Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the 7th Day...

Today I'll be posting on the topic of Day 7 of Nev's Goldmaking Challenge.  Nev recently released a post with everyone currently participating in the 20 Days on her blog.  Lots of interesting responses from around the gold making community, so be sure to check them out!

Day 7: If you were starting over again (maybe on a new server perhaps), how would you start building some capital & what goal would you set yourself?

For this question I'm going to assume that I am starting over on a new account, on a new realm, with no alts on other realms.  Starting from absolute scratch, as if I were to start an account on the EU servers.

Starting Out
Starting out I would level a toon that can tank or heal (let's say Tauren Druid) with gathering professions, and join a level 25 guild.  I always choose Herbalism and Mining when doing this.  They both have high turnover rates, and give you XP, and are probably the most profitable way to level (besides RAFing).  I would keep an eye on the AH for good deals such as transmog and twink gear, and be willing to sell at a lower rate than normal.  Say there's something I normally would sell for 750g, but I can buy it for 6g.  Starting from scratch I'd be more than happy to sell it for 200-300g, to build some capitol for more flips.  As I got more gold I'd resume following my standard pricing methodology, of course every server is different and this may have to be adjusted.

Once I got to 80 I'd drop Mining and Herbalism for Alchemy and JC.  I'd store the minimal mats from my farming, and get to the point where I could do my daily CDs.  Of course I would get Transmute Mastery to go with my JC.  Now if I was focusing purely on making gold, and not really enjoyment of the game starting over, I'd start leveling a Death Knight.  Free level 55 means less time spent leveling to max my second set of professions.  From there I'd get to 80 and take up two more crafting professions depending on the market on that server.

From there it would be the standard more alts -> more professions.  I might consider leveling at least 1 if not both to 90 for the Tillers rep farm.  One at a time would probably be best, but I prefer to level while rested.


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  1. I'm a Huge fan of your methodology. Couldn't have said it better myself honestly.


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