Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finding Gold Making Information

If you haven't already check out my recent post of the new programs I've started recently.

First of all I'm going to take an aside to point out that this is my 200th all time post.  I just want to thank everyone who regularly reads my blog, and has stopped by to comment, or has commented on/thanked me for the TSM videos.  I really enjoy this community, and you all are a great part of what makes it thrive.  As far as the blog/videos, there's much more to come!  I'm planning on making some video guides to using the TSM App, and I'll keep you posted on the blog as to when they're coming out!  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Finding Gold Making Information

Very often I come across people looking for advice that's been given ad nauseam in the past.  Questions like:
  • What's the optimal profession distribution for making gold?
  • Where's the best spot to farm Item X?
  • I have 5-10k gold, what's the best thing I can do?
  • How can I make more gold with Profession X?
  • etc.
Now I understand wanting to ask experienced AH players for some advice here and there, but if you're smart about it, there's a lot of good information already out there that you can find, and today I'm going to go over how I do searches when I have gold making topics I want more information on.  

This may be a no brainer for some, but if you're looking for how to get a specific item or farming locations, a lot of times Wowhead is your one stop shop for such information.  It even includes pricing info based on TUJ now, making it that much more useful for analyzing an item's potential.  For things that change from time to time, consider sorting comments by newest first to see updated strategies, or filtering by the current patch.

Smart Google Searches
Now if you google "Spirit of Harmony Farming" you'll get a mix of information stretching from reliable to downright useless, and sometimes it's hard to tell who has useful information and who is trying to sell you the Tycoon addon (holy hell do not waste your money).  Something I like to do with my searches is add the name of a reputable source of gold making information such as "Stormspire" or "Phat Lewts Gold" (mmm plugging myself is delicious).  You can even do a search with, although if you search for Phat Lewts for example, you'd be better off not limiting it to a specific site because I post on a multitude of outlets, just saying.

For example, Googling spirit of harmony farming gives us some results, the top and most recent being this thread, which contains a great spot for farming Spirit of Harmony, if that's your thing.  Try it out when you do a search.  It may not specifically answer your question but you'll get some relevant readings on the topic you were searching.  Even adding a generic term like gold blog and knowing which blogs are reputable and to trust can go a long way.  Of course if at first you don't succeed, try changing your search up, consider searching for what someone else would be looking for, or what someone would title an article about it. Get creative!

Those are my tips on how to use searches effectively, do you have any other methods of finding gold making info other than the methods specified here?


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