Monday, March 19, 2012


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Mogging, Oh My!
Today I looked on my Transmog character's auctions on the WoW website and saw this:

At first I didn't believe it.  32k?  Hm...Maybe that's how much gold I have on that toon?  Now I usually check this guy and see maybe 500-3,000g in sales, nothing big, and I was considering not doing transmog anymore.  I was shocked.  In case you're interested in my sales they're here:

(Blue, Red, Orange are all the same 3 guys respectively.  Purple is all different characters with no repeat buys)

32k is not only a record for me for transmog (by a longshot), but also in general the largest haul I've ever had.  I was very pleased with my transmog sales for once.  Take a look at what the same characters bought.  Blue was my biggest spender, but Orange and Red gave him a decent run for his money.  One of the sales was my reaffirmed favorite: Icy Cloak.  I think I've made about 10k selling this fun to craft/obtain cloak now.  Just a quick and dirty post, felt like I had to share this one with you, hopefully I'll get my Weekly Review post out for this week either later today or tomorrow.  Until then,


Phat Lewts

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