Gold Making Ideas

Since searching through my blog to find informative posts that are still relevant is highly ineffective, I've decided to compile some of the better posts that are still relevant today.  Besides these, you can also check out the following as well:

My 20 Days of Goldmaking Page

Phat's Weekly Review Compilation

Learn TSM 2 Videos
TSM 2.0 Teaser
(Old)Setup of My TSM Auctioning Lists

Bank Alts
Anonymity vs. Convenience

Craft the Phantom Blade
Thorium Armor

Nomi, the Panda that Keeps on Giving

Gold Making (General)
How I look at my gold making strategy
Overcoming Obstacles in Gold Making
Tracking your Competition
Guide to Spirit of Harmony
Calculating the Value of Spirit of Harmony
Alliance Alt Hits 100k

Wrath Epic Gems!

Legacy Posts
These are posts that are most likely outdated, but I think are interesting and have a lesson you can take away from them.
Original Shield Transmog List
Original Rare Chest Xmog List
The Duping Witch Hunt
How to Not Make Gold

Sunsong Ranch/Tiller's Farm
Dispelling the Enigma Surrounding Enigma Seeds
Phat Farm; My Farming Setup

Craft Icy Cloak for Profits
Addional Crafts (only bottom 2 sections are relevant)
Farming Embersilk (video as to location in comments)

Transmog Selling
TSM 2 Transmog Importing
(Old)Learn to Flip Xmog Gear Like a Boss (Buying)
(Old)Learn to Flip Xmog Gear Like a Boss part 2 (Selling)

Twink Gear
You're not going to get Instant Gratification!
New look into the 80-84 market
So that's competition?


  1. Just wondering if you do a vendor sell guide?

    1. No I do not. I believe the stormspire has a few.


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