Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Transmute Master

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Hey guys, I just came across something while I was trying to put together a rough guide for new gold makers.  The old transmute quest with Primal Might has been removed!  Apparently in 4.3.0 Blizzard (finally) decided to revamp the quest to get Transmutation Mastery, and now the new quest only requires 4 Truegold AND it takes place in your faction's capital.  It seems this change did not make it to the patch notes, and I'm really surprised because I have never heard of this before now!  If you're someone who was crafting Primal Mights to try and sell to the people getting Transmute Mastery, this market has been removed from the game.  Primal Might is also used in some BC craftable gear which is now the extent of the use for it.

I was just really surprised that they changed this quest as they stuck with it through most of the expansion.  I'm really glad they did, but also really surprised.  Of course there is also a new Potion Master Quest as well as a new Elixir Master Quest.  I'm really shocked that Blizzard waited so long to do this, it seems a bit last minute with no reason, but I'm glad that the change finally came.


Phat Lewts

Monday, March 26, 2012

My 5 Essential Addons

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Alright so this is going to be a quick and easy post, but these are my Absolute Necessities for gold making.  I will list my reasons, but there are guides to all these addons that you would need for them, google ahoy!

  1. TradeSkillMaster (And all it's packages)
    • TSM is basically the be all and end all of all gold making addons.  I don't mean to be a huge promoter or anything, but it basically revolutionized posting on the AH in a way no other addon can, among its many other useful functionalities.
  2. Auctionator
    • A close second to TSM, Auctionator does some things that TSM can't do as well (yet).  The main thing is the ability to quickly buy in bulk, and it also has functionality to do some cool/useful importable searches.  
  3. Auditor
    • Although this addon hasn't been updated in over a year, it still tracks gold incomings and outgoings across alts unlike any addon I've ever seen.  Hopefully if this addon doesn't make it through MoP, someone else comes up with something just like it (you will have to check "Load out of Date Addons" for this to work).
  4. Altoholic
    • This addon tracks a variety of things through your alts, but the functionality I enjoy most is it tells you in an item's tooltip not only how much you may have on alts, AH, in your bags, but which alt has x, which alt has y, etc.  Makes my life way easier.  
  5. iSold
    • Again this is an addon you will have to "Load out of Date Addons" for, but it's totally worth it.  It's only functionality is to make a cash register-esque "cha-ching" every time you make a sale.  It makes selling that much more rewarding. 
I was considering adding NPCScan to this list, but I don't think that it's essential  for gold making, although it's a valuable tool.  Thanks for reading, if you are looking to contact me my email is


Phat Lewts

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 3/19

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The Bots Are Back in Town!
The first thing I noticed this week is that the farming bots are obviously back in WoW.  The average price of Whiptail on my server is 50g per stack.  This is what I found this week:

Yes, that's only 2 different posters, one posting 285 stacks and another posting 357 stacks at less than half the normal price.  I've been hearing people saying that the SoR's are just getting bored and farming now.  I'm sorry but no human being is going to farm 300+ stacks of Whiptail, let alone 2 of them on the same (small) server, and willing to post at those ridiculously low prices.  For Example the top seller here sold 285 stacks of whiptail for a mere 4061g25s after AH 'taxes'.  I don't think anyone in their right mind would be pricing like this.  I did enjoy buying it all up, but I don't even know if I'll EVER be able to go through it all.  This puts my price point of MFC's at about 3g each, so...lots of barking in my future!

Kindness in WoW
This week I was faced with a unique problem.  If you read my 1,000,000 gold post, you'd know that my main source of income is selling gems, and it's something I enjoy.  This week though I was faced with a new competitor who was CONSTANTLY posting his Inferno Rubies (all cuts) for a measley 100g, which really cuts into my profit margin.  I tried buying up what he had off the AH but by the next time he logged they were up at the same price.  In my eyes I had 2 options:  Sell at a loss, and hope that the other gems bail me out, or start going on a war path, pricing my gems as low as 50g to get him out of the market.  This was a tough one and for a day or two I just stopped posting Inferno Rubies.  Then on twitter, after asking about what others would do, @msherretz suggested that I whisper the guy and figure out why he was doing this.

