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Reader Request Phriday: TSM Setup

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever Reader Request Phriday!  This week there were only 2 days to submit questions, but if you're interested in submitting a topic for next week's Reader Request Phriday, click here!!

Today's question comes from a reader, Leeu.  Leeu is currently sitting on 35k from xmog sales, and just getting into professions.  Their question was as follows:

The topic I am most interested in is how you set up your TSM auction groups. I am very uncertain about thresholds and just how low I should go and which method to use to sell. I try to set fixed gold amounts for all of my auction group thresholds and fallback prices. Some things sell amazingly well with this while others not so much. Do you have an individual group for each cut/uncut gem that is sold or are they all lumped into one big category? 

TL;DR: How do you set up your TSM auctioning groups?

Fixed Gold Prices: Gems, Transmog, and Glyphs
For Gems, Transmog, and Glyphs I use fixed gold prices in one large group.  For gems I prospect, so the raw mat cost for each cut is equal, and they never cost me more than 30g, so 30g is my lower bound.  For my upper bound I use 274g99s99c.  This way it'll fall back to a nice price when I'm the only one posting, which happens from time to time.  If you don't make a lot of sales using this method, there is probably someone undercutting you quite constantly.  It's not about if a specific cut sales, but more about overall gem sales, that's how I think of it anyway.

I do a similar thing for glyphs.  Since I use current mats and down convert to the old Inks, I have a set price per glyph, it's usually 30g.  For glyphs I'm not willing to sell "at cost" so my lower bound is 50g, and my upper bound is 475g.  Again a realistic upper bound where I might get sales.

For Transmog my bounds aren't so flexible.  For each tier I set my lower and upper bounds within 100g of each other.  If someone wants to undercut me in this market below that, let em.  My theory is, if they undercut me and make a sale good for them, but the common lister won't keep listing at that price if it won't sell, they'll eventually go down to a price that I'd be willing to buy at, in a worst case scenario.

Percent of Market Value: Current Enchants & Food
The other way I tend to set up groups is as % of AuctionDB - Market Value.  This is useful in groups such as food buffs or enchants, where the market tends to go up or down depending on the time in a patch.  I use these because each food is valued at a different price, and I don't have to think about the very volatile pricing.

For the food I use an upper bound of 140% of Market Value.  This is relatively arbitrary, but if there are no auctions on the AH, I want to sell for a bit more than if there were.  I set the lower bounds to 60% of Market Value.  I don't craft my food (see this post if you're curious about how I obtain it), so I don't base it off of "crafting cost", which can also be a bit inaccurate for things like food (see Ironpaw Shuffle).

Lastly of course is Enchants.  I don't do the following for old enchants because originally I did and I ended up listing some (definitely not worth it) at 400k gold because of people overinflating prices.  For current enchants though (again since I don't want to deal with them on an individual basis and they all cost different prices to make), I use 125% for Upper, and 60% for lower.

Anyway, I hope this answered the question, and gave you some insight as to how I set up my TSM.  If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them below, I'd love to get a nice discussion going about this.


Phat Lewts

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  1. Just want to say that this week i've finally taken the plunge, rolled a new alt, gave it a 5k float and started flipping the cata and mop lists that i found here.

    I've sort of tried flipping before, and got nowhere - all my 400k so far has come from the ore shuffle and Mop darkmoon cards.

    So i really expected to loose the 5k. i didn't get just how cheap i should be buying and how low i should be selling - and that a lot of stock is needed. But three days in - and I'm nearly 2k up. Not much granted, but worth doing and I'm sure it will rise from there as i get more stuff to list.

    So between cards, gems and soy sauce and flipping things are good. I was doing 100k a month before flipping - hoping i can get into the 120s-150s a month now.

    Thanks Phat, Cold & Jim - together your advice helps make mu guildies sick with envy.


  2. Thank you for this post Phat, it has given some good insight as to how TSM is set up. It seems that for the most part our lists are set up in a similar manner with different numbers but I suppose that is to expected. So far I have kept my threshholds for gems slightly higer with a lower fallback (around the 200g range). As for Transmog I use only 3 lists, one with a threshhold/fallback of 250/480 for tier 1, 350/700 tier 2, and for tier 3 750/1250 respectively. There are a couple pieces like the Jade plate set that I have in separate groups because they usually sell quite high. I have just recently started working on setting up enchants in TSM and I am trying to work on setting up crafting queues and auction groups for them now.

    Thanks again,



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