Essences -> Shards -> Crystal, there are a few ways you can start out.  The Sha Crystal daily CD requires either:

5 Etherial Shards
25 Mysterious Essence
125 Spirit Dust

If you disenchant your gear as you level your enchanter or get some Shards from dungeons, you will easily be able to do this CD with all the mats you have.  Check your prices to see which of these is cheapest and convert it up the ladder!  This may not stay valuable as raid gear gets disenchanted in the future, but for the next few weeks, I imagine it will!

As always consult your servers auction house before starting this method.  Side effects include making gold, selling valuable enchanting mats, and having your friends ask you for gold.  Consult a doctor if gold making lasts more than 4 hours.


Phat Lewts

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 5 Professions to Level ASAP!

Today I figured I'd do a post on what professions I personally will be leveling as soon as possible.  Mists releases at midnight on the west coast US, which is a relatively ungodly 3 AM for those of us on the east coast.  That being said I'm still considering setting my alarm and having a pot of coffee on hand, but right now it looks unlikely. Once I do eventually log, I am going to focus on leveling my professions before stepping into Pandaria.

Living Steel
My main focus though is the new "Truegold", Living Steel.  This new alchemy cooldown is used in 28 recipes, all but 10 of which will be craftable at launch, given the crafter has the correct (and in some cases absurdly high) amount of Spirit of Harmony in some cases.  This precious metal is used in many crafts.  16 total are required to craft the new JC Epic Mount (which will require Exalted rep to get all recipes for), 1 is required to craft the new Belt Buckle, as well as quite a few needed for the BS and Engineering Epics.  Let's just say there's going to be quite a demand for this item, especially from those elite raiding guilds on your server.

Primordial Ruby
A JC's Best Friend
My second focus will be leveling Jewelcrafting acquiring all of the Jewelcrafting Primordial Ruby base cuts (Delicate, Bold, Brilliant) ASAP.  These cuts will be learned through research or doing Golden Lotus Dailies at Revered.  **Here's the thing to consider with Jewelcrafting though**, they're scaling gem cuts this expansion.  This means they're scrapping the Cataclysm (and previous expansion) model of say 40 base stats total for all gems. Instead, the off color gems will have more base stats to compensate for the lack of Primary stats (Int, Str, Agi).  This doesn't concern me because I think during the first few weeks people will still be following their old gemming ways, and I'm not too worried about these not being HOT sellers.  I may however stop once I get the Brilliant cut, so I can diversify.  The more colors of rare gems I can cut the first few weeks the better.

Without Further Ado, my list:
Top 5 Professions to Level (IMO)
  1. Alchemy
    • As Stated above, Alchemy transmutes will be used in many recipes, so I will be focusing on leveling the Alchemy my 4 Transmute Masters as soon as possible, to get these xmutes on the AH before the price drops 1 copper!
  2. Jewelcrafting
    • Again as stated above I want to take good care to learn as many cuts as possible, as soon as possible, and you can start researching once you hit 550, so after that I'm going to stop and focus on other professions.  It's also useful to note I have 2 JCs for double the research possibilities.
  3. Tailoring
    • Tailoring also has a new daily cooldown that will be added, which again will be craftable at only 550, so getting my 2 Tailors up to burn their daily cooldowns is necessary as soon as possible again.
  4. Inscription
    • Once again, Inscription is another profession has a once daily cooldown (525), which is a necessary material for Darkmoon Cards(600).
      • This makes the individual Darkmoon Cards way more valuable, and will focus trinket seekers on getting individual cards as opposed to full decks.
      • Take into consideration that there is also 3 BoA Staves that require 20 of these first daily CDs to make.  Priorities!!! **Note that you can acquire 7 per week doing proffesion specific (level 600) weekly quests, so this is where maxing your Scribe comes in handy.
        • I'm not sure if you need to be a certain level to access the area, if so you will need to obtain that level as well. 
  5. Mining
    • This may seem like a curveball to some, given my (and most gold makers) "Gathering isn't the best GPH" stance.  I still agree with this, and think my profession leveling order above will payout the most, but my go to craft, Living Steel Transmute requires 6 Trillium Bars EACH, each of which require 2 of each color of Trillium Ore (so needs 24 raw ore total, 12 of each color).
      • This bar cannot be smelted by Miners until 600 Skill Level, which can only be obtained by farming nodes (no smelting skill ups), so you KNOW the bars are going to be in high demand, and are also going to be very expensive for the first few weeks. By having my own miner smelt the bars, I can cut my costs, and acquire some ore for the transmutes.  It's a win win (except I don't want to level my Tauren Druid, but oh well).
So this is it, my master plan.  If anyone is curious I will be leveling my Mage (Tailor/Alchemy) to 90 first after all this, and starting my farm ASAP, so my mage will be the first one to be able to benefit from the Tiller's Bonus Spirit of Harmony, which is nice because then I'll have the option to choose between the most profitable of the two daily CDs (Tailoring/Alch) that character can craft, based on established AH prices. 

