Saturday, March 10, 2012

How I Look at My Gold Making Strategy

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Today I decided to let my readers know a bit about me and why I choose the strategies I do.  Basically, as far as gold making goes, there are two parts to my strategy.  One includes optimizing my gold profit.  This is something I like to do, and I'll go into detail in the next section about it.  The second is attempting new methods to make gold via maybe patterns or crafting things not normally on a gold maker's radar.  

Yesterday on Shannon's account him and Jim Younkin were talking about how they both don't like optimizing for the sake of optimizing, but enjoy doing certain things that make them gold and stick with those.  I for one think this is a great method, the more you enjoy a gold making method, the more you are more likely to stick to it and see some real returns.  For me though I enjoy optimizing my gold made per hour.  For example, this is why I choose to never farm.  Not only am I not optimizing my gold made farming (unless an expansion just came out), but it isn't something I enjoy.  It falls under neither category.  Some may enjoy it though, but I simply do not.  I like to work smarter, not harder.  

A little background about me.  In college I majored in mathematics.  Needless to say I love working with numbers, and I think that's part of the reason the gold making aspect of World of Warcraft appeals so much to me.  To that tune I like doing things like the shuffle or milling my own inks, which don't necessarily bring me joy directly in doing them, but bring me the best return per hour.  That's something I think about a lot, and something I will be looking at this Monday in my Weekly Review post.  I have been collecting data for my Transmog sales, and I'm going to share some of my personal results from this on Monday, should be an interesting post, working on the charts already to display my data :-). 

One thing I like to do is experiment with gold making strategies.  I like when I'm able to find a gem like the Icy Cloak turned out to be for me.  I had fun hunting for the pattern, and I enjoyed finally crafting it and having it to sell, even if once monthly, for a great profit.  I also like coming up with addon lists, and experimenting with those as well.  I like searching for mogging gear and Cataclysm Twink Gear, even if it's not the most profitable thing to do with my time.  To that extent, recently I've been more interested in the latter, but I miss the constant gold flow that I used to enjoy.  Doing things like hunting for a rare pattern to craft and see if it sells is fun, as is killing rare spawns in Blasted Lands, but in the end it's not going to make me the most gold/hour.

Finding A Balance
For me gold making is about finding a balance between these two seemingly conflicting ideas for a gold making strategy that is both fun and productive, while trying not to spend everything I make!  That being said, like I mentioned in the beginning, do what's fun for you.  WoW is a game that you pay for to entertain you, if making gold becomes solely a chore, why do it?  Tomorrow I'm going to come out with a post for engineers, which includes a way to get your engineer involved with your Jewelcrafter for a nice profit. Until then,


Phat Lewts 

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