Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/13

A day late this week, but close enough.  This week I'll have an 8 day week, next week a 6 day.  My results this week look as follows:

According to TSM I should be up roughly 93k this week, but I'm only up about 34k this week.  This is because I've been buying a ton of GIO from a supplier, which isn't recorded in TSM.

Transmog Whisperer
As a transmog seller I get this question a lot, yet I'm always surprised when people ask it, and like to reply with the following:

People ask if I ever make gold with transmog, as if I love reposting hundreds of items every 48 hours, paying literally hundreds of gold in AH fees in the end just to lose gold.  I wonder if people think before they ask these kinds of questions.  Logic!

On the Alliance side of things, a potential transmog buyer sent me a mail saying that I should sell them an item for about  5% what I had it listed for, because it was only worth that.  Now here's the thing, if you want to say hey I only have x gold and I like that item, what do you think of making a deal?  Okay, that's fine, I'll consider it.  But telling me I don't know how to price an item is not the way into my heart.  I relisted the item at twice the price, and they have kept pestering me.  The thing that bothers me the most is that it's for transmog, and there are literally 12 identical models, some rewards from quests, some drops from low level dungeon bosses, so there is no reason to really buy it if you did ~1 minute of research on Wowhead.  Oh well.

With all the surplus GIO I have I've been doing a lot of prospecting, bar making (which is nice because it's AFK time), and transmuting.  It's actually perfect timing with 5.2 on the horizon, it will be nice to not have to craft daily when it drops.  As I've mentioned elsewhere what I'm doing right now for gems (rare) is cutting 20 of each cut that sells, and posting on 12 hr auctions, so I don't need to cancel really ever, which is nice.

Week in Sales
A big chunk of my income this week was from DMF cards, but I've yet to sell a single trinket.  If they do sell I will indeed be crafting more for 5.2, but if they do not, I will probably skip out on making decks during the next DMF and just stick to the cards.  I've got a good ~100k in trinkets that haven't moved yet, but they have a good 3 weeks before doomsday.  I also made a lot of gem sales.  I noticed that on my server (relatively small) that after Sha runs there's a big boost in gem and enchant purchases, so if you see a run advertising in trade, post when the advertisements stop, and you're sure to hook a few extra sales!


Phat Lewts

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  1. I don't get how you guys do all this! All of this makes my head spin, and I feel I would spend all day just making gold and not playing the game xD How do you manage making gold and playing the actual game?

    1. I'm not Phat, but I'll give my own spin on it. For a serious gold maker, this IS our game. In that sense, it's no different than being a serious raider or pvp'er. If you want to be the best you can be at something, you have to be focused on it.

      Not that you have to ignore the rest of the game mind you. Just that for us, gold making is our primary interest.

  2. Its interesting on the whispers with potential buyers telling you about how worthless your items are you have listed. I get that often as well...sometimes it works out and I end up selling something for a compromised price in gold and take trade for the remaining. It's part of being in the biz...handling the customers (no matter how wrong they usually are). *cha-ching*


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