Thursday, December 26, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 12/26

I've received a lot of responses from my Yearly Review Survey, but there's still time to add your input to help develop my blog in 2014!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, whether you celebrate or not, and enjoy the holiday season through the New Year! One of the comments (among many) I've received doing the Yearly Review Survey so far was "make your weekly review actually weekly". Fair enough.

Investments and "Investments"
So in the last 10 days I've gone up about 24,000g, which may not sound like much, but I also bought an Onyxian Drake for 52,500g, and a Dragon Kite for 25,000g in that time period. My intentions for the Dragon kite are to flip it. 25,000 is a decent sum of gold for it, but I'm willing to take the bet that it'll sell for much more. Currently I'm aiming for 50k on my server, but I'm considering transferring (learning and recaging) it to one of the higher pop servers that I occasionally frequent and see if I can flip it there and turn it into even more battle pets to bring back that may sell faster on my server. Going to stick with it for a few weeks on my server first though.

Connected Realm Side Project - Transmog
I think it was 2 weekly reviews ago that I announced that one of the servers that I flip transmog on had been connected, and I've not been disappointed with my sales at all since the connection. There are a few observations I've made on the scenario though. One is that there is much much more of the "lower tier" transmog items available. In fact there are so many that it's almost not even worth searching for and buying them, although I have made sales of what I've had. Second is that I've been making a lot more gold per 48 hour posting. Literally every time I've posted transmog since the connection, off an inventory of about 450 items, I've pulled in at least 5k from each posting. At first when I saw how many greens were available for low prices after the connection I thought my sales would be impacted, but it seems I'm still making more sales, while there are indeed certain items where there are people posting gear at 1-10 gold per item. I post these at my fallback and most likely take the loss from posting fees, but 5k per pull is more than I was making pre-connection on that realm so I cannot complain!

Christmas Sales
I did not have a ton of time to actually post during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Both days I ended up posting only late at night, but after posting Xmas Eve and not logging for a good 24 hours, I came back to 8k worth of sales just on my main posting toon (gems/enhancements). I was pretty impressed! It seems that my competition either did not post or only few of them posted during Xmas day, and I ended up making more on that day in total than any of the other 10 days since my last Weekly Review.

That's it for today, keeping it short! I'm working on a multi-part post, as well as a new and improved transmog guide. I'll also hopefully be putting out a few more videos in the near future for some of the cool new features of TSM (as well as the old features you really should be using already), so keep a look out for those too!


Phat Lewts

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