Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TSM 2 Transmog Importing

I finally got around to updating my Xmog list.  I've added a few items, taken a few out, and I've created a ton of subgroups for my own use that I'm playing around with, expect a post on that in the future once I've worked the kinks out (or watch me work out the kinks live when I stream).

Step 1
Have TSM 2.0 and all it's modules installed, as well the addon Mogit (Mogit is the best addon for xmog).

Step 2
/tsm -> Groups -> New Group -> Type Group Name -> Enter

Step 3
In the Transmog group, Click "Import/Export" and Paste in my Transmog Import String and hit enter.

Step 4
Step 4 is up to you.  You need to create a shopping operation.  Either you can create a shopping operation based off a pricing variable such as a percentage of WowuctionRegionMarket, and post using the same variable (I call this the Drunken Mogul Method).

For me, I broke my Xmog into subgroups and priced them by hand, I'm old fashioned like that.  Do what works for you.  I may release my subgroups at some point, but I just put them together and I have some testing to do with them so I won't be for at least a few weeks.  I'm currently attempting to buy anything under 10% of what I'd sell it for, and seeing if that fits in all cases.


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  1. I've tried doing the wowuctionRegionMarket, but its not pulling that information. I've checked the site and its there, but its not getting it ingame. I'd rather not set up manual prices again.

    1. You'll need to use the TSM App. www.tradeskillmaster.com/tsm_app

      Set it up, and have in grab region data as well as individual realm data, if you're not already.

    2. ah, region data wasn't checked, thanks

  2. how do i set up a search list for mog items ? with TSM 2.0

  3. Hey Dude, Fantastic posts on hear and Awesome tsm2 videos. I am a complete newb to gold making, and wanted to start out with transmog as this seems a good place to start.

    I have imported your tsm 2 list. But I just don't know where to go from there. I don't mind putting time in to make groups etc, but how do I go about breaking your list down / determining buy/sell prices etc. Im Totally lost!!

    If you do release your subgroups... ill be the first to grab them, but in the mean time if you care to do a basic idiots guide of next steps or even want to give me some one on one advice that would be awesome!!

  4. @Sinfull

    Here is a link to default pricing list for transmog:

    If you do choose to use this, I suggest you cater it to your server by modifying it as you go based upon potential competition. That's ultimately up to you since you can always stick with your guns and wait out the storm (not lower your prices to match competition by over-cutting), or you can match competitions prices. I hope this helps


  5. I don't know where to post this but i guess any place works,i was so totally about to give up and quit wow.I moved to new server and with my allotted 50k per toon transfer gold and maxed Jc and Enchanting right off,yea not the best choice.I figured it out right away.Long story short,i was down to my last 3k gold after i made a mistake and sold a bunch of Dancing steel for a 100g each,accidentaly,but then i watched your vids a few times ,and a few more times before i came upon this transmog thing and it is so awesome that i am not quitting wow and i am actually enjoying the Ah again.Thank you for your blog,Chang


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