So that's my plan (and suggestion) on which Professions to level first.  Which professions are you planning on leveling up first?


Phat Lewts

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your Guide to Spirit of Harmony

***If you're here looking for a guide on farming Motes of Harmony, check out this post!!***

Spirit of Harmony
(via Wowhead)

Remember all the way back in Cataclysm when crafted items were made with Volatile Air, Fire, Water, Life, and Earth? It seems like just yesterday that multiple elementals were the norm, but Blizzard decided to scrap this system for a simpler one.  Spirit of Harmony, which are essential to about every major crafting profession, are the only elementals in MoP (for now at least).  They can be created by combining 10 Motes of Harmony which are random world drops from 85-90.

The bad news for your low level crafters though is that they are BoP, so any alts not yet in Pandaria will not be able to benefit from them.  

Which Profession Benefits most from Spirit of Harmony?
This is an debatable question, but here's the breakdown (number 1 are the ones that cannot truly benefit, then the rest of the professions follow in alphabetic order).
*Right now on wowhead, the only way I can see to sort what can be crafted using this item by each profession is to go to this link and type in the profession name.

  1. Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Enchanting
    • Relatively no benefit.  These professions can use the Spirits to trade for these raw mats, which is not terrible, but any profession could do this.  
  2. Alchemy
    • Using 3 Spirits of Harmony, an Alchemist can get an extra transmute CD for the day Riddle of Steel.  (this is the Truegold of Pandaria)
  3. Blacksmithing
    • Most notably requires 8 Spirits of Harmony to craft ilvl 476 epic gloves + chest (first level of craftable epics).
      • To craft ilvl 496 items it requres 2-3 Spirits of Harmony as well as 8 Blood Spirit, an item gained from disenchanting raid armor (not available first week).
  4. Engineering
    • Staying true to Engineering's roots, it is used in recipes that create cool things (mounts, daily CD robot, etc) for the owner, as well as scopes, a gun, a pet, and a Pandarian Wormhole Generator!
  5. Inscription
    • The new Darkmoon Cards require 10 Spirits of Harmony or a weekly quest reward to craft more than one per day! This will lead to more scribes trading cards to get full decks rather than grinding a ton until they get a full deck.
    • Cool Addition: Scribes can now craft any of 3 new staves that are Bind on Account, requiring 20 daily cooldowns.
      • The 4 Inscription weeklies to get the CDs faster: avoiding the daily cooldown by doing weekly crafts, requiring 4-6 Spirits of Harmony per.
  6. Jewelcrafting
    • Not Needed for the cool new mounts!
    • Two new vanity pets require 3 Spirits of Harmony each.
    • If you didn't know already, JC now requires a daily CD to discover new cuts (you pick which color you want to discover).  You can do more the one per day using 3 Spirits of Harmony.
  7. Leatherworking
    • Similar to Blacksmithing.  Again click here and search Leatherworking to see all the recipes, again gloves and chest
  8. Tailoring
    • With 3 Spirits of Harmony, Tailors can avoid their Daily Cooldown, to craft epic items faster.
      • The epics require 4-6 of the daily CDs to create, again more for the 'upgraded' ilvl gear.

