Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gold Project

I decided recently that I would start a gold making "project".  I started a character on a high population server, and I am going to see how much time /played it takes me to get to get to 500k gold.  Details are below.

The Plan
Start a DK on a high population server that I have NO ALTS on, pick up and level mining and herbalism to get a pile of gold going, then drop them for JC/Alchemy and start raking in the gold to 500K.  Track /played and see how long it takes.

As of this post my Death Knight has 4051g 63s 64c and /played is 3 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes.  My DK is also level 82 with 525 mining/herbalism.  I could have had more gold by now but my favorite thing to do in Cataclysm is do the 77-79 PvP bracket with Twink Gear.  Great way to make money also  means a great way to lose money on the opposite end.  

Short Term Goal
10k Gold, of which I will spend on materials necessary to grind JC and Alchemy to 525, and have at least  2K left over.  

Long Term Goal
500k gold.  1 Toon on the server.  

I am going to keep posting in and out on this, probably only as I hit my short term goals.  If you are interested in more frequent info on my project follow me on twitter @PhatLewtsGold


Phat Lewts


  1. There are alternative routes depending on your server.

    I started a DK project of my own, though in this case it was to support my other character on that realm (also a high pop realm).
    In my case I levelled Tailoring (currently 340) and a little enchanting(156). You can gather all the mats you need in 10+ hours (I bought my mageweave cheap) by soloing instances and grinding some mobs in Silithis. In hindsight I could have done it a little quicker by farming the more expensive cloth first.
    After 1 day 11 hours played my DK has 6.2k gold liquid (I think I sent my main 500 gold as well). I have sold 465 netherweave bags just buying netherweave cloth. Buying cloth <8 gold per stack average sell price of a bag is 17.19g. Additionally I am flipping L77 twink gear.
    Both of these take very little time, I login a couple of times a day only.

    My main has almost reached level 24, got my DK to L60.

  2. Yeah I've started flipping the level 77 twink gear to minimize the time I need to actually play on the toon. What I was thinking is while I build up cash stock up on an Alchemy/JC "Leveling Package" based on wow-professions.com, then just farm what is rare/not on AH with my mining/herbalism. Going well so far, dont want it to take too much time from my main's server though!

  3. That is certainly a good idea. I like to make an auctionator list for the levelling mats. That way you should have most of what you need by the time you hit L75.
    Ideally some craftable items will even earn you gold along the way. Although heirlooms for all means that is increasingly rare (vanity items?)

    Of course if you are just using one character it's either a high level guild for 'perks' or a guild bank for storage. You can't even use mail for storage if you are going solo. Storage is going to be your main problem I think.

    Anyway good luck, I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Playing mainly on my mage now (L29) and engaging in a 'bag war' with my DK lol.


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