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Your JC and Engineer (and Miner?) Should Get Along

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Dream Emeralds.
The mere mention of these is enough to make any serious JC cringe.  If you're like me and you do the shuffle on a semi-regular basis you probably have at least 100 of these sitting idly if not more, or trying to sell them in stacks of 20.  Luckily there's a simple solution to this conundrum.  Will it get rid of all of your Dream Emeralds?  No.  Will it increase their worth?  Yes.  Worth it.

The US Horde average market price of Dream Emeralds is just above 9 gold.  The cut gems usually go for slightly more, sometimes less.  Even if you don't have a JC this method may be worth your time.

Gnomish X-Ray Scope
Yes.  Gnomish X-Ray Scope. The outdated scope is the secret here.  You may be thinking "no one will buy that" but I personally have been able to sell on average in the past 30 days, 2.8 per week, for a decent profit, my TSM_Accounting window for this item is shown below.

Some key things to point out:
1) The prices on my server are way above average.
2) I have had 12 sales to repeat buyers
3) My Engineer only started crafting these after Flintlockes Woodchucker became available.
4) As I've mentioned in previous posts, my server is small.

Raw Materials
The mats for one scope is:
2 Hardened Elementium Bar
2 Dream Emerald

If you have the a miner, you can make your own Hardened Elementium Bar, so all you need is:

2 Stacks of Elementium Ore
8 Volatile Earth
2 Dream Emerald

US Horde Avg Prices: (Via TUJ)
1 Stack Elementium Ore = 61g 23s 38c

1 Volatile Earth = 1g 94s 27c

On Average 2 Hardened Elementium Bar's will cost a miner a little under 140g to smelt, and they cost about 180g to buy if you don't have a miner.  The US market prices for Horde/Alliance X-Ray Scopes are:

270g96s5c for 1

241g40s76c for 1

So if you have a miner, you can increase the value of your Dream Emeralds from 9g to 50-65g each, and without one you can make them worth 30-45g each.  Also provides an outlet to dump them on, 2 at a time.

How I Go About it
This method will vary by server, I'd imagine the smaller the server, the more profitable the method.  I craft 2 stacks of Dream Emeralds worth of these at a time, which is 20 scopes.  Unfortunately these things only stack in 5's so I keep at least 2 stacks on my posting toon at any time.  My reset price is 750g, and my lowest is 175g.

Keep an eye out for the component materials to make a better return, especially if you have a miner that can smelt the bars.  They're not frequent sellers but I've been able to convert my otherwise unused Dream Emeralds to not only sell, but also increase their value, even compared to the cut gems.  A decent market to look into if have an Engineer.

Note: I also expect this market to increase with all the new level 80's getting into the game again, prices may go up or stay the same, but more sales are imminent!


Phat Lewts

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