Farm Your Motes!
Like I said above, the Spirit of Harmony are created by combining 10 Mote of Harmony. If you get to revered with a new faction in Pandaria, The Tillers, you will be able to get over 1 full Spirit worth a day by "cultivating a farm".  If you're interested in learning more about this, check out wowhead's Tillers Guide, it's a very comprehensive preview of what you can expect. Basically once you get revered you can obtain Songbell Seeds and cultivate them (only taking a few minutes every day) and not have to grind out Motes from random mobs in Pandaria.  This should certainly speed up the process for any of you looking to get your hand on Spirits of Harmony ASAP.  

Which profession are you leveling first, and which one do you think has the coolest use for Spirits of Harmony?


Phat Lewts

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Prepping for Mists

If you haven't been keeping up, when MoP is released Tuesday at midnight, it will be a "rollover" (source).  What this means is that unlike the Cataclysm release, if you're playing at 11:59pm Monday night, when the clock rolls over to 12:00am (depending of course on your time zone), you will be playing Mists of Pandaria, no need to log out and in!  This gives a more fair chance for those trying to get server firsts, especially the profession ones.  Now if this ends up working flawlessly or not is yet to be seen, but that's a whole different story...

Just as an aside I wanted to write a bit about why they did this.  At the end of Wrath, for some reason, they made it so that you could aquire all of the mats that you needed to get cooking from 450-525 within the first minute or two of Cataclysm's release (especially with the Chef's Hat).  So basically it was a race to see who could log in faster to get the Realm First for cooking, rather than who could get the mats together and create the items faster, or possibly completing relevant daily quests, etc.  By doing the rollover everyone should have an equal chance at getting all the server firsts, minus all the relogging you're going to have to do when the servers don't work as expected of course.

What does this mean for you?
If you download addon updates for the expansion while logged into the game, don't forget to relog.  If you plan on playing at the midnight release, have all your addons updated about a half hour before, then relog.  In theory addons shouldn't need crazy updates because we're in 5.0 already, but some will need to be updated, just grab what you can then go! Make sure you're doing the same during down time, getting on curse and updating all your addons, developers constantly work on these things to keep them up to date, and addons are a gold makers best friend.  You also may have to check the "load out of date addons" box as well for everything to transition smoothly.  Hard to say considering Blizzard has never done this for WoW in the past.

Okay what if I'm not going after server firsts?
  • Get your most valuable crafters to 90! (More about why I say this tomorrow)
  • Don't forget to post Monk glyphs, and post them often!  Pre craft the ones you can NOW so that you're ready on expansion day!
  • If you've created Blackfallow Ink since it was tradeable in 5.0, dump it NOW.  No speculation this time, trading it WILL be gone for good at the stroke of midnight!  Don't let your carriage turn into a pumpkin!
  • Level your crafting professions ASAP anyway! The best profits come at max level!
    • JC/Alchemy will have a daily gem cut discovery and transmute CD respectively, the sooner you start, the better!
  • Clear out your quest logs in advance.  You may be able to do more than 25 dailies every day, but your log can still only hold 25 quests.
    • If you have the time, do as many level 85 dailies before hand, and be ready to turn them in at the stroke of midnight/the next time you log.  It will give you a slight edge over everyone else!
  • Don't be ashamed to spam trade for Ore or other raw mats.  The sooner you can get your professions up, the better (esp for cooldowns)
  • Dump everything Cataclysm related, vendor it after MoP or put it in a bank, you'll need the bag space!
  • Last but certainly not least, even if you're not going to level their professions, LOG INTO YOUR ALTS!  At the beginning of Cataclysm, for 80s to start recieving Rested XP, they needed to be logged into at least once after the expansion was released.   If MoP follows suit (which it very well may) you should log your alts so they start to receive rested ASAP.
Look out for my post tomorrow where I will cover which crafter I personally am leveling up first and why. 


Phat Lewts

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Dev AMA Thoughts/Highlights

After the Developer AMA on reddit, I'd just like to highlight and briefly comment on some of the things they said that relate to the AH and gold making.  (Dev posts in blue, my responses black).

Q: Cross Realm Auction Houses?
A: "With regard to the auction house, I can imagine a future where we might decide to make auction houses cross-server. It's not something to jump into lightly, but there may be ways to design a cross-realm auction house that ensures a viable economy without getting "too big"."

