Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Installing and Setting up the TSM App

If you want up to date price sources without tedious manual scans of the AH, the TSM App is the go to for complete data. The app pulls averages and global sources every 1-2 hours (whenever Blizzard updates the API) over a 14 day timeframe, and uploads them straight to your Addons in WoW.

Download the App File
Go to

In the top right of your screen click User Login and either log in or create a new account.

I'm going to let you figure the rest of logging in from there. YOU CAN DO IT!

Once you're logged in, click the Desktop App dropdown, and choose Overview/Download:

I would never suggest you skip to the bottom and click the download link, so carefully read everything on the page, then skip to the bottom when you get bored and click the download link. I'm doing this on Windows, but the setups are similar for Mac.

Next, you're going to open the .zip file you just downloaded. Inside will be the TSM App. Isn't she a beaut!?

To install the App, just drag it where you want it installed. I keep mine on my desktop in a folder called TSM.
Next, go into the folder you just installed TSM into, and open that sucker up! If you are having issues, right click the icon and select "Run as Administrator".

Log in to the app using your login you just created or already had:

My password is SapuIsAwesome94

Hit GO! It's exciting!

Hit OK to accept the TOS without reading it!

You're finally to the app! Now to set it up!

Setting up the TSM App

Sunday, November 9, 2014

WoD Gold Making

Yes, it's that time again to write generic blog posts about WoD gold making!! I'm not going to get too in depth here, there's been a great amount of info published already. If you're interested in the actual profession changes, check out these articles from Wowhead. If you are interested in a comprehensive guide on how garrisons interact with gold making, check out this post from UtesDad on The Consortium. Familiarizing yourself with Garrisons now will be very worth it in the long run!! The combo of those two should get you plenty up to speed, and are going to go way more in depth than I will in this post. I'm only going to do a brief overview for those who are interested, but first some more resources:

WoD Podcasts:
LNWS - Stede's Profession Analysis - Great in depth analysis of Profs in WoD a must listen!
For more detailed podcasts from Stede breaking down each profession, head to

Other Useful Reading:
Unobtainable Items Readded in 6.0.2
WoD Doom Thread
WoD Ask an Alpha Tester Thread

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