So I did.  I approached the guy and politely asked "Hey I was just wondering, why are you pricing your Inferno Rubies so low?".  He replied with something along the lines of "My guild had half a bank tab full of them and asked me to sell them off".  Now to me that doesn't make sense, but that's irrelevant.  He was selling for 100g each so I said "If you want I'd be willing to buy them all for 90 g each."  He Replied: "The 100g point is the lowest that I'd be willing to go, but I have 25 stacks left."  "I'll take em" I said.

After we traded the ridiculous amount of Inferno Rubies, he whispered me and said "Thanks for being so nice about it, most of the people who whispered me were doing it just to be rude or call me names.  If you approached me like that I wouldn't have sold to you."

So try to remember guys, your competition are people too.  Just like IRL, people like to be treated with respect.  We've all vote kicked the level 62 frost DK who won't stop Death Gripping, but there are real people behind the characters, and some younger and less experienced than we are.  Be an example of the WoW community you want, not the one we have.


Phat Lewts

Monday, March 19, 2012


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Mogging, Oh My!
Today I looked on my Transmog character's auctions on the WoW website and saw this:

At first I didn't believe it.  32k?  Hm...Maybe that's how much gold I have on that toon?  Now I usually check this guy and see maybe 500-3,000g in sales, nothing big, and I was considering not doing transmog anymore.  I was shocked.  In case you're interested in my sales they're here:

(Blue, Red, Orange are all the same 3 guys respectively.  Purple is all different characters with no repeat buys)

32k is not only a record for me for transmog (by a longshot), but also in general the largest haul I've ever had.  I was very pleased with my transmog sales for once.  Take a look at what the same characters bought.  Blue was my biggest spender, but Orange and Red gave him a decent run for his money.  One of the sales was my reaffirmed favorite: Icy Cloak.  I think I've made about 10k selling this fun to craft/obtain cloak now.  Just a quick and dirty post, felt like I had to share this one with you, hopefully I'll get my Weekly Review post out for this week either later today or tomorrow.  Until then,


Phat Lewts

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Never Delete Creaturecache.wdb for _NPCScan Ever Again!

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Today I'm going to write a quick post about how to easily never have to delete your creaturecache ever again.   If you don't already know what it is, this is the file you have to delete to make sure the addon _NPCScan can find rare spawns you have already seen in previous logins.  This file is found in your World of Warcraft folder under /Cache/WDB/enUS/creaturecache.wdb.  Just to note, I originally found this out from a comment on and wanted to share it with you guys.

Just Follow These Easy Steps:

1) Delete creaturecache.wdb

2) Open WoW and log a character, then log out.  (This will create a new, fresh copy of creaturecache.wdb)

3) Right Click creaturecache.wdb and set it to "read-only".  (Details Below for those who need them)

4) ???????

5) Profit.

That's it, now every time you logout and WoW tries to make a new file detailing the rare spawns you saw, it'll be read-only, so WoW won't be able to, and you never have to delete it again!

For Those Not So Computer Savvy (making the file read-only)

Windows Users:
Right click creaturecache.wdb and select properties from the drop down menu.

Click the general tab at the top, click the check box for read only, then hit OK.

Mac Users:

Right Click creaturecache.wdb and select "Get Info" from the drop down menu.

Under "Sharing & Permissions:" set Privileges to Read Only.  I just did them all because hey why not?

Hope you all enjoyed this tip!


Phat Lewts

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RP + Gold Making = ????

