Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nomi, the Panda that Keeps on Giving!

Hey guys, today I'm going to bring you an older gold making tip that I myself just recently decided to (finally) dive into, and highly recommend.  I've really been enjoying the benefits from this one the past week already, and figured I'd pass it on.  Meet Nomi.

What's a Nomi?
Nomi is the Pandarian summoned when you use Cooking School Bell, an item purchased from Nam Ironpaw for 50 Ironpaw Tokens once you've maxed out your cooking, and complete the quest To Be a Master.  Nomi is a Chef in Training, and every day you can exchange raw mats for cooked food with Nomi using the Cooking School Bell to summon him.  Every daily gets you rep with Nomi, and according to this wowhead comment, it takes ~35 days to become Exalted with Nomi.  Now for the good part.  Once you max out the rep you get the following rewards:

You will notice that this last quest gives you 55 Ironpaw Tokens worth of items, Nomi more than paying for himself at this point.  After this though is where the real fun comes in.  Nomi now has a daily quest that will give you the following:

So every day you will recieve a FREE Ironpaw Token, as well as Goodies from Nomi which can contain any of the following:
2-5 Sea Mist Rice Noodles
2-5 Mogu Fish Stew
2-5 Black Pepper Ribs
2-5 Chun Tian Spring Rolls
Great Pandaren Banquet
2-5 Mad Brewer's Breakfast
2-5 Steamed Crab Surprise

TL;DR Nomi gives you free gold every day.

How to pay for Nomi
If you've already maxed out your cooking in all fields, hopefully you already have heard about the Ironpaw Exchange, exchanging raw cooking mats for Ironpaw tokens from Nam Ironpaw.  Conveniently, The Undermine Journal has calculated the minimum cost for one token via this exchange under Gathered -> Cooking (scroll down to Ironpaw Token Trades).  This does not ensure there will be the quantity you need on the AH, but does tell you the cheapest current method.  Alternatively you could also do the dailies (50 days is too long for me!).

Get on it!
With 5.2 on the PTR, a new raid patch is coming Soon™.   What better way to profit from all the raiders than by food given to you for free from a tiny panda?   Don't forget to use those Ironpaw Tokens for Soy Sauce/Rice Flour/Black Pepper!


Phat Lewts

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  1. Errg, so many ingredients and ironpaw tokens. Thanks for pointing this out though, will definitely have to remember to do this once I've mastered all the Ways


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