Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dying Poor in 5.4

Blue tweets have come out that say:
U.S. has two weeks from yesterday
Until 5.4 drops and rocks your World
of Warcraft, Hellscream's wrath's unfurled.

Wise gold makers know patch time is near,
The time to switch to TSM 2 is here!
For 5.4 will break TSM 1 it's said
And leave your competitors left for dead.

But not you, because you made the switch,
Even though setting up your groups was a bitch!
Now you're better off, no worse for wear,
And you won't end up pulling out all your hair.

For serious though guys.  TSM 1 will most likely break with the patch, as it will not be updated any longer (the current version of TSM is 2.0.x, by Patch day we may be on to 2.1).  Start learning TSM 2 if you haven't already.  I know there are a lot of people out there who are really "hating" the addon, but I have not talked to anyone who's been using it for over a week, and set everything up that would EVER want to switch back.  Unless you want to be stuck posting auctions by hand in 5.4 I highly suggest upgrading ASAP!


Phat Lewts

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  1. TSM 2.0 has a steeper learning curve than TSM 1.


    TSM 1's learning curver for me was just - copy Phat, Jim and Elvine. And I made my million, and dumped enough gold into the GB to pay for everyone's repairs - forever (we're a small social guild).

    TSM 2 - although not as easy to set up straight away, is more intuitive once you get going. And it is easier to experiment, with sub groups, and I've made a step change in the gold I'm earning as a result. Mayby my competition can't be bothered with TSM 2. Maybe its just teh summer and the competition won't put inthe effort i am to make a buck. I don't know. But I do know I value my time learning TSM 2 and although buying inscription mats from vendors has gone form one click to a lot of clicks - I can more easily see how TSM works now and that means I can use my brain more - to do more than just copy Phat etc (your videos are very helpful though so than you).


  2. TSM isn't the only posting addon out there. I know, shocking concept.;)

    1. Thank you for this deep insight into other posting addons that have the same capabilities of TSM.

  3. I've had a few rage moments with TSM 2, but over all I would agree that once you spend some time with it, you can never go back.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial vid's! I cant figure something out though :( how can I make a group for my inks, to look for herbs to mill @ a good price without individually typing every ink to destroy? Hope I made sense hehe... I tried making a few groups but couldn't figure it out..

  5. TSM2 has really frustrated me, once it deleted everything I'd spent 3 hours configuring 2 days before when I got a DC, Today while moving a group into a new parent it decided to duplicate the group and make it a parent of the intended target as well as a child and that caused all groups to be invisible even after a relog. Everything worked but I could no longer create groups and import items to it. That said I have learned things well (after 3 time it becomes hard not too) and I have improved the group set up each time too.

    I have also now exported all my groups to make it easier and it will give me a load of content for my blog over the coming weeks so not a complete waste of time :)


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