Monday, February 25, 2013

Phat Lewts' Phat Lewts (get it!?) Day 19 of 20

This is for Day 19 of Nev's 20 Days of Goldmaking.  Interested in reading other's views on the topics?  Nev made a post with all the participants here.  Check it out, there's some really great posts!  Todays topic:

Have you bought yourself anything really expensive as a reward for earning all that gold? Or do you have a self-present in mind for when you reach your goal?

Black Market Auction House
As mentioned before on my blog, I recently purchased Invincible's Reins off the BMAH for 750,000 gold, which was a pretty decent price IMO.  Since then I've been focusing on making gold and not wasting it!  I have no other immediate plans to purchase a mount or vanity item, but I do check the BMAH daily.  I don't want to dump all my gold, but I have spent about 850-900k gold on the BMAH already.  We'll see what pops up!

My goals right now are really focusing recouping the gold back from that purchase, and then finally hitting the 2 million mark.  From there? 4 million!  Then we'll see what happens.  How do you spoil yourself with your piles (or lack thereof) of gold?


Phat Lewts

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  1. Biggest purchase was a Spectral tiger a few years ago for 650k. Have bought many mounts both for myself and for my sons. Mounts really are the only big thing I spend gold on. Presently have 4 million with goal being 10million. Currently mop is not living up to my gold expectations the same way the previous expansion did. I do think a shrinking player base on my server is one of the main reasons.

    1. Yeah, I feel that shrinking player base situation, my server was mid/high in Wrath with tons of active raiding guilds, now it's low pop and no guild progression to speak of.


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