Sunday, September 8, 2013

Being Well Prepared for Patches

This post is for Selltacular's Gold Blogging Carnival, be sure to check it out for more great entries!  This month's topic question is:

How do you prepare for changes in the game?  How does it affect you at patch time?

Know the Changes
If you've been making gold a while, you know a major raid patch is going to spike consumables and item enhancements/gems right off the bat.  Those things go without saying.  Have them crafted ahead of time so you're ready for the rush.  After that, understanding the nuances of profession changes in a specific patch and how it'll effect you is essential.

Take this patch, 5.4 for example.  Tailoring is getting a new cooldown that cost 10 Bolts of Windwool, and it's all you need to craft raid gear.  Excellent!  No mats needed from DEing raiding gear is good for me, on my small server I've stayed out of these markets due to low availability and overpricing of these raid mats, so I'll actually be getting involved now.  Also, there's still the old CD which is required to make pant enchants, which does not share a CD with the new one.  So there's another 8 Bolts of Windwool a day.  So I'm going to need 18 Bolts per day, or 90 pieces (4.5 Stacks) of Windwool Cloth JUST for my cooldowns on one tailor each day.  Yikes!  On top of that, if you want to craft the new gear that's an extra 6-8 Bolts per piece. This is good to know pre-patch so I can stock up on this stuff in a big way!  After you fully understand what's going on, make a game plan!

Game Plan
I think that for this specific example, I'm going to go through my thought process, so I'm actually going to tell you what I am planning on doing when the patch hits.  First of all I'm assuming servers will be down for extended times, and I don't like the idea of posting on 48 hr auctions before the servers go down, although useful for some, it's not my thing.  So the first thing I'm going to do is log on and do a quick posting.

  1. Post auctions.
  2. Get new cooldowns - Tailoring/LW/BS/Engineering.
    • Unfortunately for me these are 4 different players.  Didn't think that one through!  
    • These patterns drop from MoP mobs, and I have a few sub-90s in this category, which is fine.  I'm most likely going to just grind some turtles on my 85s. 
  3. Enjoy patch
    • Subset of this is playing the Timeless Isle to get my undergeared Scribe some gear, so they can farm the new Techniques.
  4. After a while farm up the Inscription Techniques. 
It's not that thrilling of a game plan is it?  Oh well, it just kind of highlights the most important/most lucrative part of this patch, the new profession CDs.  5.4 is going to bring around the most interesting gold making content in quite some time, and I hope you all are able to capitalize on it!


Phat Lewts

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  1. That looks about like my priority list. I also have two level 85's that will be farming the turtles. My main will also be progressing through the next step of the legendary quest line on the isle. For the first time ever, it is actually going to be a positive thing that my scribe is my main. Should make farming the techniques easier.

  2. Hi Phat

    I need to take and under geared scribe/engi to the Isle and thought about hitting up the AH for the best (affordable) MOP greens. Then ththought perhaps other people will too.

    So, a bit late, i'm going to look at whats out there and take a punt on some items and see how it goes. I made nothing out of the last 'tier' of MOP greens that Jim and other said could sell, so on my server this may be no different. But i can sink 10-20k into it as an experiment.



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