Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Tuesdays

Aaaaah Tuesdays.  Another chance to cap out on Valor and Conquest Points.  Another chance to run raids and get more gear.  Another chance to make Tons of WoW gold!!

Tuesday is the first day of the WoW week, and it's when there is a spike in demand for all the goods that are crafted by major gold makers.  If you're like me, you also are in the rush of people trying to cap out on Valor or Conquest and are doing Raid Finder to finish your tier and get 384.  What to do to make a profitable Tuesday?  I'm going to share my ideas on the topic.

Craft in Advance
If you usually have two stacks of Greater Cosmic Essence to post from your posting toon on any given (regular) day, make it three.  If you anticipate selling 25 Brilliant Inferno Rubies, craft 35.  Be ready for any fluctuations.  You want to play your "main", and you should!  If you prepare ahead so you don't have to jump alts to craft things because you won't run out!

Make your "Main" Your Poster
If you play a character and run dungeons or do 2v2 arena, you could be posting auctions in between.  Now too much posting is a bad thing, but if you can post once an hour without having to switch toons while doing a dungeon or PvP grind, why not?  If you organize any character appropriately they can be a posting toon!  I switch "mains" a lot so my posting toon gets changed at least once every few months.  If you're playing that character the most, they should be your posting toon, it's pure logic!  If you use TSM you dont even need to change a thing, it can't tell if you're posting from your mages bags or your rogues bags.

Doing these 2 simple steps can get you posting more frequently, which leads to more sales and more gold!  Happy Tuesday everyone!


Phat Lewts

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