Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Phat's Patchly Lewt Review

I haven't done a weekly review in a while but I figured it'd be useful to do a 5.4 super awesome post.  (But Phat isn't every post you do super awesome!?).  You're too kind.

Timeless Isle
From a gold making standpoint, there are pretty lackluster things on the Isle.  From what I've seen personally, the 496 BoAs are kind of killing the crafted PvP market, although I think that gear WILL sell, just at lower price points than we're used to, which isn't the best news.  On top of that, all this 496 gear can be disenchanted, making Sha Crystals cheap, but keep in mind to turn the token to gear it has to be the appropriate type of armor for your class (ie only plate wearers can use a plate token).  I haven't actually done the math, because it's hard to determine drop rates of each of the tokens with so many sources, but one can assume, at most, that an enchanter can disenchant ~40% of these pieces of gear that they get.

Of course, because of this, Sha Crystals have tanked a bit on most servers, but in my opinion people will get sick of grinding the Island after a while, and although the prices may remain lower, I think they'll rebound a little.  There's also a great thread on the Consortium where we discuss this, check it out!  On the 5th page of that thread is also a collection of the treasure chests you need to check out if you're interested in getting coins/maximum armor tokens across alts.

Non-Gold Making
Honestly I've spent a lot of this patch doing non-gold making activities.  My character's gear was "okay", at an ilvl of 504 going into the patch, mostly from raid finder and the Shado-pan Assault 522s.  I took it upon myself to grind out some of the few slots I had 483s on, and I bought heroic bracers off the BMAH for a steal - 26k, and used valor to bump em up to 574s.  I even did the first wing of SoO in a pug, getting the Tier Chest on my first try.  That's more of the actual game than I've played in a long while.

Auction Housing
I was at the Auction House on and off, but when I was, I was disappointed at the level of sales.  That's not to say they didn't increase, they did quite a bit.  It honestly just didn't live up to the hopes I had, at least in the first week, as far as volume of players returning to the server.  My low pop is still low pop.  There's nothing like an end game patch to show you how dead your realm really is.  Even though people came back sales are at a snails pace.  Maybe double what they were a month ago, but still to me that is lower than I expected.

Selling Relics of Old
Oddly enough, and I did not expect this, I sold 2 relics the week of 5.4's release.  Both for 10k, one Relic of Xuen and one Relic of Niuzao.  That last one in particular struck me as a little odd.  To me there's no reason for a tank to buy these Relics at all.  First of all you can get a 496 trinket from the Timeless Isle, which is pretty good for tanks, and you could fill your second slot with the newly craftable which may not be BiS by a long slot, but the ilvl is where you'd want it to be.

Anyway, it sold, glad they did, and I'm honestly surprised they've done so well.  I wasn't expecting them to sell at a nice price (I was thinking sub 4k if at all), but this was a nice surprise.  I almost regret skipping making DMF cards this past DMF, but I think it was a good predictive decision (although it may have been wrong), and would make it again given the circumstances.

That's it for now, hope you enjoy the patch!  I'm looking forward to the 553 craftables, but there's still weeks to go for that.  I might get back into doing my Weekly Reviews, this was kinda testing it out.  I enjoyed writing it (and hopefully you enjoyed reading it), so odds are I will be starting them back up again.


Phat Lewts

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  1. Congrats on selling the DMF trinkets. Challenge modes keep the card market alive for me. The DMF trinkets are still BIS for most specs after scaling.

    1. Not only challenge mode's but also the newly added proving grounds. Most of the trinkets are BiS for those aswell.

  2. I decided not to craft and sell pvp gear this time. I looked at it from the perspective of the user. If I was starting a brand new 90 in pvp, I wouldn't use it. I would just collect a few 496 pieces off the Isle while grinding out the honor/conquest gear.


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