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Tailors: Icy Cloak Recipe!

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Disclaimer: This gold making method is NOT for the feint of heart.

UPDATE:  I've managed to sell this cloak Horde side for over 3k gold!

Requirements: Tailor and Alchemist (Only needs to be @ skill 200 which requires level 20)
Suggested: Tailor, Alchemist, and Herbalist

This is what the Cloak in question looks like:

For transmog, this cloak is not unique, in fact there are many other places to get it, but the one thing in your favor is that this is the only way that produces a BoE version of the cloak, AND this recipe is not available to the Alliance at all.  (Also, Priests love this cloak and it's cheap to make)

Step 1: Getting your Recipes
Pattern: Icy Cloak is sold by a vendor only friendly to Horde players, Ghok'kah.  This and the other recipe are Limited Supply so they may not be there right away, and may require some camping to obtain!

**If you are going to transfer this to the Alliance and you have an Alliance tailor/alchemist now would be the best time to transfer this recipe as the next one can be obtained by Alliance or Horde

The other recipe you will most likely need is Recipe: Frost Oil, as Frost Oil is a reagent required to craft the cloak.  This one is sold by Bro'kin, and again will require a decent bit of camping as it is Limited Supply.  

Step 2: Getting your Mats
The mats for Icy Cloak (other than the Frost Oil that you're going to make) are all pretty common and cheap to buy off your Auction House.  The Frost Oil may provide a bit of a problem and this is where having an herbalist will really help you.  The one annoying mat is Dragon's Teeth.  This does drop from a lot of low level instances (Maraudon mostly) so there may be a bit on your AH if the low lvls were smart enough to post it.  If not, the herb nodes are only located in the Badlands.  Get all your mats together and craft the cloak!  

Step 3: ?????

Step 4: Profit
List the cloak on the AH for a reasonable price (I'd suggest 500-1,000 g depending on the size of your server) and wait for it to sell!  

This pattern is not available to the Alliance so flipping the pattern on the Alli side (or getting it on an alt over there) may be even better than crafting the cloak.  There are very easy ways of obtaining a cloak that looks like this but hopefully people will see yours in the AH and say "Hey that looks good, and I'm willing to pay the price to not do research" and you'll be all set.  

Good luck camping vendors!


Phat Lewts  (@PhatLewtsGold)

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