Sunday, October 22, 2017

Updating the Xmog list Oct 22, 2017

Hey guys,

It's been a while.

I've gone through and reorganized my Xmog groups to show current US Region pricing. The updated import list can be found here. I've been getting quite a few requests about this via email and various social media channels, so figured it was time. Glad to know people are still using the lists. The pricing was truly out of whack, but it should be good now. Please import and let me know if there's any issues. I resubbed just to check it though, so pretty sure it works.

It's an exciting day for Gold Makers. The TradeSkillMaster Team has officially announced TSM 4 and it looks great. Check out the full blog post on their site at this link. The new interface looks amazing, and like something out of a different game entirely. You can tell from what they have there that there's been a lot of reworking of the addon. I'm excited to see how TSM 4 develops, not sure yet if I'm going to get back on the saddle and back into gold making. Only time will tell.

At this link, you can sign up for the TSM 4 beta. This is a great opportunity to test out the new features, provide some valuable feedback to the TSM team, so I highly suggest you do it if that's something you're interested in. Of course, it's going to be buggy, so know that.

Phat Lewts

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