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I got an email earlier this week from a reader of my blog.  He had an interesting idea that he wanted to open up for discussion, and I thought it was quite interesting myself.  The first time I read this it reminded me of Jim from Power Word: Gold's idea of a gold making guild, but with a maniacal twist.  Take a read from the email:

I wanted to get your thoughts on an experiment I have came up with related to wow economics and gameplay. As many people reach the gold cap (or similar financial goals) I often hear the idea of: What do I do now?  Well, I have a humble suggestion.
I don't know where you stand on Roleplay Servers (or RP in general), however a common problem many of them have revolves around a lack of reason FOR people to participate in character. I believe, and would like to examine this, that the problem is in lack of conflict. Where would Luke be without Vader, where would the Allies be without the Axis? Conflict forces people to react. What does this have to do with gold? I believe economic conflict might actually be the force that could solve such an age old dilemma.
Suppose the following:
What if several members of the goldmaking community came togeather on a server with a unified goal to LOCK the economy similar to the Robber Barons at the turn of the century? What if, instead of trade and auction house alone, they spoke of this intention in public, living up the villany so to cause unrest.  Since virtually everyone would be effected that uses said economy (at least on that server side), people would have to unify in order to break the lock (provided enough capital was there for critical mass).  Well, that is the idea anyway. I'd love to hear your thoughts and open it up from the goldmakers.

I gave him my thoughts, but what do you think?  Feasable?  Fun?  Have something creative to add?  Leave your comments below!


Phat Lewts

Monday, March 12, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: Week Ending 3/12

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Mogging Experiment
My experiment this week was to collect data on the toons that bought my mogging gear to see how many levelers buy the gear for the stats rather than the mogging. and I've obtained some interesting data.  But first for all the haters;

DISCLAIMER: The data collected was for my own personal use and the conclusions I draw obviously do not apply to EVERY server.  

Now that I got that out of the way, data was collected on both my main (small/med) server Horde + Alliance, as well as Lightbringer Alliance.  The main thing I was looking for is the answer to this question "Who is buying transmog gear?"

Totals:     13 Sales < 85;     20 Sales to 85s
Shockingly about 39% of my sales were to those level 84 and below.  Even more surprising (at least to me) was this:

Of the levelers buying the gear I was selling for transmog, about half of my sales were to characters under level 85 were actually using it for mogging, not as their gear.  The way I defined "using it for transmog" was if someone was buying a piece of gear under their prefered gear range by 20 levels or more, and/or had transmoged it.  I was surprised to see that people had actually purchased transmog gear for their levelers...for just transmogging!  

More Dataz!!
LevelAverage Gold SpentAverage LevelMax Spent(per item)

The ranges on the 85's were from 300-5,000 gold, and the ranges on the levelers were from 50g (a mispost, but I included it anyway) - 2,500 g.  Other than one toon that was level 84 and bought two pieces for xmog for 2,500, the leveling average was around 472g.  The level range of those under 85 was from 18-84.  Every leveler that bought it for mogging was level 70 or higher.  I think I would see more lowbies mogging if I keep (and I'm going to) collecting data.  I like to mogg my BoAs for shits and giggles in BGs, so I know at least I personally would keep this market healthy!  

I was surprised so many of my sales were to leveling characters, and that so many of those leveling characters were enthusiastic enough to mog their gear before hitting 85.  

Everything Else
This week I got back into my crafting groove, as can be seen from my recent posts.  I made lots of gold, and I'm back up to a comfortable amount this week, 10k over 1 million.  Going to aim for 1.1 million by the end of next week, but we'll see how that goes.  Been doing the shuffle, got 400 stacks of ore waiting for me, but they will have to wait, my WoWing and this blog will be on hiatus until Wednesday.  Other than that I've been posting just about every thought that comes to my mind on my blog this week, so not much else to say.

Upcoming Week
I'm going to work on finding or creating a great TSM and Auctionator comprehensive weapon mogging list.  Lately I've been using 2 different auctionator lists.  One was created by Ruls, and the other was created by Alto.  Check out the links if you're interested in trying them!  I'm looking for maybe a happy medium between the two with some choices that are on neither.  I am leaning towards a preference towards TSM on the weapon mogging list, simply because I think there will be more than 50 weapons I'd search for, I'm thinking 75-100.  FYI if you want to try Alto's weapon lists, you can compact them all into 1.  Keep an eye out for my new lists, I also want to try and compile everything I'm currently using into one post in the near future for the convenience of the newer readers of my blog, so they don't have to hunt it down :-P.  Maybe I should just label things better!  Also, if you haven't noticed there's a new tab for my weekly reviews if you care to read the past ones!  


