Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leatherworkers: Big Voodoo, Baby!

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Last week I posted about my favorite tailoring item to flip for transmog, it was a low level pattern that a toon of level 20 could make with the proper tailoring skill and sell for a decent chunk of gold.  Today's leatherworking pattern is no different.  Big Voodoo Robe requires only 215 leatherworking, and the mats are cheaper and easier to obtain than the mats for the cloak from my last post.  The catch on this one is that the pattern is a rare drop, so you are better off hunting on the auction house than farming it.

Big Voodoo Robe on my bank toon

Just keep Pattern: Big Voodoo Robe on your snatch list and once you have it, go to town!  Originally I didn't have the pattern and saw the robe on the AH and thought it looked cool and flipped it.  I bought it for 20g and sold it for 1500g within a week!  When I looked up the item on Wowhead I realized that it was a LW pattern so I instantly added it to my snatch list.  A good flip no matter how you price it, so long as you only post one at a time!


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