Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review: 1/29

If you're interested, my 'Gold Total' page has been updated to reflect this week's total, along with an update of the graph.

This week, I'm going to be going over how much I spent, as well as break down my sales by the overall week, as it seemed to be of interest to some players, and since TSM_Accounting keeps track of summaries by faction, it will be separated by faction as well:



Alliance Analysis
This week on my one Alliance alt I invested only about 1,600 gold, and made 19,000 g.  This alt is purely into markets such as transmog and twink gear, but since my Alli has been getting their Tailoring/Enchanting leveled (still not 80 yet so no max), I've been making some more gold with that, but it's not a major component of their arsenal yet.  Most of my sales were most likely of things that I had purchased prior to this week, so my investments don't really reflect my returns, and that's something I'd like to heavily emphasize.  On any given week I can invest 2k or I can invest 12k, and I can still make that 19k in this market because I have a stockpile of items I repost.  Over the long run buying increases my sales, but at least 90% of the time something I buy in a flipping market usually doesn't sell the same week I purchase it.  I'm on a small server, so for larger servers, of course, YMMV.

Horde Analysis
*The 'Last 30 days' and 'Total Gold Spent' is heavily influenced by the purchase of Invincible's Reins.
On the Horde side of things, it gets a little more interesting.   I spent 60k this week, this is mostly on Ore for Living Steel/Prospecting and Herbs for Milling, Flasks, Rare Gem transmutes, as well as 5-7k on rare 80-84 gear.  I made a 180k income in the past 7 days, including 4 Relic sales which are still selling for 15k+ on my server (I still have a few trinks left over, my first surplus approaching a DMF since MoP release).

Other than that it was a whole bunch of gem sales, enchants, glyphs, item enhancements, the usual spread. I've recently revived my TSM_Crafting (I was lazy for a while) and got items churning out left and right.  I dropped one of my 4 Xmute masters for an Elixir master, as it's currently beneficial to have one on my server, and hopefully will be even moreso come 5.2's new raids.

Transmog & Twink
This week I did something that was a long time in the making.  I had been selling all my 77-78 and 80-84 twink gear from my main posting toon (also my main), whose bags don't have a whole lot of space to begin with.  I made an executive decision to transfer the posting of all the twink gear over to my level 1 transmog seller.  I just switched the groups to him on TSM_Mailing and had the items all waiting in his box the next time I logged.  This adds a lot of items to this sellers inventory, but I usually AFK browse the internet as I empty mail on him, and logistically it just makes more sense.

How was your week in WoW, did you make any awesome sales or purchases?


Phat Lewts

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  1. i managed to win a bid for masterwork spiritblade decimator for 150g! pity my game time is up and internet too slow to repost it until i change isp's!

    1. Wow very nice, 5 SoH for 30g each, someone didn't value their SoH properly!

  2. Picked up a nice find, Formula: Enchant Gloves - Advanced Mining. From the Wowhead comments it seems to be no longer available in-game. I was the high bidder for 21 silver. :) Unfortunately someone else who's aware of its rarity put one up for 6k a few hours after I purchased it, so it might take a while longer to flip than I thought. But it certainly won't hurt to sit on for awhile!


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