Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scroll of Resurection: Blizzard is Profiting, So Should You!

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So Scroll of Resurection has been reintroduced and people are given free level 80s and Cataclysm, and gold makers are trying to figure out the best way to maximize profit.  Simple.  These characters are going to get to 85 really fast.  What will they want?  They will want to see the latest content and get into Raid Finder ASAP.  OR they will want to PvP.  Either way there is a simple solution to this conundrum for any smart buyer.  Vicious Gear.  Yes this crafted, iLevel 377 gear not only gets you into heroics, but gets you resilience and stats needed for PvP.

Tailors, Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, and Jewelcrafters all have Vicious items they can craft for a profit, and let me tell you I am selling these like hot cakes.  I've made 14k selling these items, in the past 24 hours with about 9k of that being profit.  I can't keep enough of them on the shelves to keep up with the demand!  (Especially the Amberjewel Ring/Neck) (HINT: The JC rings are not unique equipped so people tend to buy in 2's)

What Else?
Of course with a whole new pool of 85s we will also see an increased demand for cut gems as well as enchants, both middle of the line and end game level.  These items will have a much higher turnover rate than before.  Also if you have some of the 397 patterns, look into the price to craft vs the price they're going for on your auction house.  On some servers this may be another viable way to make gold with your crafting professions.  Don't forget those 365 weapons either, those of you who have done FL dailies (I haven't on my BS), as well as leg armors/spellthreads.  It's like Cataclysm has just been released except people have access to better gear, and want to get it ASAP.

Tank and Healer gear.  DPS can get by in the new heroics with the Vicious sets.  Underperforming? yes. Wiping the group? No.  New tanks and healers cannot rely as much on this gear so I see a rise in Valor gear as well as crafted tank/healer gear.  Check your AH for some 397 Valor tanking boots, and if there are none, get some up, you can probably turn a decent profit.  Also check the prices of Truegold on your server before considering your Alchemist's CD.

Closing Arguements
I don't expect this surge to last particularly long, maybe 3-4 noticeable weeks at most.  Try to get out there ASAP and turn a profit on your professions.  Check your AH before hand.  Those on larger servers are more likely to already have competition in these areas, and make sure you can craft these items at a profit before doing so.


Phat Lewts


  1. Don't forget inscription! All those new 80s have glyph slots to fill.

    1. Of course! Didn't even think of that! Kudos for the catch! :-)


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