Phat Lewts

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Your JC and Engineer (and Miner?) Should Get Along

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Dream Emeralds.
The mere mention of these is enough to make any serious JC cringe.  If you're like me and you do the shuffle on a semi-regular basis you probably have at least 100 of these sitting idly if not more, or trying to sell them in stacks of 20.  Luckily there's a simple solution to this conundrum.  Will it get rid of all of your Dream Emeralds?  No.  Will it increase their worth?  Yes.  Worth it.

The US Horde average market price of Dream Emeralds is just above 9 gold.  The cut gems usually go for slightly more, sometimes less.  Even if you don't have a JC this method may be worth your time.

Gnomish X-Ray Scope
Yes.  Gnomish X-Ray Scope. The outdated scope is the secret here.  You may be thinking "no one will buy that" but I personally have been able to sell on average in the past 30 days, 2.8 per week, for a decent profit, my TSM_Accounting window for this item is shown below.

Some key things to point out:
1) The prices on my server are way above average.
2) I have had 12 sales to repeat buyers
3) My Engineer only started crafting these after Flintlockes Woodchucker became available.
4) As I've mentioned in previous posts, my server is small.

Raw Materials
The mats for one scope is:
2 Hardened Elementium Bar
2 Dream Emerald

If you have the a miner, you can make your own Hardened Elementium Bar, so all you need is:

2 Stacks of Elementium Ore
8 Volatile Earth
2 Dream Emerald

US Horde Avg Prices: (Via TUJ)
1 Stack Elementium Ore = 61g 23s 38c

1 Volatile Earth = 1g 94s 27c

On Average 2 Hardened Elementium Bar's will cost a miner a little under 140g to smelt, and they cost about 180g to buy if you don't have a miner.  The US market prices for Horde/Alliance X-Ray Scopes are:

270g96s5c for 1

241g40s76c for 1

So if you have a miner, you can increase the value of your Dream Emeralds from 9g to 50-65g each, and without one you can make them worth 30-45g each.  Also provides an outlet to dump them on, 2 at a time.

How I Go About it
This method will vary by server, I'd imagine the smaller the server, the more profitable the method.  I craft 2 stacks of Dream Emeralds worth of these at a time, which is 20 scopes.  Unfortunately these things only stack in 5's so I keep at least 2 stacks on my posting toon at any time.  My reset price is 750g, and my lowest is 175g.

Keep an eye out for the component materials to make a better return, especially if you have a miner that can smelt the bars.  They're not frequent sellers but I've been able to convert my otherwise unused Dream Emeralds to not only sell, but also increase their value, even compared to the cut gems.  A decent market to look into if have an Engineer.

Note: I also expect this market to increase with all the new level 80's getting into the game again, prices may go up or stay the same, but more sales are imminent!


Phat Lewts

Scroll of Resurection: Blizzard is Profiting, So Should You!

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So Scroll of Resurection has been reintroduced and people are given free level 80s and Cataclysm, and gold makers are trying to figure out the best way to maximize profit.  Simple.  These characters are going to get to 85 really fast.  What will they want?  They will want to see the latest content and get into Raid Finder ASAP.  OR they will want to PvP.  Either way there is a simple solution to this conundrum for any smart buyer.  Vicious Gear.  Yes this crafted, iLevel 377 gear not only gets you into heroics, but gets you resilience and stats needed for PvP.

Tailors, Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, and Jewelcrafters all have Vicious items they can craft for a profit, and let me tell you I am selling these like hot cakes.  I've made 14k selling these items, in the past 24 hours with about 9k of that being profit.  I can't keep enough of them on the shelves to keep up with the demand!  (Especially the Amberjewel Ring/Neck) (HINT: The JC rings are not unique equipped so people tend to buy in 2's)

What Else?
Of course with a whole new pool of 85s we will also see an increased demand for cut gems as well as enchants, both middle of the line and end game level.  These items will have a much higher turnover rate than before.  Also if you have some of the 397 patterns, look into the price to craft vs the price they're going for on your auction house.  On some servers this may be another viable way to make gold with your crafting professions.  Don't forget those 365 weapons either, those of you who have done FL dailies (I haven't on my BS), as well as leg armors/spellthreads.  It's like Cataclysm has just been released except people have access to better gear, and want to get it ASAP.

