Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Transmute Master

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Hey guys, I just came across something while I was trying to put together a rough guide for new gold makers.  The old transmute quest with Primal Might has been removed!  Apparently in 4.3.0 Blizzard (finally) decided to revamp the quest to get Transmutation Mastery, and now the new quest only requires 4 Truegold AND it takes place in your faction's capital.  It seems this change did not make it to the patch notes, and I'm really surprised because I have never heard of this before now!  If you're someone who was crafting Primal Mights to try and sell to the people getting Transmute Mastery, this market has been removed from the game.  Primal Might is also used in some BC craftable gear which is now the extent of the use for it.

I was just really surprised that they changed this quest as they stuck with it through most of the expansion.  I'm really glad they did, but also really surprised.  Of course there is also a new Potion Master Quest as well as a new Elixir Master Quest.  I'm really shocked that Blizzard waited so long to do this, it seems a bit last minute with no reason, but I'm glad that the change finally came.


Phat Lewts


  1. they we're in notes and it cost way more now to switch specs than b4

  2. You need a Primal Might for enchanting rods in the BC range of rods. Smaller market for sure but should be able to liquidate your stocks over time.


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