Monday, December 5, 2011

Are you Using Your Extra Justice Points Wisely?

If you're like me, you have a PvE toon that was (and still is) really excited for the new 5-mans and the Raid Finder that came out in 4.3.  Also, since you ran those dungeons a lot, and there is not much new for Justice Points, you may be thinking that you should be investing in Justice Bracers or Boots, but with such an influx of Justice Points you may be getting less bang for your buck!  Some suggestions that work great are as follows, and may also help diversify your "Justice Portfolio" for faster turnovers:

Bracers > Boots
This one should be obvious.  1650 points for a 359 vs 1250 points for a 378, the 378 should always win!  If your server is like mine though, you may need another alternative, as Bracers are going for dirt cheap because everyone can get them now, for 16-18 heroic boss kills.

WotLK Epic Gems
One of my favorite "sleeper items"  is Wrath epic gems.  You can only purchase them in Dalaran for 220 Justice Points each.  The vendors are found here for Allies, here for Horde, or can be bought from this guy.  These gems are a favorite of 70 twinks, and you should never underestimate the market for Wrath Epic Gems.  My favorite ones to flip are Majestic Zircon, cutting it as it's Solid cut, and King's Amber cutting it into it's Mystic cut.  Of course 3rd - 5th in my lineup are all Cardinal Ruby cuts, namely the StrengthIntellect, and Agility cuts.

If your Jewelcrafter wasn't around in Wrath, you probably have none of these recipes.  They each cost 4 Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Tokens  which are rewards from the Dalaran JC Dailies given by Timothy Jones.  If you don't have a JC at all, you should make getting a JC your priority!  You can sell these uncut but the effort of cutting them is well worth your time

Justice Alternatives
There are a few justice alternatives, which include buying BoAs for your alts, or converting them to Honor Points to get your character geared for PvP.   The vendors that convert Justice to Honor are here for Alliance and here for Horde.  If you have a healthy ratio of Wrath Gems and 378 Bracer sales (barking in trade etc) you are guaranteed to make a decent amount of gold.  For my server, the Wrath gems provide the best Gold per Justice Point ratio, so I don't even bother with the Bracers, but ALWAYS check your own server before diving into a new gold strategy.


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