Saturday, August 15, 2015

What I Want From Legion Gold Making

So the new WoW expansion has been announced and the buzz has begun. This article is going to be an opinion piece of my impressions of WoD gold making and what needs to change in Legion.

WoD Goldmaking
WoD was supposed to be an ultimate revolution in gold making. From the beginning, early stages of the Alpha, we were promised a profession revamp, and there were many interactions between the developer Hwoo and the Consortium gold making community. You can go back and read some of the conversations if you'd like, but the basic gist from the gold making community at the time was we were being "heard" by the devs. We all had a sense of optimism heading into WoD that everything would be more interesting, and new challenges would arise from a "new profession system", and gold making had finally reached a golden age.

Unfortunately, that's not what we were delivered. What we got at launch felt like a half-baked product, and left a lot of professions high and dry. Gold making with professions really took a hit this expansion. Maybe it took all those mindless shufflers out of the equation and left the market to those seasoned vets, but it killed the profitability and interesting choices of many professions. Jewelcrafting is probably one of the last professions someone will suggest now, and it had been a king for a long time. Not to say that one profession should be that OP that it's the default suggestion for new gold makers to have always, but they basically took it out back behind the shed and shot it in the head. Enchanting still had some profits, but slots were reduced. The 3 big crafting professions (Tailoring/LW/BS) were reduced to daily CD making machines, with not many interesting choices from there. Sure it was easier gameplay to not have to enchant/get a belt buckle/get leg armor for every new piece you got in a raid, but it killed some nice routes for those 3 big guys. The gold making game has become dull.

Legion So Far...
So far we have not heard much about Legion and the Devs have seemed to realized that WoD as a whole was a disappointment to many players, and are focusing on not making promises they cannot keep. To me this is a good sign, hopefully transparency continues moving forward. What we do know about professions so far is this (via MMO-Champ):

  • There will be a quest line for each profession.
  • There will be some system changes to professions as a whole to improve the UI and add new functionality.
  • The professions team for Legion is the largest that Blizzard has ever had for WoW and lots of new things are coming. The team heard the feedback about Warlords professions.

The quest line could be the same as this expansion, and honestly I did not find the quests all too interesting, and it didn't really add any gating, so they didn't help gold makers much. Thus far though, it seems like they're at least making some corrective steps to change professions, with the UI and new functionality (whatever that may be). It's nice to hear that they've got the largest team ever for professions, but that could just mean 2 interns instead of 1. I jest, but I'm hoping they stay true to that last point, and introduce some new and interesting profession choices and make sure that "no profession is left behind". All professions (sans gathering) should have interesting choices, and I hope they can accomplish that.

What we were all expecting for WoD was a new professions system, not like Wrath -> Cata -> MoP where it was basically the same mold moved up an expansion, but a new system that would challenge what we knew about professions, and change how we thought about making gold. Creating new complex problems for us to solve and new and interesting choices to make. It really fell short of that expectation.

I personally would love for Legion gold making to make me think again. For a beginner, it may still do that now, but once you get that formula down, it's mindless. I'd like new interesting problems to come out of Legion gold making, and I hope the Dev team can deliver. I also hope that the garrison theme does not continue with these class halls. They claim that the professions team has heard the feedback about Warlords professions, but I honestly hope they can move forward and correct them in a meaningful way, but only time will tell! What do you want to see the most in Legion gold making?

Phat Lewts

Friday, May 15, 2015

TSM Vendoring

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to let you know I've got a new video on my YouTube channel. It's a video where I cover a new module to TSM 3, TradeSkillMaster_Vendoring. Check it out and subscribe to see the new TSM 3 videos in the works!

Phat Lewts

Saturday, April 18, 2015

TSM 3 Teaser

Hey guys,

Today I've got a nice little treat for you, I've released a sneak peak into all the new features of TSM 3. I made a video, I was aiming for it to be kinda short, but it ended up going on for 25 minutes or so. I rambled a bit, but I covered a lot of the great new features of TSM 3.

If you want to check out the video you can find it at this link. If there's anything you want to see more in depth, feel free to leave a comment with ideas!

Phat Lewts

Updated Transmog List 4.18.15

Hey guys,

Once again I've updated my transmog list to be current with today's global market prices. The defunct list is items below 150 I suggest not even bothering with, and in fact the 150-250 group may be worth avoiding as well. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post and I will get to them ASAP!

Much love.

Phat Lewts

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Initial Reception of the WoW Token

So the WoW Token was released on US realms this Tuesday, and it's been an interesting ride so far.

If you aren't in the know, a WoW Token provides us goblins a way to pay for our WoW subscriptions using our favorite virtual currency - gold. WoW Tokens can be purchased from the auction house and have pricing based on demand and some super secret Blizzard formula.

Initial Reception
WoW Tokens started out at 30k gold. Right after the initial release, the price went up a bit, but fell below 30k and hasn't seen it since. You can personally track the WoW Token price on, a site created by one of our favorite goblin enablers, Erorus, the creator of The Undermine Journal.

So far the price has been hard to pin down. Blizzard has gone from hourly to quarter-hourly back to hourly adjustments, but consistently, the adjustment in price (supposedly driven by demand has been +/- 1% at each iteration. Below is the graph from at the time of this post: