Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 3 Technique, Technique, Technique!

Day 3 of Nev's 20 Days of WoW Goldmaking Challenge asks "What were the first techniques/tricks/tips you used when starting out?"

Maximizing Alts
As mentioned in my first post of the Challenge, I learned from the start how to maximize my alts.  It's almost instinctive, but you know that the more time you spend making gold on a single character, the less productive your time spent becomes.  I always prioritize the most lucrative rituals first (cooldowns/Tiller's farm), then move on to general crafting from there (cut gems, enchanting scrolls, etc.).

Beyond this I post glyphs (when I do actually post them) from different characters so I can quickly exchange them in their respective banks for quick posting.  I used to store them in a guild bank but addons have very big problems now with moving things in and out of guild banks fast, so I've switched to two alts.

Now more than ever I am involved in the gold making community, but when I first started out I was quite the lurker.  Reading blogs like Cold's Gold Factory and, dare I say it, Just My Two Copper helped me keep up to date on all the latrest trends.  I also really enjoyed reading the interviews of gold capped players on warcraftecon (which I'm sad to say seems to be down right now, not sure if this is permanent).  Those interviews were really cool because some of the players were people that you would not otherwise hear from regarding gold making.  Reading about how everyone else was making gold helped me diversify my strategy, as well as help pick professions for alts.  If it weren't for gold makers talking about how profitable the shuffle was in the beginning of Cataclysm, I would haven't even noticed the green gems were vendoring for 9 gold each, so the baseline was 54 g a stack for the first few months.  So read this blog, read other blogs (see blogroll), and participate in forums and on reddit, and learn all there is to know about gold making!


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