Monday, January 28, 2013

Long Live the Lich King!

Today I'll be posting on the topic of Day 9 of Nev's Goldmaking Challenge.  Nev recently released a post with everyone currently participating, and there are a lot of interesting responses from the community, check 'em out!

What's your favorite niche market & why?

WotLK Epic Gems
This may not have been the answer some people were expecting.  I really love the twink markets out there, but I've made so much gold making Wrath Epic gems, and it's constantly been a great market for me since Wrath itself!  I actually did a post about it in May of 2011, when I was first starting this blog, I found it kind of interesting to look back at it, check it out here.  While my methodology in that post is a little outdated, the overall theme still rings true.  Today though I use a relatively simple Dealfinding list to find great deals on epic gems, and (of course) post them using TSM.

Dealfinding List
Below is the Dealfinding List I use for these epics, I have the prices set to 150g for the epics and 30g for the Frozen Orbs that I use to make Icy Prism (which no longer has a daily CD).  I don't have Eye of Zul on my dealfinding list because it doesn't sell particularly well for me.


If you don't have the cuts yet, start doing the Dalaran JC dailies.  The only way to get cuts is from Timothy Jones who is both the seller of the cuts (4 dailies each), as well as the NPC that offers the daily quest.

I find that the Cardinal Ruby and Majestic Zircon sell the fastest for me.  In general for Cardinal Rubies I cut Brilliant unless I have a huge supply in which case I'll start on Bold and Delicate.  Majestic Zircon's I always cut pure stamina (Solid).  For the other cuts my best sellers are Mystic for King's Amber, Willful for Ametrine (or any primary + resil), and Purified Dreadstones.  This is one of the great secondary markets for any profession, and is by far my favorite out there.

What's your favorite niche market out there?  If you wrote your post on this already, feel free to link it in the comments!


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