Thursday, January 3, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 1/3/2013

So my Weekly Review is falling a bit late this week because of the holidays, but I really want to make it a weekly event, so I'm going to go for it anyway.


This week was particularly good in Jewelcrafting for me, I have made a ton of cut gem sales, but the bulk of my profit came from the sale of 3 of the 450 ilvl JC necks/rings.  It was actually all 3 opportune sales where someone decided they needed the gear at that time, and bought at above market prices (lots of fluctuation on my small server).  They sold at ridiculous profit margins, something to the tune of 10-15x mats, which is always a bonus.  If you haven't already I highly suggest visiting Mai the Jade Shaper and getting the JC patterns from her.  They add so much value and diversity to your Jewelcrafting arsenal, and give you something to do with all those Serpent's Eye you've been getting from prospecting.

I was reminded by a guildie that the Darkmoon Faire was coming soon (Sunday, get on it!), and that I regrettably had to work through some milling that I had been putting off for quite some time.  I've actually been buying up cards this week, and most likely will keep buying up cheap ones until the Faire starts.  On some servers (and for some specific cards) prices are better for selling individually, but right now I could buy the parts of a Tiger Deck for about 8k less than the selling price of it's Relic.  So stocking up on the cheap cards, may end up with a few too many of a certain card, but I'm thinking I'll more than make up for it selling the relics sometime in January.


This week I made about 4k in transmog sales, which isn't too bad considering I only posted once (with 48 hr auctions I am able be posting about 3.5 times/week).  It was honestly a bit less than I was expecting with a lot of students off this week and playing WoW, but honestly I didn't post during high volume times (weekend), so it's a pretty decent haul.

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If you haven't taken it yet, I have a survey I'm using to improve and decide what new features to add to my blog.  It will only take about 5 minutes at most, and I will be using all input to decide where I go with my blog in 2013.  Whether you're a new reader, or someone who has been reading over a year, I'd love to hear what you have to say!   You can access the survey at this link.  To those of you who already have, or are about to, thank you so much for your time taking the survey, I really appreciate all the constructive feedback I've received so far!


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