Tank and Healer gear.  DPS can get by in the new heroics with the Vicious sets.  Underperforming? yes. Wiping the group? No.  New tanks and healers cannot rely as much on this gear so I see a rise in Valor gear as well as crafted tank/healer gear.  Check your AH for some 397 Valor tanking boots, and if there are none, get some up, you can probably turn a decent profit.  Also check the prices of Truegold on your server before considering your Alchemist's CD.

Closing Arguements
I don't expect this surge to last particularly long, maybe 3-4 noticeable weeks at most.  Try to get out there ASAP and turn a profit on your professions.  Check your AH before hand.  Those on larger servers are more likely to already have competition in these areas, and make sure you can craft these items at a profit before doing so.


Phat Lewts

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How I Look at My Gold Making Strategy

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Today I decided to let my readers know a bit about me and why I choose the strategies I do.  Basically, as far as gold making goes, there are two parts to my strategy.  One includes optimizing my gold profit.  This is something I like to do, and I'll go into detail in the next section about it.  The second is attempting new methods to make gold via maybe patterns or crafting things not normally on a gold maker's radar.  

Yesterday on Shannon's account him and Jim Younkin were talking about how they both don't like optimizing for the sake of optimizing, but enjoy doing certain things that make them gold and stick with those.  I for one think this is a great method, the more you enjoy a gold making method, the more you are more likely to stick to it and see some real returns.  For me though I enjoy optimizing my gold made per hour.  For example, this is why I choose to never farm.  Not only am I not optimizing my gold made farming (unless an expansion just came out), but it isn't something I enjoy.  It falls under neither category.  Some may enjoy it though, but I simply do not.  I like to work smarter, not harder.  

A little background about me.  In college I majored in mathematics.  Needless to say I love working with numbers, and I think that's part of the reason the gold making aspect of World of Warcraft appeals so much to me.  To that tune I like doing things like the shuffle or milling my own inks, which don't necessarily bring me joy directly in doing them, but bring me the best return per hour.  That's something I think about a lot, and something I will be looking at this Monday in my Weekly Review post.  I have been collecting data for my Transmog sales, and I'm going to share some of my personal results from this on Monday, should be an interesting post, working on the charts already to display my data :-). 

One thing I like to do is experiment with gold making strategies.  I like when I'm able to find a gem like the Icy Cloak turned out to be for me.  I had fun hunting for the pattern, and I enjoyed finally crafting it and having it to sell, even if once monthly, for a great profit.  I also like coming up with addon lists, and experimenting with those as well.  I like searching for mogging gear and Cataclysm Twink Gear, even if it's not the most profitable thing to do with my time.  To that extent, recently I've been more interested in the latter, but I miss the constant gold flow that I used to enjoy.  Doing things like hunting for a rare pattern to craft and see if it sells is fun, as is killing rare spawns in Blasted Lands, but in the end it's not going to make me the most gold/hour.

Finding A Balance
For me gold making is about finding a balance between these two seemingly conflicting ideas for a gold making strategy that is both fun and productive, while trying not to spend everything I make!  That being said, like I mentioned in the beginning, do what's fun for you.  WoW is a game that you pay for to entertain you, if making gold becomes solely a chore, why do it?  Tomorrow I'm going to come out with a post for engineers, which includes a way to get your engineer involved with your Jewelcrafter for a nice profit. Until then,


Phat Lewts 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Re: Start Gold Making

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Today I'm going to be posting in response to Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival, being held on the 11th of this and every month.  Check out the other posts when it goes live!

Using your knowledge that you have gained from auction house experience:  If you were starting over as a gold maker, what is one thing you would do differently than the first time, and why?

Get it?  Re: Start?  I'm sorry.

