Saturday, January 5, 2013

Milestone: Alliance Alt Hits 100k

So today I hit 2 very important milestones on my Alliance alt, level 70, and 100k gold!

I've written about this alt before, but a quick summary for those who did not see those posts (they're few and far between).  On my main server I have 10 Horde characters and 1 Alliance character.  I originally made my Alliance Priest to see how I could do with the resale market on the Alliance side of my server.  For some quick (albeit expensive) start up capitol I bought an heirloom cape on the Horde side, and vendored it on the Alliance side (before cagable pets).  If you did the math I started with 300g, and now have 100k at level 70.  For a part time alt, it's not half bad!  I figure that sharing some info with you as to how I did it might help you with your repertoire, so here goes!

Flipping Out
This project has been a long time in the making, I started it in Cataclysm, and was working on it on and off.  Basically if I ever finished my gold making rotation Horde side, I'd play this toon.  If I were starting today, I would have just sold a caged pet for starting capitol if I were to do it today, and if you ever start on a new server with no high level alts, I'd suggest you do the same.  The first thing I did was join a level 25 guild.  Trying to do this without guild perks is just silly.  Looking back on my sales, some of the first flips that I made gold off of were in the 77-78 Twink market, which I still sell in now.  In the beginning I had a sale once every 2-3 days, then more often as my inventory increased.  Once I had a decent pile of gold I got into the transmog market, and that's when things really took off.  Below are 2 screenshots of some of my top sales.

Top Resales (Click to Enlarge)

Top Sales (Click to Enlarge)

Business is Booming!
As Cataclysm started coming to an end, I started leveling this toon.  As I leveled, I leveled the traditional Tailoring/Enchanting for my clothie.  Once I had high enough Tailoring, I got a friend to transfer the Icy Cloak pattern to me from the Horde side.  If you are a tailor and you haven't checked out this recipe yet, you should.  Read about it here.  For the TL;DR it's a horde only recipe, and a sweet transmog cloak.  I was able to sell two of these within the first week that I had the pattern for 5k each!!

I noticed something though on my alli priest transmog seller that I did not get on my level 1 transmog banker.  Lots of players whispering things like "why is all your @#$^ing gear so expensive on the AH!?".  Now I'm not going to accuse the scum of the Alliance of being less scrupulous of their Horde counterparts, but I had my fair share of "polite conversations" with some Allies during this experiment.  I chalk it up to actually being on the character for more than a few minutes every 2 days.  As an aside, generally if someone whispers me and doesn't use their first whisper to insult/attack me or my mother, I will be more than willing to cut them a deal.

Mountain of Gear
At this point I have something like 300 pieces of transmog and twink gear (my server is small!) that I cycle every 2 days.  On top of that I'm crafting Netherweave Bags as I just got through BC, and realized that there was about a 3-4x markup on the bags, and up to a 10x markup if I can get cloth cheap enough!  My next goal will be 80 and some maxed MoP professions.  As of now though, my priest only gets maybe 30 minutes of leveling on any given week, so that is going to be in the distant future.

I'm also playing around on another server, and making some decent progress just buying and reselling twink/transmog gear.  That character I only log maybe once or twice a week, but I've accrued about 75k, which I'm slowly investing in lvl 25 pets to move to my main server.  Kinda fun, no thinking involved.  So how about you?  Have you conducted any gold making experiments?  If so how did they turn out?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Hey lewt. Just found your blog and so far I am loving it!

    Quick question. How do you go about getting the information on what has sold for you and how much money you make? (the top resales screenshots in this post)

    1. It's an addon called TradeSkillMaster (TSM). You can download it via curse or on their website. There are also some useful guides on their website to help get started. It's a complicated addon but for serious gold making it's beyond useful for the learning curve. Basically has any gold making function you could ever want!

    2. Was wondering that as well. Thanks. I'm currently using Auctionator and it's not as complete and detailed as I would like it to be. Plus the physical layout of the popups are off currently but that's probably because of the recent 5.2 patch.


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