Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 1/22

If you didn't read it yet, also check out my latest post for Nev's 20 Day Goldmaking Challenge: Day 5: Alternating Alts.

This week I managed to bring in ~88k as I started ramping up my gold making in a way that I haven't for a few months.

(Tillers) Farming on Alts
Taking the ~3 minutes a day that it takes to tend to your non-90 alt's Tillers farm can be quite profitable, especially if you're going to be logging them for their profession CDs anyway.  This week I managed to find a way to optimize my farming: the ilevel 450 BoA Weapons.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, there are lootable items spread throughout Pandaria that will give you ilvl 450 weapons that are BoA, as well as one neck that's BoA.  They are usable by level 86+, and I recently decked out all my alts with them, because they are some of the highest damage output weapons available at lvl 86, which is great for my vermin killing alts that maintain a Tiller's farm.  They're also great for leveling as more dps means more XP/hour.  A great way to level quickly, or optimize your time spent on your alts!

Return of (Actually) Crafting
For at least the entire month of January, if not longer, I've been really lax on replenishing my crafting supplies, and have ran out of many profitable items, such as gems, enchanting scrolls, engineering pets, and the like.  This week I began restocking my supplies.  This started with Jewelcrafting.  I had run out of most of my MoP cuts, as well as all of my Wrath cuts (very popular for twinks).  So I had a lot of work to do!  I was able to get Saronite ore relatively cheap, and when my Living Steel Transmute wasn't profitable as I'd like I used my Wrath Epic Gem Transmute.  Right now I'm still not fully stocked up, but I'm getting there!  I still haven't touched my enchanter because I don't have a lot of the end game rep patterns because my Enchanter is sadly still 85.  Quite honestly I wouldn't even be grinding the rep if he was.

Glyphs Are Weird on My Server...
So I'd say on 90%+ of servers, glyphs are either not worth crafting, or hard to compete with undercutting, but I'm having no such bad luck on my Low Population server.  I do get undercut out the wahzoo, but it seems that for right now at least, I'm the sole poster of at least 30 different glyphs (the 2 major posters dropped out about a month ago on my server).  This means mucho gold for me because I have this market cornered, and can basically ask for any price that I want.  I know with this will come competition though, because when people start having to pay hundreds for glyphs for their alts, they'll try to get in on the money train themselves.

Actually Leveling
So I've been moving around my glyphs on my alts for easier posting (for more detail see this post), and I wanted some Inscription bags.  This of course was troublesome for me because there are only 2 professions I don't have maxed out on my server, Leatherworking and Skinning, and of course I'd need at least decently high Leatherworking to make some good bags.  So I've re-started leveling my hunter who was at 300 LW/Skinning (lvl 56) whom I'll need to get to 65 to get the 32 slot inscription bags.  The reason I'm actually leveling skinning is because people tend to gauge the prices on leather because I'm on a small server and they can control the market.  This of course is just a personal goal, I could just get the bags crafted by a LW, but I'd also like the "all 10 professions maxed" achievement some day.  We'll see if my hunter can keep me interested, but for now he is.

So, that was my week in WoW gold making, how did your week go, and what sold well for you?


Phat Lewts

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