Humble Beginnings
The first time I got into gold making in World of Warcraft was when I had only one character who was but a wee Orc Warlock of level maybe 34.  I was in a leveling guild.  Not a guild of max level GMs and levelers, but a true run by levelers, 300 active members, with maybe 1-2 max level players in the guild at all kind of guild.  During this time I was an active part of the guild community.  I enjoyed the social aspect of the game as much as the actual leveling.  The guild bank was interested in providing repairs to players, but was not receiving enough donations (no free guild money back then) from our user base.  I decided then to make a guild lottery.  I approached the GM's and asked if I could run it, giving half the money to the guild, half to the winner of the lottery, and they said yes.  So I ran the lottery like a noob.  Had people mail a lotto toon with the 20g entrance fee and assigned them a number.  If 17 people entered I'd /roll 1-17 to determine the winner by some deadline.  I did that for a while, and ended up becoming a "Co-GM" of the leveling guild.  It was a fun time, but in retrospect making 170g for the guild doing all the work I did to maintain the lottery and keep people playing was just pointless, could have been using my professions to make more per hour!  

Retrospective Look
I enjoyed doing it, but if I was starting off again from a gold making standpoint I'd have leveled my warlock as fast as possible and start panhandling netherweave bags like it was my J-O-B.  When I got them I'd start making all viable profession-level tailoring/enchanting things that sell well.  I'd still be an enchanter/tailor, because I like that my lock is now an enchanter/tailor in my arsenal of gold making toons, and it provides him with the best class buffs.  Just had a whole market of twink enchants and bags and crafted gear that I did not touch, and would have gotten more involved in that, had I known.


Phat Lewts

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vendor Items You May Have Overlooked

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Like any gold making strategy, your results may vary, but it can't hurt to try!

Okay This post is going to be short and sweet, but after making 5,000g off of a vendor item that cost me 28g I feel like I have to share it.  Maybe some of you are already doing this, if not, TRY IT!

This item.  Yes that (IMO) ugly-as-sin dagger.  I sold that dagger for 5,000g.  What would you pay for it?  I don't care, because SOMEONE on my server thought it was worth 5,000g.  I'm still in shock/awe, literally can't believe it.  I went out for an enchanting formula and bought all the vendor green weapons from the NPC, and listed em all for 5k for the lulz.  Still in shock that I actually sold one.

Where'd You Get It?
This transmogable BoE item is sold, with a few other possible mogging weapons by Dealer Jadyan.  You may know this vendor from being the vendor that now sells Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner.  They're sold in limited supply, but if people aren't selling em for mogging, they aren't buying them, because the stats are terrible.  Honestly if you're flying out there, buy everything but the wand.  I bought them on a whim and just constantly put them up for 5,000g and after only 2 weeks I sold the ugly dagger for 5k.  I literally can't believe it.

The Other Item's Models:
BoE Phantom Blade Look-alike
Unique Looking BoE Polearm
Fist Weapon: Identical MH/OH BoE

I can't guarantee that you will have the same luck that I did, but for 120ish gold you can buy all of these and make some sort of profit, and hey, why not!?


Phat Lewts

Monday, March 5, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: Week Ending 3/5

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Hey guys,

Again this week I'm going to summarize my week in WoW, Gold making and otherwise.

Transmog Farming
I have to start with this because it's probably the most exciting thing that happened WoW-wise all week.  The cloth head I was farming, Circle of Flame finally dropped for my posting toon/main (after about 95 runs) and I'm currently mogged it to both my transmog outfits.  I contribute data to Wowhead and I just want to mention that the drop rate for this item dropped a whole percentage point since I started farming it (but I also wasn't the only one contributing data from this boss during that time :-P).  Pictures of my 2 Xmog outfits, then to gold making news!

PvP Set
PvE Set

Icy Cloak

This week I sold my 3rd Icy Cloak, the last of my original supply.  I originally wrote a post about this cloak on this on December 30th, and since then I've made 6,840 gold from this simple tailoring recipe.  If you have any tailor over level 200 I highly suggest you try this method, you can read the original post Icy Cloak Recipe! for more info.  (Though the pattern is BoE, Horde only, it makes it that much more lucrative if you have a way to get it  to the Alliance side of your server).

