Thursday, March 1, 2012

Converted TSM Lists

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Hey guys,

Today I'm brining you some TSM lists from previous posts that I've done in the past.  Earlier this week I read Faid's post from Clockwork Riot, Importable TSM Mog Lists v2.0 and decided to let go of my tunnel vision on using Auctionator only for gear searches.  I really loved using her lists compared to the Auctionator lists, and I've decided to revamp some of my previous Auctionator lists to be importable to TSM.

If you want to learn how to import these lists, go to the link above to Clockwork Riot!!

Shield Mogging List
My original post/list for Auctionator Mogging Shields can be found at the post Auctionating Mogging Shields.

As per the suggestion from Theruling, I've added the 3 shields he suggested to the original list!  The importable TSM list is below.
Shield Mogging


Rare Chest Mogs
Last but not least, my rare chest list from my post Rare Chest Mogging Lists, you may want to remove a few of these based on the size of your server, and the quality of my original choices, I chose not to.  

Rare Chests


Cata Twink Gear
In my original post Expanding on the Cataclysm Twink Market, I posted the lists I use to search for level 77+ Cataclysm twink gear.  My fastest turnover group, the level 77 ilevel 272 weapons and armor, I've condensed into one importable 77 twink list below.  I price all of these at 500g each, so buy accordingly, read the original post for more details.

77 Twink Gear
A few simple TSM searches will cover everything on my original Auctionator lists:


Enjoy the lists!   Best used with the addon Mogit to see the models of the transmog gear!


Phat Lewts


  1. Great lists man thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks man, i like this list. I am going to try and make my own lists that i like because i noticed myself collecting everyone's lists and they are based on 1 server of 1 persons opinion "usually". i put up a list on my blog and got a comment about how it is too big and takes too long. but i couldn't have made that list of my own without you guys putting up your lists or converting lists. so i still love it and people need to realize that it isn't going to be perfect for them...

    1. Just a note if you're into the 77 twink gear, this list includes every piece of 77 cataclysm gear obtainable. Also the shields list is pretty comprehensive. A lot of these lists take a long time, I just spend it windowed reading a blog or sending an email then switch back to look at the results.

      You're either going to have 1 list of 100 things or 5 lists of 20 things, some people would just prefer the 5 lists of 20 things because it "seems" faster. In reality though the lists take the same amount of time overall. Going to try out your gear list and see how i like it :)


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