Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instant Gratification

Today I'd like to touch on the topic of instant gratification in gold making.  Recently I've been getting a lot of questions asking what people should do in certain scenarios and 99.9% of the time I recommend adding 77 twink gear and daily transmog searches to their profession arsenal, and most people don't want to take the time to repost the stuff when the auctions expire.

Fun Facts
Yes, transmog gear and twink gear don't sell as quickly as raw materials you can farm, or cut gems for example, BUT they sell at a way higher profit margin when they do sell, and they take very little time invested if you use TSM.  Instead of spending hours maximizing your JC profit by doing the shuffle, you can do a quick scan of the AH, maybe spend 15 minutes accruing new supplies, and be on your merry way.

The one thing you have to know about this Cataclysm Twink gear is that although you may sell 1-2 items in patches, but when there's a new 77 who is fully aware of it, he's gonna splurge on all that you have:

This sales picture is from one day, the red buyer is all the same guy, a 77 priest who wants to get the best gear that gold can buy.  I made 4,000g from this one character alone, and spent at most 2,000g on the gear originally.  Did I have to repost it a couple times?  Sure.  Is it going to sell in the long run?  Yes.  I always buy at (at most) half what I'm going to sell it for.  Even if someone is already in your market, and you can only pick up a few pieces, you will benefit from the other pieces on the AH.  People don't want one piece of this gear, it will make very little difference.  They want full sets, or as much as they can get, and your piece is (hopefully) included in that.

How I suggest doing it
If you have the space, make a level one toon dedicated solely to posting these types of auctions.  Get him/her some nice bags, preferably with 100 or more total slots (two full mail empties).  Post all of your auctions on 48 hour windows, and have another toon do the buying and send all the items to this toon.  Log your posting toon religiously every 2 days to repost your auctions.

You don't have to spend much time at all on this toon, just the reposting time, and it REALLY doesn't take that long if you know how to setup TSM.  This also avoids you being hated on your server for selling transmog gear at such high prices.  Doing a once daily search and once every other day posting with this stuff will get you a ton of gold.  I've been doing it this way on my own server and on the Alliance side I've made over 50k gold, and horde side I've made over 150k gold from this method alone .  I know it seems like a lot of work and that it wont pay off in the long run, but once you have a decent supply going (150+ items) you will be making sales every time you post, and it will become well worth it.


Phat Lewts

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Stormspire Challenge

Wow.  Just realizing I haven't posted in over 2 weeks now.  This isn't where I make my obligatory I've needed a break from WoW or I've been playing Diablo 3 post, I have been playing WoW.

In fact I've started up on a new server to partake in the Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt.  It's a competition among some gold makers where the objective is to get as many items off a list of rare/expensive items as possible, to score points.  If you are interested in how the scoring will take place, you can read more about it on the site.

How I'm doing it.
I'm not going to divulge too much information, but I figured a basic outline could benefit my readers.  I started off with a DK with mining/herbalism.  Yes.  I chose gathering professions.  It's very hard to powerlevel a crafting profession when your goal is to buy expensive things the second they come available.  I did not however use these professions at all the first week of the competition, but I was able to make a truck load of gold.  During the first full week, the Darkmoon Faire was available, and those of you who know about the gold making potential of the Darkmoon Faire know I was fishing the pools of wreckage like a boss.  Doing this I managed to net about 1,000g per hour, when I had no competition fishing.

I'd also like to note that I chose the Horde for my DK, because according to realmpop, horde has a slightly larger base on the server chosen for this contest, although the split is about even.  I'm currently collecting items, but I haven't been sending them in for scoring yet, I like the element of surprise.  I'm considering farming a few of them due to lack of availability on the AH, and the time constraints of this contest.  The Sunwell patterns in particular seem rare on this server and make up a large portion of the contest.  There are about 32 patterns and each has a .2% chance of dropping off a mob, so its an ESTIMATED (that's right internet!) drop rate of about 6.4%, more realistically 6.2055%, modeled as a binomial random variable with a 99.8% chance of failure.

Once I had my initial pool of gold, I started flipping items on the auction house.  Doing this I used theunderminejournal's deals page to find some cheap things to flip.  In particular I was able to buy 20 Brilliant Inferno Rubies for a 60g per bid, and resell at 90g, which is nice because they sell almost instantly.  I was also able to win 2 Brilliant Inferno Rubies for a less than 1g bid.  The AH was basically giving me gold.  By no means am I expecting this to be the norm, but I was able to find some good deals, and it's something to look into.

That's going to be all for now but if you have any questions as to my method or something I may have skimmed over feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll address them ASAP.


Phat Lewts

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Wand Mogging List for Mists of Pandaria!

As promised in my previous post, I've made a list of wands that would make for good transmog come MoP.  The reason I think wands will be a great thing to stockpile for Mists is because they will become a main weapon for caster's in MoP, and no one is using them for transmog right now.  

