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Updating the Xmog list Oct 22, 2017

Hey guys,

It's been a while.

I've gone through and reorganized my Xmog groups to show current US Region pricing. The updated import list can be found here. I've been getting quite a few requests about this via email and various social media channels, so figured it was time. Glad to know people are still using the lists. The pricing was truly out of whack, but it should be good now. Please import and let me know if there's any issues. I resubbed just to check it though, so pretty sure it works.

It's an exciting day for Gold Makers. The TradeSkillMaster Team has officially announced TSM 4 and it looks great. Check out the full blog post on their site at this link. The new interface looks amazing, and like something out of a different game entirely. You can tell from what they have there that there's been a lot of reworking of the addon. I'm excited to see how TSM 4 develops, not sure yet if I'm going to get back on the saddle and back into gold makin…
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TradeSkillMaster Celebrates it's 5th Anniversary

I know it's been a while, but in case you didn't notice, the TSM team is wrapping up celebrating TSM's 5th Anniversary from it's launch. During their 5th anniversary they've encouraged people to Tweet about their favorite TSM experiences. As you may know I'm not a man of 140 characters, and I don't think that many characters could ever do TSM justice, so I had to come out of semi-retirement to write about my favorite experience with TSM.

TradeSkillMaster 2 Development
Back in the good old year of 2013 TradeSkillMaster 2 was just being developed. Now I'm not going to say it was my favorite TSM, the improvements the TSM team has made in TSM 3 have been amazing, but it was definitely the time I was most involved with TSM and the TSM team. During the development stages of TSM 2 I would hang out in the TSM IRC chat for hours complaining to Sapu and Bart about how this button didn't do exactly what I wanted, or how I thought they really should reconsider t…

Tiered Auctioning Operations

Just wanted to make a quick post to point out my latest YouTube video. This one is on "Tiered" or "Stacked" Auctioning operations. What the method basically is, is layering auctioning operations in a way such that you can sell the same item in a variety of ways, depending on either when or how long you've been posting the item. Want to post 5 stacks of 1 and 10 stacks of 5? It's possible. Want to sell X item for Y price for the first 50 times you post it, but Z price after that? Also possible. Be sure to check it out!

Be sure to let me know here or on the comments on the video what other types of things you'd like to see, and I just might make your video! As always, I like to aim for videos that are helpful to a wide variety of watchers, but you never know! :)

Phat Lewts

Learn TSM 3 Series only 5 Months in the Making!

So I finally managed to finish my TSM 3 series, publishing the final video today, Part 4 - Shopping. You can check out the video here. Moving forward I want to focus on more advanced strategies, especially going into Legion. I've been playing with some different ideas, but my main goal in this is to find one that I'm going to stick to and can commit a regular schedule to. This weekend will be an indicator of how far I can get with that, I'm going to spend a good amount of time creating some content, and trying some new things out, and I hope you will all check them out and find them interesting/helpful, and provide some honest feedback if you think it's trash! :-)


Phat Lewts

Transmog List Update May 6, 2016

Hey all,

I've gone through and taken the time to reevaluate my list, and it's posted at the normal link as seen above. Some time in the near future I will start releasing the import as an import with operations, as having the operations included would be advantageous to new users, but until we hit the point where I set aside the time to make a new video, you'll just have to wait!

Phat Lewts

Guest Spot on the Your WoW Money Podcast

Hey guys,

Just wanted to put out a quick post to let you know I recently was a guest on the Your WoW Money Podcast, if you want to check out the episode, you can do so at this link! Hope you all enjoy, it was fun to get back into podcasting.

Phat Lewts

Launch of Phat's Hate Mail Repository

Hi everyone,

Exciting news today. I finally put together a plan I have had in mind for a long while, to create a spot on my blog to feature gold making related hate mail.

I've been the recipient of quite a few crass hate mails over the years, and I've saved some of the more touching ones in my bank alt's guild bank. That being said, once a week (or perhaps once every 2 weeks depending on submissions), I'm going to be featuring hate mail sent to me, sometimes along with a back story (if one is included). If you're interested in sending in your own hate mail, please use this template form with instructions to do so.

Without further ado, below is some of my own hate mail that I've received over the years to kick it off. Not much backstory on these, just people raging at my AH Alt that I use to post transmog (dat beautiful orc above). I keep these saved in my Alt's guild bank to look back on for inspiration.

Hate mail is going to be compiled on this page (in to…