Sunday, November 15, 2015

Transmog: Phat Lewts' New Method

Hey guys,

It's 3 months short of being 2 years since I came out with my most recent transmog method/list, and that's way too long. On the heels of Blizzcon, where there was a big change announced to transmog (officially at least), I'm coming out with my new lists. Some may be saying transmog is dead, but that's TBD. There's some great discussion going on in the premium section of The Consortium if you have access to that, or in /r/woweconomy here about the changes to the market that Legion will bring

To me, transmog is not dead, any more than the pet market is since pets are account wide. So long as items require to be bound to be learned, there will still be a viable market for transmog. That being said we still have at least 9 months until Legion, so check out my latest (and greatest) transmog video/setup (direct link to new list here):

Phat Lewts

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