Theresa's Booklight
Torch of Austen
Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand

This list includes all unique looking BoE wands that could be sold on the AH for mogging, come MoP when wands are going to become caster's main weapons.  I also only included items that are currently able to be transmogged, ie. they have some sort of primary or secondary stat on them, assuming the mogging rules won't change come MoP.  

Wand of Allistarj
Wasteland Wand

This is by no means a guide to mogging wands, but a guide to buying BoE mogging wands to resell in the future.  Without further ado, here are your lists, in both TSM and Auctionator formats:


***Mogging Wands
Wand of Allistarj
Wand of Arcane Potency
Torch of Austen
Antenna of Invigoration
Crystalized Ebony Wand
Wasteland Wand
Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand
Incessant Torch
Nightmare Ender
Torchlight Wand
Wand of Dark Worship
Cyu's Ornate Wand
Theresa's Booklight



Wand of Arcane Potency

I chose all of the wands based on unique models, but the price point you are willing to buy at should be based on your perception of how well it will sell in Mists.  IMO these will be a great inflation buster as well as stockpiling investment.  Just a side note to those interested:  Although Crystalized Ebony Wand and Wasteland Wand share the same model as many other BoE wands, I chose them for this list because they are the only BoE models that are black.  Hope you enjoyed the list!  


Phat Lewts

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: Week Ending 5/3

This week in WoW has been a very interesting one for me to look back on.  Especially on the gold making front.

If you've been reading my recent Weekly Reviews you'll know I've been considering dropping transmog until MoP.  This idea was once again squashed.  This week I made over 14k profit in transmog items, Horde side alone.  Big ticket items like a 5k shield carried this profiting, as well as partial to full sets selling at once.  This just means to me it's worth about 5k gold every time I posted last week, so I will continue throwing things up.  My toon that I use ONLY for transmog, and have not given any gold other than 3k to start out is now up to 125k gold.  Not too shabby!

For the...Alliance?
If you follow me on twitter you probably know that I am very Horde based.  That being said I have 9 Horde characters on my main server, and 1 Alliance.  My Alliance character is only level 37, but this week I managed to make about half of my Overall Server Change (15k) on my Alliance toon.  I am only using 2 markets for this toon: level 77-78 Twink gear, and transmog gear.  Being that I don't have any competition Alliance side, as my server is pretty Horde dominated helps, but I am very impressed with my Alli toon, and will be continuing my little side project with her.

The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt
This week I am starting to participate in The Great Stormspire Scavenger Hunt.  Basically they're having a competition to see who can get the most items on the list by the middle of June, which will most likely involve both leveling and lots of gold making!  It's going to be a fun endeavor, I've already rolled a DK and look forward to updating you guys throughout the upcoming weeks.


Phat Lewts

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Mists Stockpile

Hey guys,

A lot of gold bloggers recently have been going over stockpiling for MoP, and while I'm not really full fledged into stockpiling mode right now, I figured I'd go over what I currently am looking for and what I'll be looking for in the future.

As you can see I have a decent amount of pets.  With the new pet battle (Pok√©mon) system coming out, pets are going to be a commodity in HIGH DEMAND in MoP.  People will want rare pets that not many others have.  To this tune I have been snatching up Argent Tournament pets that are below half my average server price, as well as Elementium Geodes.  The Argent Tournament Pets are pretty few and far between as is, not to mention that near the release of MoP, very few people will be acquiring more of them (if any) because they are exploring new content.  The Elementium Geodes are less than a 1% drop right now, and considering that Elementium Ore won't be farmed NEARLY as much, I'm buying these up at around 200-300g and putting them in storage for safe keeping!

Swift Lovebird
I bought these during the Love is in the Air event in WoW hoping to resell a few months down the road.  Not sure what will happen with these, but I have them.

Don Gonzales' Shiny Shield
You may remember this shield from my post Auctionating Mogging Shields.  This is a very rare drop in Cataclysm.  Although it shares it's model with a 15% drop from Naxx 10, I think it will be a good seller in MoP regardless.  The reason I am going to hold on to these to sell until MoP is that even though they're rare now, they'll be EVEN RARER once people stop doing Cataclysm content as regularly.  When doing my mogging shields search on the AH I will buy this up at 500g or below and I'm looking to sell it in the 5k+ Bracket once Mists comes out.  A great inflation buster IMO.

Mogging Wands
As you may or may not know, in MoP caster's main weapons will be wands.  Right now I'm buying up a couple of models that I think look really cool.

The first pictured is the Torch of Austen.  I like this particular model because it looks like a torch as the name implies. I think that once casters have wands as their main weapon the wand transmog market is going to explode, and this is a great already existing BoE wand to get.

The second one I have pictured is Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand.  Although you can't see it from my screenshot, the head of the dragon has flames coming out of it.  This wand SCREAMS MoP transmog.

I'm very interested in putting a list together of some viable transmog BoE wands, as they will be a new hot market in Mists, and who wouldn't like have control of it from the get go?

So I hope I provided at least just a little insight to my stockpiling, hope it helped you get some ideas, I will be posting more in the future on what else I'm stockpiling, and hopefully a wand mogging list!


Phat Lewts

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