Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My TSM_Crafting Enchanting Setup

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In my last post, Handera asked how I set up my TSM_Crafting module to make enchanting scrolls, so this is just going to be a short post in response to his question.  He said that he uses it for glyphs, so this post is going to assume a general knowledge of TSM_Crafting, but not the specific enchanting parts.

What I do for this, is I override minimum profit, in both gold and %profit so that I only make crafts worth my time.  This is how you do that:

Setting up TradeSkillMaster_Crafting For Enchanting

Step 1: Type /tsm and click on the Enchanting module

Step 2: Go to Options, and check the box "Override Minimum Profit"

Step 3: I use both Percent and Gold Amount.  My Minimum Profit (in %) is set to 50% and my Minimum Profit (in gold) I set to 150g.  This ensures I'm making a good return on my investment AND each scroll is (theoretically) making at least 150g, at current market prices.  

So that's basically how I set up the options before I craft.  Making non-Cataclysm scrolls is acceptable, granted they are profitable enough.  

Creating Crafting List
Then you can go into enchanting and open the crafting window.  Click Restock Queue and you should come up with a list like this:

Shopping for Mats
When you open the TSM window at the AH, click on "Crafting Mats", and make sure only enchanting is selected in the top, and for Destroying modes to use you can have Disenchanting selected (disclaimer below).  

If you do have Disenchanting selected, it will bring up search results like this, if not it will only bring up the mat you need to craft, which is less time consuming, but you can find some good deals this way.

Explanation of Above: We're searching for Greater Cosmic Essence here.  The top item (when disenchanted) will turn into GCE at a certain rate.  On average disenchanting this item that costs 17g will yield a GCE that cost 15g11s11c.  In this case I would just by the GCE for 19g 26s 90c, as I only need 6 of them (shown on the right under "Need").  Note: Using this method comes up with many items can turn into either Dust or Essence, and it's a random proc, so unless the deals are like 25% off or more of the raw mat, go with the mat itself.

From here you can go back to the profession screen and craft all your scrolls, or use TSM_Destroying to DE all the weapons/armor you bought, then craft.  

The one thing I would highly suggest doing when using this method is if you do the obsidium/elementium shuffle, disenchant the rings/necks before doing these searches.  The shuffle is THE utmost cheapest way to come up with these mats on probably any server.  If you're looking to optimize profit, that's the route to go!

Hope this Helps!


Phat Lewts


  1. Thanks!

    I was playing around with the crafting search last night. I found that allowing disenchant works for maelstrom crystals and shards, but not greater celestial essences. As you said, you can't guarantee what you're going to get out of those greens.

    Because I'm new to this, and I'm already a shuffler(mats), I'm only trying Cata enchants. So those are the only enchant recipes I imported.

  2. Very useful post mate, I even learn some things, well done . =)

  3. Ive been using TSM for enchanting for some time now quite succesfuly, but I still havent found what is best setting for prices. In Crafting module, in Price/Inventory tabs, I usually pick Undermine Journal Mean in both mats and crafts prices, just for safety, since I use percentage of crafting cost in my auctioning groups. But yet, Im not sure this is most efficient pricing. I wish your article would cover this issue as well.


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