All of my sales were on Horde side.  The first sale was 3200, 2nd was 1500, and most recent was 2500.  So the average of all my listing prices is 2400g.  Originally people were saying that there were vendors in Shattrath that sell an identical looking cloak for JP, and that it might not sell, but making 6840g off of an item that costs 20-50g to craft seems like a great deal to me.  I will gladly make some more and keep posting.  Additionally I sent over a pattern and some mats to my alliance Tailor (a level 20 something who is at ~160 Tailoring) and I hope to craft this soon and see how it does on the Alliance market.  A great consistant moneymaker, easy to post with the rest of my transmog gear!  REALLY suggest posting 1 at a time so people don't get suspicious!

Mogging Sales

Mogging results today after 24 hrs on AH
My mog sales this week have been pretty decent, made maybe 10k profit. I'm starting to think though that at least on my small server that mogging just isn't and won't be profitable.  Okay yes it is profitable, but I feel like it's not worth it for the time that I put into it.  Do I enjoy making a 28,000% profit on some items?  Yes.  It feels great.  But I'm just finding that the sales aren't justifying the time invested.  Considering buying any/every transmog item under 100 and posting at a straight 500g regardless of what it is.  Don't know if I'm going to take that plunge until I see another week of data.

Also lately I've been noticing, and I've seen other bloggers noticing that sometimes 'mogging' sales are really going to leveling toons (usually the cheaper of the auctions).  Just another thing to keep in mind when considering the straight 500g pricing scheme.  Also, I'm looking to keep a record of the level of the buyer of my next week of xmog sales, starting tomorrow.  Very interested to see what I personally find out.  If you would like to do the same, my email is at the bottom of this post, shoot me a line and I'll use your data when I post mine!  :-)

TSM Lists
If you didn't notice from my last post, I've really gotten away from Auctionator for searching my lists, and have been using Faid's lists as well as my own to search the AH for resale items.  I really like how TSM does their searches now, and I will probably be primarily using it in the future.  Not much else to say here that I didn't say in the original post, check it out if you havent already!  Also I'm looking for a great and comprehensive TSM Mogging Weapon list, if anyone knows of one, let me know!

Last Thoughts
This week I didn't focus much on crafting, just selling off the  residuals that were left over.  I was doing arena with a friend for conquest points and glory, which IMO is more important that gold making (sometimes).  This upcoming week my goal is to get all my crafters back into their routines and hopefully get some gold churning out of the old mill.  I dipped below 1 mill buying a few items in the past week, but I'm back over for now, no immediate goals in that regard.  If you have any questions or would like to see me post about something in particular in the upcoming week, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section, or send me an email at PhatLewtsGold @ Gmail . com


Phat Lewts

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Converted TSM Lists

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Hey guys,

Today I'm brining you some TSM lists from previous posts that I've done in the past.  Earlier this week I read Faid's post from Clockwork Riot, Importable TSM Mog Lists v2.0 and decided to let go of my tunnel vision on using Auctionator only for gear searches.  I really loved using her lists compared to the Auctionator lists, and I've decided to revamp some of my previous Auctionator lists to be importable to TSM.

If you want to learn how to import these lists, go to the link above to Clockwork Riot!!

Shield Mogging List
My original post/list for Auctionator Mogging Shields can be found at the post Auctionating Mogging Shields.

As per the suggestion from Theruling, I've added the 3 shields he suggested to the original list!  The importable TSM list is below.
Shield Mogging


Rare Chest Mogs
Last but not least, my rare chest list from my post Rare Chest Mogging Lists, you may want to remove a few of these based on the size of your server, and the quality of my original choices, I chose not to.  

Rare Chests


Cata Twink Gear
In my original post Expanding on the Cataclysm Twink Market, I posted the lists I use to search for level 77+ Cataclysm twink gear.  My fastest turnover group, the level 77 ilevel 272 weapons and armor, I've condensed into one importable 77 twink list below.  I price all of these at 500g each, so buy accordingly, read the original post for more details.

77 Twink Gear
A few simple TSM searches will cover everything on my original Auctionator lists:


Enjoy the lists!   Best used with the addon Mogit to see the models of the transmog gear!


Phat Lewts

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