Sunday, September 13, 2015

Transmog List Update 9.11.15

Just wanted to put out a quick post that I've updated the xmog list tot their current subgroup status and uploaded it to my normal location for my Xmog lists. I've now created 2 separate lists, a TSM 2 Import and a TSM 3 Import, for those of you trying out the TSM 3 Beta. For those of you who care, the import string has changed a bit for 3, there's now an indicator for an item vs. a pet, etc. So now instead of having items:


they need to be listed as:


That being said, I only have TSM 3 at the moment, and I've only actually tested importing the TSM 3 groups. They work swimmingly. If the TSM 2's don't work, let me know, but I'm pretty used to updating that list!

Phat Lewts

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