To me this just says "No this just isn't going to happen".  It's something that if it did happen we'd be given a wide window of notification, but is something they're not worried about at all right now, and haven't put any thought into yet.  They seem to like how Cross Realm Zones (CRZs) are working so far(see below), and have no plans to change how the AH works to be cross realm in the near future.

Q: CRZs Killed Hunting Rare Spawns and Gathering.  Also my servers economy!:
A1: "We understand some players have gotten used to the idea of farming nodes or rares without any competition, but we designed all of those features with a certain population in mind."
A2: "CRZ wasn't intended to fill up the auction houses of realms with low auction activity. That wasn't the goal of the feature, so blaming it for not achieving that goal isn't terribly fair."

Going through the AMA recap, there are a lot of questions regarding CRZ and the AH.  I agree here, it did really kill the ability to hunt rares on smaller servers, and may in fact hurt your gathering chances greatly (especially on lower level nodes), decreasing mats that are on the AH, because they are brought to other servers.  Don't think though that they won't adjust the spawn rates of nodes or rares, if they see it as needed.
So basically as a small pop server, there are now an equal amount of people camping a spawn, or competing for nodes as a high pop server. Working as 'Intended'.  Not so sure it's equal now, but I don't doubt that they'll make it equal "Soon.™"

Finally on a second article, "World of Warcraft Devs: Q&A for Fansites" which I first read on wowjuju, Blizzard answered a few more questions, only one of which I think has interest to gold making:

Q: What's the reasoning behind removing the Auction House from Pandaria?
A: Firstly, we want to ensure our servers are stable. The Pandaria hub will be a very crowded area. Ultimately, we think the model for TBC and WotLK worked okay, so we don't foresee any major issues with requiring players to return to capital cities to use the AH. This also helps keep the capitals from being ghost towns.

Not being on the Beta, I was actually unaware that they did this.  I can understand the reasoning, but I post non Transmog or Glyph auctions from my main, and could definitely see this as an inconvenience.  Can easily be resolved by switching my posting toon though, with minimal effort.  Not the worst thing in the world, but definitely annoying.  Guess they did it because they don't want Lagaran 2.0, and that's completely understandable.  That's all from me for now, what are your thoughts on these developments?


Phat Lewts

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Duping Witch-hunt

Recently, Jim from Power Word: Gold came out with an article entitled Robes of Insight Now Being Duplicated?.  Although the number of Robes is rising, as indicated in his blog and via data from The Undermine Journal, I'd like to take a moment to take a critical look at his observations.  No hard feelings, I just strongly disagree with the views expressed.

'The Evidence'
In Jim's article, he notes that the number of Robes of Insight on EU servers have doubled since June, from 105 to 199.  He also notes on US servers the number raised 90% from 130 to 249.  Okay fair enough, this is a very reasonable observation, and it is a fact.  But does it imply duping?  No.  Here's my thought process.  Below is a TUJ graph of Bloodscale Breastplate, another popular transmog item.
Bloodscale Breastplate from TUJ, click picture to enlarge

As you can see, there is a substantial increase from May starting at ~475 and going up to 812 on September 8th.  A relatively high 70.95% increase.  Hmmm.  Let's take a look at another popular transmog chest, from the Saltstone set.
Saltstone Surcote from TUJ, click picture to enlarge

From May to September 8th, the number of these increased from 50 to 121.  For those of you who are good at mental math, you already know that's well over double what it was, an over 140% increase.

My last piece of anecdotal evidence is another great transmog cloth chest piece, Buccaneer's Vest:
Buccaneer's Vest from TUJ, click picture to enlarge

Again from May to Sept. 8th the number on the US AH went from 110 to 214.  I hope you're starting to see the picture I'm trying to paint (94.5% increase).

Conclusions I've Drawn
What I think is happening, which is also more likely than duping, is that the demand for transmog items is decreasing.  This is something most of us have observed and felt in our pockets in WoW.  In economics, when demand decreases, to stay at the same level of sales from before, prices must decrease.  Because of us though, the prices didn't decrease.  We are all stubborn transmog sellers who are set in our ways (TSM is a blessing and a curse).  For all the items listed above as well as Robes of Insight, the number has been increasing, but the price has stayed around the same number.  So what we're seeing here is more likely the result of you and I, the gold making community at large, than dupers.

