Monday, March 5, 2012

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: Week Ending 3/5

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Hey guys,

Again this week I'm going to summarize my week in WoW, Gold making and otherwise.

Transmog Farming
I have to start with this because it's probably the most exciting thing that happened WoW-wise all week.  The cloth head I was farming, Circle of Flame finally dropped for my posting toon/main (after about 95 runs) and I'm currently mogged it to both my transmog outfits.  I contribute data to Wowhead and I just want to mention that the drop rate for this item dropped a whole percentage point since I started farming it (but I also wasn't the only one contributing data from this boss during that time :-P).  Pictures of my 2 Xmog outfits, then to gold making news!

PvP Set
PvE Set

Icy Cloak

This week I sold my 3rd Icy Cloak, the last of my original supply.  I originally wrote a post about this cloak on this on December 30th, and since then I've made 6,840 gold from this simple tailoring recipe.  If you have any tailor over level 200 I highly suggest you try this method, you can read the original post Icy Cloak Recipe! for more info.  (Though the pattern is BoE, Horde only, it makes it that much more lucrative if you have a way to get it  to the Alliance side of your server).

All of my sales were on Horde side.  The first sale was 3200, 2nd was 1500, and most recent was 2500.  So the average of all my listing prices is 2400g.  Originally people were saying that there were vendors in Shattrath that sell an identical looking cloak for JP, and that it might not sell, but making 6840g off of an item that costs 20-50g to craft seems like a great deal to me.  I will gladly make some more and keep posting.  Additionally I sent over a pattern and some mats to my alliance Tailor (a level 20 something who is at ~160 Tailoring) and I hope to craft this soon and see how it does on the Alliance market.  A great consistant moneymaker, easy to post with the rest of my transmog gear!  REALLY suggest posting 1 at a time so people don't get suspicious!

Mogging Sales

Mogging results today after 24 hrs on AH
My mog sales this week have been pretty decent, made maybe 10k profit. I'm starting to think though that at least on my small server that mogging just isn't and won't be profitable.  Okay yes it is profitable, but I feel like it's not worth it for the time that I put into it.  Do I enjoy making a 28,000% profit on some items?  Yes.  It feels great.  But I'm just finding that the sales aren't justifying the time invested.  Considering buying any/every transmog item under 100 and posting at a straight 500g regardless of what it is.  Don't know if I'm going to take that plunge until I see another week of data.

Also lately I've been noticing, and I've seen other bloggers noticing that sometimes 'mogging' sales are really going to leveling toons (usually the cheaper of the auctions).  Just another thing to keep in mind when considering the straight 500g pricing scheme.  Also, I'm looking to keep a record of the level of the buyer of my next week of xmog sales, starting tomorrow.  Very interested to see what I personally find out.  If you would like to do the same, my email is at the bottom of this post, shoot me a line and I'll use your data when I post mine!  :-)

TSM Lists
If you didn't notice from my last post, I've really gotten away from Auctionator for searching my lists, and have been using Faid's lists as well as my own to search the AH for resale items.  I really like how TSM does their searches now, and I will probably be primarily using it in the future.  Not much else to say here that I didn't say in the original post, check it out if you havent already!  Also I'm looking for a great and comprehensive TSM Mogging Weapon list, if anyone knows of one, let me know!

Last Thoughts
This week I didn't focus much on crafting, just selling off the  residuals that were left over.  I was doing arena with a friend for conquest points and glory, which IMO is more important that gold making (sometimes).  This upcoming week my goal is to get all my crafters back into their routines and hopefully get some gold churning out of the old mill.  I dipped below 1 mill buying a few items in the past week, but I'm back over for now, no immediate goals in that regard.  If you have any questions or would like to see me post about something in particular in the upcoming week, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section, or send me an email at PhatLewtsGold @ Gmail . com


Phat Lewts


  1. I recently leveled up a LW after my usual crafter had gone off to a galaxy far far away. Im selling the pvp armor but thats about it, what else should i be selling?

    going to have to check out that cloak on my realm and i like the pvp set the best!

    1. For LW's the Leg Armors are always a go-to staple. One thing that I've posted about in the past is one of my favorite patterns for LW, the Big Voodoo Robe. If you can come across that pattern in AH searches, it's a really cool and unique looking leather BoE chest, and I really like it for xmog if you have no competition on your server. My pricing is 1500g for that one, don't forget you can trade leathers at the LW vendors.

    2. Also the bottom 4 items on this list are fun to mog. Cobra Scale Patterns

  2. I have stopped spending all my time getting "every mog item" i am still picking up popular chests and legs, but i realized that the time spent trying to make selling mog items worth it, wasn't equal to the time i spend crafting/destroying "Shuffling" and farming. i can spend hours farming embersilk cloth after shuffling for an hour or 2 and by the end of the day i have made much more than i was selling mog items. granted some days some items make it feel like it is worth it, im not sold anymore on the idea.

    1. Just because returns are insane (some over 10,000%) I think that mogging is a great investment. That being said, if my goal was to make 100k gold by the end of the week, I wouldn't focus my time into mogging at all until exhausting my crafting professions, and searching cataclysm twink gear. I don't and will never farm unless what I absolutely need just isn't on the AH (I have a tauren druid with maxed mining/herb for such occasions). There's no way farming mats is as productive as any other activity, especially when I have 2 JC's, 3 Alchemists, an Enchanter, a Tailor, LW and BS to run through. Hell I even have an Engineer that I rarely craft pets on.

      After writing this post I sold a vendor transmog item I bought for 35g for a whopping 5,000g (expect a post about it). Although it's hard to run away from results like that, if I was an Orc in WoW I wouldn't count on transmog to feed my green family. I feel like to maximize my productivity in gold making I should limit my transmog to one search a day and using professions that I don't otherwise focus in on to make more gold.


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