Saturday, December 17, 2011

Phat Glyphs?

So earlier this week I got into glyph making.  This is the first time ever crafting glyphs using TSM, and even with it getting my mass pile of glyphs was agonizingly slow.  My scribe isn't the most talented or versed in glyphs.  In fact I picked up Inscription post Cataclysm and don't have a single glyph from Book of Glyph Mastery.  All he has been doing in Cata is making fortune cards and using the excess inferno inks to make darkmoon trinkets.  That has been going great, barking up the cards, crafting some into Fortune Cookies, making a killing.  But glyphs are foreign to me and after my JC's tapped out the ore market, I decided to give it a try.

After milling all the pigments (I just used whiptail and converted the inks) and crafting all the inks and gathering all the parchment it took me at least 4-5 hours to craft my base set of glyphs.  I started out crafting 3 of each but changed it to 2 when I realized I didn't mill near enough herbs.  As you know if you raid my post Busy Tuesdays I like to post all my auctions from the character I play the most, which is made nearly impossible with the mass amount of glyphs.  Reluctantly I made a lvl 1 posting toon, and set myself up for business with TSM.

After my first batch posting, I came back 3 hours later and netted a mass of 300g.  After canceling anything that was undercut and reposting, and again waiting 2-3 hours, I had 400 gold and was undercut everywhere again.  I talked to a guildie about it who is a more hardcore scribe than I on my server and he thinks that the fact that our server is small paired with the low amount of people making alts during the beginning of 4.3 is really putting a hurting on the Glyph Market.

Since I decided not to post anything less than half the costs of the mats (roughly 25g) I (sadly) ended up with two full bags of glyphs, and each time I try to post with TSM it really slows me down because they scan each of those glyphs every time.  I'm going to start putting them in separate bags I alternate into my poster's bank, and attempting to post them after I get all the constant on/off glyphs in the AH, this should speed up my TSM quite a bit and allow me to hold more glyphs in my bags at once.  Already thinking I should just go back to the fortune side of things only, but I'm gonna keep at it for a few weeks with my Northrend Inscription Research to see if it leads anywhere.


Phat Lewts

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  1. Glyphs are a tough nut to crack. Often lots of incumbent sellers.


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