Further: On the "Ban Wave" Theory
Jim also suggested that the dip in amount of items on the AH after the 28th (bot ban wave) suggests duping:

"In the US servers, in days before Patch 5.0.4 and the possible ban wave, there was a peak of 245 Robes of Insight on the servers on August 25, 2012. After the patch? In the US, Robes auctions had dropped from 245 on August 25, 2012 down to 174 on August 30, 2012 a decrease of just over 40%."
"In the EU the numbers peaked at about 190 Robes on August 25, 2012 and had dropped down to 154 on August 29th, 2012. A decrease of around 23%."
*Emphasis added by me.

Clearly looking at all the above graphs you can see that ALL of these items decreased in number after the 28th (in my 3 examples by 21%, 20%, and 27% respectively). This most likely due to huge down times for the patch, or perhaps people choosing not to play during that time due to laggy servers and server resets.  All in all this doesn't imply duping, even take a look at the least likely to be duped item:
US: Netherweave cloth July 30-Sept 10

Netherweave Cloth went from this 1,083,550 peak on August 26th, to 846,994 low on August 29th.  A 22% decrease.  Most all items on the AH felt the hit of 5.0.4 being released.  Before we go around screaming "He's a duper! He's a duper!" perhaps we should take a look at all the evidence.

What Duping Really Looks Like
The previous armor graphs all show linear growth patterns, whereas something that is actually being duped (Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger) look more like this:
Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger on TUJ, click to enlarge

Quantity available is increasing exponentially, and Prices decreasing steadily.  That's what a supply and demand curve SHOULD look like.
Also note that on this actually duped item that on August 27th there were 870 on the AH, the day of the patch, the 28th, there were still 810 on the AH (a 7% decrease), and the day after the patch there were 940 (a 16% increase) , and it hasn't dropped below that since.  Your honor, I rest my case.


Phat Lewts

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remote AH: No Smartphone? No Problem!

This is a post written for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival for September 2012, check it out on the 11th for other great posts on this topic!

This month's topic is "The Remote Auction House - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, Love or Hate It?"

When the Remote AH first came out for free I balked at it because I didn't have a smartphone.  Now though, there are some great uses I've found for it on my web browser.

Why it's useful
Now you may be thinking "why would I want to use RMAH on my computer, since I have WoW on my computer?" and that's a great question to ask.  Maybe Phat has gone off the deep end, but perhaps not. My favorite use for this new tool is to buy and sell items on different realms, while playing on my main realm. Now I don't know if it's intended or not, but even if you're logged in to your account on realm X, you can log into the Remote Auction House on the same account, on realm Y. Great time passer if you're mass crafting in the background, especially if you have a side project as I do.  For reference if you aren't a regular reader, I have a DK on an alternate (high pop) server making gold to buy expensive mounts/pets for my main characters on a (low pop) server.  It also allows you to snatch great deals while you're not at a computer with WoW loaded on it, I'll outline how I use it with different AH monitoring sites below.

Using WoWuction to Find Deals
Since you have no addons using the remote AH, you have to utilize some of our favorite tools to find great deals.  One new thing that was recently added was the "Bargain Hunter".  I really enjoy using this tool, and I'll outline how to do it below.

1. Go to and choose your realm/faction.

2. Click Reports, then Bargain Hunter

Once you do, you'll get a list like this:
Click Image to Enlarge
Now search through this list and find a deal you most like.  Aaaah it seems Darkcrest Gauntlets (one of my favorite selling xmog sets) are only 25g!  Great!

3. Go to the Remote AH and find your item!  [Horde] [Alliance] (if you're logged in these links will take you directly there)

It's pretty straightforward.

4. Relist next time you're on WoW.

I don't like using this to relist the items (especially xmog) because it's SOOOooooo much faster to do it with TSM when logged it.  This will get you some great deals to relist next time you're on too.

Maybe You Prefer TUJ!
I prefer to use both!  As I already went over most of the relevant steps above, I'm going to shorten this section.

