Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sky Golem Madness

Sky Golem, as stolen from the Wowhead Model Viewer
I've seen some crazy speculation in the past few days, on the profit of the Sky Golem, which will be craftable for the first time Wednesday on US servers, and Thursday on EU.  The most ridiculous prediction I've seen came from the reddit gold making community, where someone said they thought they'd be able to sell their Sky golem for "at least 500k".  With a mentality like that, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Now this isn't to say the thing isn't going to be profitable. Oooooh it will be. But let's look at the numbers for a moment shall we?  
Here are the Market Price to make one across US servers.  

Ghost Iron Bar x 300: 2,616 g (8.72g per)
Living Steel x 30: 16,196 g (539.87g per)
Total: 18,812g

Well well well, not exactly a cheap investment, but no bank breaker either, at least for most of my audience.  This (or more accurately your own servers average) is what you should value your cost as.

You may say "but I'm a xmute alchemist" etc.  Yes you are, but you could have sold these Living Steel at market price, and made that part of the profit regardless of whether you put it into crafting the Sky Golem or not.  You want to look at the value that crafting the Sky Golem adds to these mats!!

Maximizing Profit
If you have other crafting CDs (Tailoring/BS/LW) and crafted belts, surely you were disappointed with the prices.  Don't expect Sky Golems to be any less cutthroat.  That being said there are 2 things that are worth considering with the Golem:

  1. It's much better advantage than a 553 belt (or even pants), it's an item that adds value to someone's account, not just 1 slot on 1 toon.
  2. They are strictly limited to every 30 days (given you don't think there's massive dupes inc). 
So what's the bottom line?  My thoughts are this, opinions may vary, servers as well.  First of all you have to consider that not everyone's going to be able to craft this thing on day 30.  I missed 2 days already myself, being the casual gold maker that I am.  

***Side Tangent: I did a flex raid a few days ago where one of the guys I was raiding with got a Jard's pattern for the first time and asked what it was for.  He was also that guy who had to switch to an alt to get gold for repairs later in the raid.  Point being, there's all sorts of people who play this game and not every Engineer is going to be making this, but as far as love for professions go, Engineers are undoubtedly the most dedicated and most of them will be ready to craft within a few days of Day 30.***

 Second, know that if you are ready on Day 30, you may be among a smaller crowd than Day 31 or Day 32.  Getting a deal in trade for 1-5k less than the AH may be a solid bet.  If you can't sell it within the first few days, don't drop your price by 20,000g or some ridiculous number just because the market is over saturated.  I expect these to at least have a small pricing trend like the Darkmoon Faire trinkets did early in the expansion.  Week of the Faire?  Everyone is turning in their decks and undercutting each other like crazy.  Two weeks after Faire?  Higher profits for those with a little patience.  Now this may vary on your server due to a lot of factors (size being the main one), but I'd expect to see a similar pricing trend for Sky Golems, so don't dump it for super cheap this week if prices take a dive! Hold on to it maybe 10-14 days, and see what the market does.  

I hoped this helped shed some light on the pricing for Sky Golems, and if you'd like to rampantly speculate on pricing in the comment section, feel free.  


Phat Lewts
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WAIT WAIT WAIT...Phat you didn't give us a price!

Go for as much as you can when you can log on.  If you're the first to post it and want to try for a half a million gold, by all means go for it.  Who am I to say dreams don't come true?

The price is going to vary LARGELY by server. So, damn much. You should know how your server will react to these things better than I, just keep your bottom line in mind when selling and you can't lose.  Finally, I will let you all know that my goal is the 150-200k range.  I have NO idea what my market will do tomorrow, and I have to wait 2 days anyway, so I'll have a front row seat.  That being said do not expect the same on your server at all, manage your expectations people!

Actual Cheers,

Phat Lewts


  1. Thanks, Phat. Good to see a reasonable, thought-out response after that reddit nonsense.

    I missed a whole like 6 days, so I am going to be forced to wait to see how the market goes... and I don't expect that to be a bad thing! If the market is too low, I'll wait. Too high (everyone starts posting 500k and I see no movement), I'll offer to "pre-sell" mine at a somewhat lower rate. Who doesn't love a deal?

  2. I agree, people are getting crazy. I have two engys and missed two of my CDs due to IRL obligations that had me out of town without WoW. I must say, with the craziness of the new armor from CDs, I'm somewhat glad that I'll have a few days to let the market sort itself out. Sure it would have been great to get it the first day and sell it for some insane price, but some people don't read mmo-champion or patch notes, and maybe haven't even seen the mount. I think that when this mount gets more exposure in the game, people are going to really want it. Another thing is, how many people who really can afford to spend hundred of thousands of gold on a mount don't have an engy to make one for themselves?

