Friday, August 9, 2013

Phat Podcasts

This past week I've recorded and guested on 2 podcasts, be sure to check them out for your daily dosage of Phat Lewts!

Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers #3
Earlier this week I got drunk with GoblinRaset and we recorded our third Drunken Musings Podcast.  This is by far the most drunk either of us have gotten during this particular podcast, so give it a listen to hear all the secret guarded gold tips we gave out!

You can find the episode here.

You can find all past present and future episodes here.

Late Nite With Stede Episode 004
Stede has been one of my favorite critical thinkers in the gold making community for quite some time.  A Wind Trader on The Consortium Forums, Stede frequently masterminds some really intelligent spreadsheets and thoughtful posts.  Recently he started a gold making blog, Late Nite With Stede, which can now be found at his new web address

I was proud to be a guest on his podcast last night, episode 004, we had a great time recording it, and if you haven't listened to his podcast yet, this episode is a great place to start, and I'd highly suggest going back and listening to the first 3 episodes as well.  If nothing else, for Stede's dreamy radio announcer voice.

Last night's episode can be found here.

The previous episodes can be found on his blog, iTunes, or YouTube.

TSM 2.0 Video Guides
I just wanted to include an update about my TSM video guides.  I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about the videos (link's on the left sidebar), and I wanted to kind of get a feel for what people would like to see in other TSM 2.0 videos.

These videos cover the basics, but I'd like to cover some more advanced topics, preferably that people would be interested in watching/learning about.  Let me know what you'd like to see, and I'll take it into consideration for my upcoming new videos!

Phat Lewts

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