Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 1/15

So it's the third Tuesday of 2013, and I'm writing my third Weekly Review of 2013.  My streak is going good so far, and I hope that at the very least it will continue through the winter!

Invincible Messing Up My Numbers
Of course this week my gold totals took a HUGE hit, plummeting down 750k because I purchased Invincible's Reins.  I wrote a post about it, and if you want to check that out, read it here!  This is by far the biggest hit to my gold total of all time.  Previously I've sank 150k gold into TCG mounts to flip, and made it back (and then some).  My gold total this week started at 1,838,647 g, so minus the 750k we can call it 1,088,647g.  I ended the week with 1,156,139 g, so I'm up 67,492, which is pretty good!

DMF Profits
Of course a bulk of my profits this week came from selling DMF cards I crafted, but I was trying to put a few too many decks together, and didn't end up selling my remaining cards until Thursday, getting last minute buyers (which wasn't all bad).  I prefer getting Trinkets to cards because on my server at least it's more profitable.  Some specific cards may be worth it, but my server is small and this path is still the way to go for me.  Below is a snapshot of my DMF sales for those interested, click the picture to enlarge.  I have about 5-7 decks on top of this, so a lot more profit to come from the DMF during the off weeks.

Transmog Woes
Nine times out of ten my transmog is one of my best sellers for the week and my time spent running between the mailbox and auctioneer is worth it, but this week was not one of those weeks.  That's the kind of market that transmog is though, it's very volatile and you can sell 2 items one week and make 10k, and the next week sell 12 items and make 5k.  This week I did neither, it was an overall loss for transmog (my posting prices are about 1k/48 hr posting).  I've been considering just posting the higher tier stuff for a while, but even now, the task of weeding out all the non wanted items seems like an epic chore, that I don't want to undertake right now.  In general the transmog market on my server is still kicking.

Recently I have been toying with the idea of livestreaming, maybe for an hour or so a day, so people can get some additional insight into my gold making scheme, or just see how unproductively I'm able to do things and still make a ton of gold :-P.  If you want to follow my channel to see when I'm streaming check it out here.  I will also be announcing when I go live via my twitter.  I'm thinking by tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll have everything worked out and ready to start test streaming, so come and see!


Phat Lewts

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  1. I managed to sell off a few cards during the Faire I think I made maybe 100k and invested 30k straight back in for a couple recipes on my leatherworker and just picking up some Pandaren battle pets. Transmogs just don't work on my server it seems a fairly big server but it can be hard to carve out profits. Congrats on Invincible.


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