  3. Quoting the comment above: "Another thing is, how many people who really can afford to spend hundred of thousands of gold on a mount don't have an engy to make one for themselves?"

    This. And don't forget you only need one per account.

  4. I made the rocket and relisted it over 100 times against three or four other competitors before I gave it to a friend. I'm cutting to the chase this time and just making the Sky Golem for myself. When a pattern has no gateway, such as gaining rep to attain it, there's not a whole lot of point listing it on the AH. And this mount takes no major gold investment, just a daily CD. I wish everyone selling it the best of luck! And in the worst case scenario, you'll have a cool mount for yourself!

  5. As Engineering is currently one of the professions i dont have, i will be looking to snag one of these cheaply in about a weeks time. I think there will be the highest quantity of them available in about 7 days time. Most people will have missed at least one daily CD if not two or three so anyone who wanted to make one will be selling it within the next week. Once they realise that they wont be the half million gold maker, they will either look to sell it cheap to make something back, or use it themselves. And i doubt they will be making another one if that is the case. That will be time for Manthieus to swoop in with a lowball offer and snag a bargain! (yes i just referred to myself in 3rd person) Im aiming for no more that 30k!

  6. Hello, after 3 years of doing nothing in WoW i came accross Gold Blogs & stuff. Right before this patch i leveled 5 Engineers, 1 BS, 1 Tailor & 1 LW. Almost sold every single pet i had, flipped every mog/ ore/ cloth etc even if it made me just 2 gold since i had no gold to level these professions. Haven't missed any Engineering cd so far, 2 more days to go. Sold 553 Plate belt for 20k & Leather 553 for 29k. Cloth Belt is still on AH. Lost 15k to scammer who was selling me 2 months gametime for 15k. Locked a ticket & blizz said they can't do anything about it. With the 25k i was left with, i purchased 1 months gametime for 10k. Out of 15k i was buying mats as well like cloth, leather & ore for daily cds. I could have farmed them but i chose not to & instead ran all my 10 alts to SoO lfr & flex, ran some 2s & 3s since i decided to "enjoy" the game as i heard one of teh pandaren npc saying " Life is to be savoured". Now, i did hope my Golems would sell for least 200k, so afetr selling 5 i will be gold capped, which was my target. However now i think even getting 150k would be tough even though i 'd be selling them right after the cd reset because the kind of competetion i see on my realm - Frostmourne... 553 belts were a dissapointment. I leveled every profession to max, i want to achieve my target of getting gold capped so i could get back to a normal routine of going to work, spending time with family & friends & not sitting in front of the computer for 16 straight hours everyday. I 've come so far i can't go back without achieveing my target. I want a real life & a real car, not some spectral Tiger -_-

  7. I think the real question is: Make the pets, or make the mount? The pets take exactly half the crafting materials of a mount, so if you can sell a pet for more than 50% of what the mount would sell for, that's obviously the way to go. Considering TUJ has never seen either pet on the AH on my server, it's pretty clear all the engineers are waiting to make the mount.

  8. On my server people are already posting them at 70k as the lowest. There are 33 up on the market at the moment and 12 of them are well under the 100k mark.

    If you expected 150k+ for the mount...don't hold your breath. Mind you I'm on a high pop server. I'm waiting till next week for either the desperates want to clear out their stock, or the dupers show up and totally destroy the market. Either one will happen and I should get one for under 40k

  9. I've missed crafting the Jard a few times so I won't have all 30 until Sunday. I'm a bit gutted that I won't be able to get my own there as part of the initial rush but meh. My plan is to keep an eye on the prices on my server AH.
    I will be putting my Sky Golem on there for whatever I think is reasonable in terms of both profit and a realisitic price that someone will pay. If it sells that's excellent and I'll start crafting a second one for me - if not, I've got myself a new mount (sooner than expected).
    This tactic worked well when I crafted my first Chopped :) I made enough profit to cover ~50% of the cost of crafting a second one, meaning mine was effectively half price!

  10. Currently 90k-200k on my realm, first day. About 10 on the AH so far.

  11. Had no serious expectations going into this one. Will hold for a lil bit, otherwise I've got a new mount to learn. Just as with any market though, I can't stand dramatic price gouging. No one is buying them from any of the known sellers yet and in 5 hours it's already tanked from 250-120 from the price gouging that I've stayed out of.

  12. sold for 50k on stormrage and I plan to buy one cheaper this week


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