Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phat's Weekly Lewt Review 2/20

This week I got selected for the Second Round of the TradeSkillMaster Theme Contest.  Voting is currently in progress, and when you vote you will be entered to win one of 5 Cinder Kitten Pets!  Be sure to vote for my theme, Billiard...I mean...look at all the entries and vote for the best.  

This week I ended up +55k, not too bad all things considered, but still hovering a bit lower than I want to be, but this is most likely due to not being able to post 3 days this week, and my slacking on posting glyphs.

Transmog/Twink - 5,500g
Ore/Herbs - 60,000g
Misc. Other - 1,250g
Total:  66,750g

I have been spending a lot on herbs and ore lately, but I have a pretty nice pre-crafted set of items now that should tide me over for a while.  I have a supplier, and this weekend when ore prices dropped a bit (1g below average and lots of it) I asked him to cut me even cheaper deal, and he did.  Getting about 120 stacks of Ore or herbs a day, at 50-75% of minimum market price, great for business!  I got up to date with my glyph crafting this week too, and spread them out so half are on one char, half on another.  Liking this setup the best.  I'm crafting 6 of each and using macros to switch them in and out of my bank.  I'm using something similar to this one from the Consortium, but across 2 toons, crafting all glyphs with profit 30g.  The guide is sort of out of date, but should be easily applicable to MoP.

Transmog/Twink: 25,000g
Gems/Living Steel/DMF Cards: 69,000g
Enchants: 5,000g
Glyphs: 13,000g
Engineering Products: 2,500g
Alliance Character (Xmog/Twink): 5,000g

These are just some rough numbers of what I made this week, taken from the addon Auditor.  It sums up pretty well by character, and I thought a different perspective might be nice.  I sold quite a few Darkmoon Cards this week which was surprising because I still have one of each trinket unsold, and the next faire won't be for 10 days or so.  I've been dominating the gem market and buying Living Steel CDs because it's profitable for me to do so.

Site Updates
Realizing lately that my website is pretty jumbled as far as using it to find useful information, going to try and consolidate any lists I have and links to relevant data some time in the near future.  Haven't had a whole lot of time in the last week or so to be particularly active because of work, but I'm on it in general.

If you have anything you'd like to see be sure to let me know, and I'll consider it!


Phat Lewts

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