Monday, February 11, 2013

Flipping TCG Mounts

This is for Day 13 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great stuff!

What was your biggest 'Yay!' moment?

About 6 months ago I was able to buy two TCG mounts off the AH for 75k and 80k.  If my memory serves me correctly (not sure if it does) I first saw them on The Undermine Journal's Great Deals page.  I did some research and the average sell price was 150k, so I made the 155k investment.  If you look, you'll be able to recognize this on the first major drop on my Gold Totals page.  Yikes, 155k in the hole was an uncomfortable feeling.  I listed them for 150k each on a 48 hour auction, no bites.  Ouch.  Not even a single whisper or mail looking for a deal I got worried.  Listed them both again at 150 for a 48 hour auction in the morning.  That night both had sold, and I had 285k in my mailbox!  Up 130k profit from two flips, needless to say, that was a BIG yay moment for me, I doubt I'll see a flip like that again for a very long time, but it was very exciting!

How about you?  What was your biggest 'Yay!' moment in gold making?


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  1. I haven't flipped items with the values you are talking about but I did still get that dread feeling about a month ago when someone (on my low pop realm) flooded the AH with 4 x each glyph he could make for a grand total of 600 glyphs. The strange thing was he listed them all for 10g. After a few Err's I bought every single one for a total of 6k. Now anyone who knows glyphs knows they can be dangerous to flip with prices staying near to nothing sometimes for an age. I obviously re-listed 1 of each glyph for 250g with a min buyout of 30g and with in 2 days made my 6k back and I'm sitting with stock valued at, well I'm too lazy to work it out, but its substantial. The really cool thing is I can vendor the stagnating stock eventually with no lose if push comes to shove. WIN!


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