Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 1/8

So it's Tuesday, which means it's time for Phat's Weekly Lewt Review!

Updated Gold Total Tab!
If you click the 'Gold Total' tab above, you will see I've added a graph as well as a table on my current gold total, and it's growth over the past.  I decided that I wanted to see a graph of my gold growth over time, and since I made it I figured I'd share it with those of you who are interested.  The table below it includes changes between updates (some are longer than others), as well as a neat little graph to see my gold growth.  I'm going to update this one weekly from now on, so hopefully the graph becomes more informative over time.  If you look, you'll notice I made 48.6k this week, or about 7k per day.  Check it out it's pretty interesting!

Transmog Sales

What you see here is a snapshot of all my transmog sales for the week.  Since my transmog sellr also sells Hypnotic Dust, Frostweave, and Valentine's mounts, you'll also see some of that!  (I'm too lazy to edit them out).  Basically 10 pieces sold this week with an average sell price of around 1k, so it was a good week for transmog for me.  The Soulkeeper I usually keep in a group that's at 5k, but I lowered to 2.5k this week to experiment, and I was almost disappointed when it sold for that, so I bumped it back up.  Still made a great profit, but I like getting the huge chunk of change from those who really want the item!

83-84 Gear
The 83-84 gear bracket has been amazing for me recently.  I sold over 20 items this week alone!  I price them at 500g, and buy at 100g or under, so conservatively I made at least 8k in profits from this method alone.  The key is reposting and keeping your downtime to a minimum.  Your items need to be on the Auction House when that one character makes that impulse purchase, and then you'll be raking in the gold!

77-78 gear is doing really well for me too, but it's a LOT slower than the 83-84 market, and less available to purchase to flip.  Still well worth it though!

Of course with the DMF beginning this past Sunday, I was investing a copious amount of gold in cards/herbs/etc.  I've assembled  6 decks this Faire (aiming for 7) and what's left of my superfluous cards I'm selling as individuals now.  I've been working on leveling alts, but I keep forgetting to get the 10% buff from the Faire ride, even though I'm more than aware that it is in town this week.

Back Into Glyphs
In the middle of the past week I got back into glyphs!  I had been using one alt to post glyphs, but withdrawing glyphs from my guild bank in bulk was slow, so I split them between my Scribe as well as a level 50 hunter.  So far it's not going too bad, making anywhere from 500-2500g/day depending on how much I repost.  I had made all the glyphs before the supposed "Glyphmas 2.0" and I literally still have at least 10 of each.  Yikes.  Instead of having em sit in my bank rotting I decided to start posting again.  I actually now have quite a few recipes I've never crafted because of research, and I'm considering crafting them, but definitely not until the Faire is over.  We'll see if my affinity for glyphs lasts long this time around, I usually get sick of the constant reposting cycle quite quickly, although a lot of the competition I originally have seem to have disappeared from the market.

Other than that I've just been making the basics, crafted PvP gear, Rare JC rings/necks, cut gems, Living Steel, Flasks, etc.  Also I'm starting to work on some profession guides.  If all works out well they should be out by the end of the month, just in time for 5.2 to render them obsolete!


Phat Lewts

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