1. Go to and find your server/faction

2. Click Great Deals, then go to Current Deals List

3. Check out all the great deals that result from this, my 2 favorite subsections are below:

The bids section can be EXTREMELY useful using the remote AH.  Sometimes bids on items are listed WAY lower than they should be, and since the Remote AH lets you both Bid or Buyout, and you're not going to be seeing the items until you log in anyway.  This is just my method, I'm sure if you have a phone you can add to the potency of all this.  What's your personal take on the Remote Auction House?


Phat Lewts

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aftermath - How I Fared in 5.0.4

So 5.0.4 dropped a week ago today, and I personally have made 110,780g since the patch dropped.

Glyphmas 1.5
Yes Inks were still tradeable, but I made out pretty well precrafting.  I ended up with 11 of each glyph I could make (I was aiming for 20) and was able to sell off a good amount of them.  Of my 110k I made this week, 73k (roughly 2/3rds) of it was from glyphs.  This was honestly as good as I could have expected even if inks were made untradeable.  One thing that I did notice, and I don't know if it was intentional or not: one of my main competitors stopped having glyphs to post, most likely because he did not attempt to actually trade his Blackfallow Ink, and does not know about the lack of change.  I'll take it!

AoE Looting
So with AoE looting coming out with the patch, and I had to put it to it's test!  I must say I am impressed with the system.  I didn't find the system to be buggy at all, in fact it worked a lot better than I had hoped for.  The radius for AoE looting is relatively large, much larger than I had expected.  I started my testing out on the grinding spot in Deepholm using Potion of Treasure Finding.

The loot in Deepholm is pretty great as we all know.  The thing was did it speed it up enough to make it "worthwhile"?

Below is a table of data for what I was able to farm in one hour (using a Potion of Treasure Finding that I payed 100g for).

Honestly I'm not too impressed with the results.  For results like this, I'd rather get on an under utilized crafting alt and not waste my time farming these adds, but if this looks like returns you'd like, by all means go get it!  Personally I'm going to reward my farming (since I have the cloth) by crafting all 26 slots for my transmog seller, it's a long time coming!

Below is a table with results from 1 hour of farming

Material Mean Price Per
 (via TUJ)
Total Gold from Item
39 Stacks Embersilk Cloth
16 Volatile Fire
5g 71s
91g 36s
22 Volatile Air
12g 71s
279g 62s
7 Volatile Earth
21 Volatile Life
3g 35s
70g 35s
13 Volatile Water
7g 57s
98g 41s
15 Pyrite Ore
3g 74c
56g 1s
14 Elementium Ore
2g 37s
33g 18s
Assorted Vendor Trash
GRAND TOTAL ---->3,624g 2s per hour

One thing I did forget while farming in Deepholm is that I now have the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth on all my alts, providing a insta-vendor to whomever needs it.  Also, I vendored all the greens I got and added it to Assorted Vendor Trash instead of trying to sell them on the AH, because I'm lazy, so you can take that into account.

Mr Grubbs
I had mentioned in a previous post I had mentioned that I was going to wait to check out farming for Mr. Grubbs as a Rare Battle Pet via AoE looting.  While the spawn time of the adds is a bit long, I just thought I'd share the method I found to be most useful.  Go up to Zul'Mashar in Eastern Plaguelands, and kill all the zombie trolls that spawn in the graves.  Log another toon for a few minutes, switch back and repeat.  Took me about 24 bags and I usually got 3-4 per slaying*.
*Results are not typical.  Your results may vary.  Discuss your general health status with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to use Phat Lewts' Farming Advice.  Side effects of taking this advice may include, but are not limited to: increased gold making, extra companion pets, boosted gold making ego, and/or, in extreme cases, death.   If gold making lasts more than 4 hours, consult your physician immediately.

I'm going to be trying AQ when I get around to it, but haven't had a lot of time to actually get out and play this week, hopefully more farming info to come.

Other Notes
I was really sad Mogit wasn't available for the first few days of the patch, but it got a really nice facelift, make sure you download the most recent version and check it out!  Also, TSM performed as flawlessly as possible so a definite bump to Sapu and anyone on the TSM team helping that transition go over smoothly.  Also vendor sorting is a cool little addition that I hadn't been expecting but am so far enjoying with playing.  They have a "BoE" filter which I think can prove to be particularly useful.  That's all for me, what was your favorite part of 5.0.4?


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