Friday, February 1, 2013

Gold Making Addons

This is for Day 11 of Nev's 20 Days.  More posts by other great writers on these topics can be found here.

Most of us use TSM, Auctioneer and/or Auctionator in combo with Postal - are there any other lesser known gold making addons you use?

Base Addons
My "base" addons consist of all the TSM modules and Auctionator.  These are my directly related to the AH addons, and honestly I could live without every addon I use other than TSM.  I use Auctionator occasionally, but I could do everything with TSM and be fine.  Auctionator is just still a little faster on certain things.  I use TSM_Mailing to deal with my mail, so I actually don't use Postal anymore.

Lesser Knowns
I'm just going to make a list of the addons I use and why I use them, they'll be ranked by the order I'd suggest them.

  1. iSold - I think you'll have to enable out of date addons for this one, but this addon makes a ka-ching cash register noise every time you make a sale.  Stay on your glyph poster for a minute or two after you post and soak in all the glory! 
  2. Mogit - (Shown Below) This is a great addon for transmog purposes, whether they be for gold making or not.  It shows you what an item looks like when you mouseover it in the AH, and it also has a database where you can find an item by color! If you don't use it, it comes highly recommended! 
  3. Auditor - (Shown  Below) Again another "out of date" addon, but one that adds up your gold total on a realm with little resource consumption.  Altoholic can do the same, but this one keeps running totals of your gold, and although I have both I prefer the hover over to see gold totals feature of this one.  
  4. Gathermate 2.0 - If you insist on gathering, fishing, or like to know where Dark Soil or Onyx Eggs are for rep, this is the addon for you.  
Mogit hover over tooltip for Shocking Claw (sold for 17k today on my alternate server)

My current Auditor hover over:


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  1. I love iSold. Fun little addon.

  2. I would have liked to have been able to drop Postal and Altoholic now that I'm using TSM but I cant. Postal's "Open All" opens mail literally 2 x faster than TSM and with regards to Altoholic, I use it to check recipes of my alts professions and I find the TSM Item Tracker is a bit "bland". I don't mean to insult TSM, on the contrary, as you stated, its the one add-on i couldn't live without.

    I am surprised you dont use Bagnon though?


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